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Snow Selmon Oct 2021
Turn to the east and watch the light rise
And turn the light to the west
Where your dreams disappear
And the world goes dark
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
the letter came today
chasing thoughts
from my head
scattering them
of what I dream
my deepest darkness
Snow Selmon Oct 2021
walking through clouds
catching blue drips of sky
catching in my mind
a vision, a dream?
of what is meant to be
a shallow shell
one little hole of where I could be
I will let the blue drips go
washing away the colour
leaving me emotions
bear and exposed
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
always running
without water
not a single drop of dew
a little river
is all I ask
instead of this land
I live in
where water
is just for the lies
that blossom
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
he looks upon me
faced down to the ground
seeking a truth
that can't be taken
nor received
because it is me
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
you pushed and shoved
hands clenching
and legs tensing
I fell and you helped me up
just to push again and again
I let you push me
till I was over the edge
and the only push was
my heart against my chest
Snow Selmon Sep 2021
running through a field
running blind
unable to find you
you're darkness a shield
a sadness defined
my heart see-through
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