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Shelton Watts Oct 2018
What’s the main goal?
The *** of gold at the end of the rainbow
The sunlight at the end of each night

Is it the impossibility of eternal love?
The possibility of happiness
The desire of satisfaction
The believe in a afterlife

How do we ever know?
What questions are right to ask?
How do we know what’s wrong and what’s right
Do we succeed Do we find love Do we find happiness
Or do we just survive with what we are given and hope for the best
Shelton Watts Oct 2018
He looks at me
But he thinks of her
He talks about her like she’s a goddess

She’s the queen of his life
And I know ill never be
She rules his life
He seeks her acceptance
He loves her acceptance

I loathe her
The girl I’ve  never met
She gets the boy and the man
I know I’ll never be her
But I desire the attention he gives her

Wishing I could
I would **** for it
The way he looks at her,  I want it
Knowing I would have a possibility
It’s like a drug
A drug that I cannot have

I didn’t believe in love
Just attention I could receive
But now all I think is him
My heart orbits around him

Then I wake up and realize it’s never going to happen
Shelton Watts Oct 2018
Her with the lights in the background
The women, The myth, The legend
She shook my hand
She was everything everyone said she was

Sweet,kind, pretty
The white teeth staring me like a beam
The image I can’t get out of my head
He was happy with her

The kind of happen I would never give
She was as sweet as a peach
But I hated her
I fell for what she loves and loves her
But somehow I can’t stop thinking about one thing

Everything i do I seek his approval
I think of him in everything
But I would never admit it
I’m not sure if I would admit it to everyone
Or if I’ve even admired it to myself

I wake up looking forward
Just for the chance I may see him
I love him
Everything about him
But at the same time I hate him
He’s with her and he’ll never be with me

— The End —