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Shahnaz Jul 2018
The ocean stripped me clean,
At first it began to drown me
Then it began to save me

Restored every inch of me with saline
Then all at once
Eyes burning
Only to see clearer,
Soul discerning
Only to mount higher
To places I’ve never been

To the shore
After a lasting journey of self-love,
Kissing the sea goodbye
For all it has taught me,
Ever since.
/riːˈsəːfɪs/ arise or become evident again.
Shahnaz Dec 2017
When teardrops fall down your cheeks,
Into a million pieces your heart breaks
The oceans start a war, for you
The clouds come through, with you
Yet, you almost never recognize
The universe mourning your loss, by you
While you're swamped up in your own despair,
Thinking you're all alone.
/ˈjuːnɪvəːs/ ‘combined into one, whole’
Shahnaz Jun 2017
The universe in your mind lets you stray faraway.
Whisper 'breakaway'
When the wars in our hearts
Has finally come to rest, you'll know
There is healing in every withdrawal.
/ɑːftəmɑːθ/ the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.

— The End —