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Shahnaz Jul 2018
The ocean stripped me clean
At first it began to drown me,
Then it began to save me

Restored every inch of me with saline
Then all at once
Eyes burning,
Only to see clearer
Soul discerning,
Only to mount higher
To places I’ve never been

To the shore
After a lasting journey of self-love,
Kissing the sea goodbye
For all it has taught me,
Ever since.
/riːˈsəːfɪs/ arise or become evident again.
Shahnaz May 2018
She lays still,
Bears her voice in a hefty faint
Ruled by his range
On a night that sees no end.

She has dreams concealed deep within her ribs,
A voice that screams louder than liberty
Shed inside from all his envies
On a day that sees no light.

She’s made of laughter and greatness
With warmth and care to offer
In a world, so unfortunate
That has only hatred to give.

She strides faster than flames
When the darkness sets in
To evade rustled threats
By men,
Who’ve been birthed by women.
Shahnaz Dec 2017
When teardrops fall down your cheek,
Into a million pieces your heart breaks.
The oceans start a war, for you
The clouds come through, with you
Yet, you almost never recognize
The universe mourning your loss, by you
While you're swamped up in your own despair
Thinking you're all alone.
/ˈjuːnɪvəːs/ ‘combined into one, whole’
Shahnaz Jul 2017
Arms, weakened
By your constant grip
Onto me your darkness dips
Making me carry your guilt
'You're always enough'
Yet your eyes never fail to seek
You keep taking
What I'm never able to give
You call it 'love' when you ruin me
I call it 'addiction'
When I'm not able to run
When pain is, everyday relived
Just for the sake of 'us'
/ˈtɒksɪk/ poisonous or harmful
Shahnaz Jun 2017
The universe in your mind lets you stray faraway.
Whisper 'breakaway'
When the wars in our hearts
Has finally come to rest, you'll know
There is healing in every withdrawal.
/ɑːftəmɑːθ/ the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event.
Shahnaz Apr 2017
Bare feet across the sheer water,
A soft breeze gushes by.
Eyes shut tight, my mind passes
Through a tabloid of emotions.

I clasp unwary sand
From depths of the shore.

My hand seemed to reach out
For a moment of a dream,
Within this reality.
/juːˈtəʊpɪən/ modelled on or aiming for a state in which everything is perfect; idealistic.
Shahnaz Apr 2017
Where tears fall into the ocean of despair,
Of known laughter, a blur.
The moon lit up like an emerald
Into the arms of darkness.

Where silence preaches
In a mind too loud
And yet nothing is heard.

Where the water flickers through
In a filth of loneliness,
An ounce of ache is not to be traced.

Where the sun rises
Like a burning blaze departed from the raging clouds
And yet, not even light could return the stolen,
From the fringes of a long-ago dream.
/blɪs/ a state of spiritual joy

— The End —