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Vexra Jun 6
My eyes flash between the memories,
Trying to figure out which ones are new or old,
Which ones are good or bad.
Have these events actually occured?
Or are they creations from my own mind?
Sometimes it is hard to tell what has actually happened, or what was simply a dream.
Vexra Sep 2018
We walk passed as if they don't exist,
Staring down at the ground,
A shadow beside us,
The trees have always been there,
But we act as if we can't see them,
As if the world around us,
Doesn't exist,
As if it is,
Vexra Apr 2018
Seeping through the open door,
Crawling along the ground until it reaches the wall,
A black figure sneaks,
It tilts its head,
The figure creeps closer,
Reaching the edge of your bed,
Grabbing you,
It pulls you into the darkness.
Vexra Apr 2018
Silence is something we all have,
Silence is calming,
Silence is frightening,
Silence is enlightening,
Silence is everywhere,
If we listen,
We hear the truth in the silence.
Vexra Apr 2018
We walk in silence and listen,
The wind blows gently by,
We look up and see the sun glisten,
Only able to see parts of the sky,
It is peaceful, more peaceful than we remember.
Vexra Apr 2018

Strength is waking up in the morning,
Strength is going to school where nobody cares,
Strength is looking into the eyes of the person you love and smiling through your tears,
Strength is knowing that you must go on even when you are in pain.

— The End —