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Rj Mar 25
The dim fluorescent lights that illuminate the section of ties and clothes for 40 year old women. They buzz and if you watch every now and then they flicker.
The people mindlessly strolling down the carpeted isles, checking the clearance section titles ‘ladies blouses’
Every time you turn the corner, your own lonely and decrepit reflection greets you via the full length mirror ******* into the columns.
The particle board ceilings, the circular tables lined with multipacks of men’s underwear, the pointlessness of a store existing solely to accompany browsing zombies
You walk in not needing anything except to fill the extra time you have on a hot day in June. Hoping for anything to keep your mind off of the crushing weight that you need something to distract you from your own fear of being alone.
My own hatred and discomfort of this store, sorry lol
I **** my self in closets at least 14 times a day
Rj Mar 23
Arms breaking, veins shredding
Dad breaking down the door
Wrapping my phone charger around my neck
Dark and flash and blood and gore

Stomach slit, red rivers run
Bed soaked down to my feet
Wrists slashed, rope tied
Hanging from a sheet
Rj Jan 31
Melting but in a bad way
Rj Oct 2019
I don’t belong here
Rj Aug 2019
There was the death of the old
And the birth of the new
But the new carries the weight of the old
And more
  Jun 2019 Rj
Aaron Michael Brown
I pretend
is sleeping
beside me
I lie
awake at
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