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 Jan 2022 Raven
Castration of inward vibrations
reverberates through these impetuous echo halls
Catapult cadavers over scrupulous formalities
I choke on every word I hold
Let us baptize our divine ineptitude in a mortar of glorious lore
Most of them are oblivious to the revelation of rushing thunder
Dripping needles, perfidious servitude
teetering on the precipice of war
 Dec 2021 Raven
Delyla Nunez
 Dec 2021 Raven
Delyla Nunez
My emotions. To you are simple,
Don’t get to attached.
Keep it short.
Always look away.
Yet I’m still writing to you,
So amazed at your thought process.
You guys are alive,
You are alive
 Dec 2021 Raven
Ray Irvine
For an Empath times were frosty! Cider draped in Sugar black,
Whilst through Enki's summit, I surely plummet yet I always had your back,
That day we graced the garden, Edgar said we weren't alone,
And with Timeline Fayre, my Alice hare,
His Lordship did atone!
Excuse my prose, but like your nose, it didn't bode too well.
And now suggestion, upon reflection my flooded spirit I can tell...
All your works, your loving shirks, I have now set you all free!
I must disparrage engine and carriage so you can no longer bother me.
When has anyone scurried magnetron and taken time to teach,
Earth's biggest Heart & Mind, my Angel kind, now makes waves and just in reach

Been difficult to Let Her Go, as Aspy serves in colours,
Images and Symmetries of a Spirit like no other.
Losing marbles it's a Ray that garbles, incoming trajectory,
Jumping timelines, Butterfly Effect it also serves the Entropy!
Whilst memories dance I take a glance at what Delilah did for me.
Beginning dynamic, falsehoods trajick, Earl Greys my cup of tea.
Yet it was a breeze, with surprising ease to fly them all round Orbit!
You may have seen, big TV screen, if not my Angels scored it.
I'm on the fence, without pretence, as the Chief is very taxing,
And that's the Chief of Angels, for anybody not worth catching.
You see my Lovers, Earths like no other, you could see why they stole Royalty,
And I promise thee, on bended knee, they fly in and out with Loyalty.
I've been tripping ****!...for days and weeks, and finally this psychosis,
Was for God's plan, and your best-man, a Sensei I now know this.
I'm late! I'm late for an important date! But I may as well stick around,
Cos time & space does sure placate when Alice makes a sound.
Times a healer, memory peeler, and c**ting mash potato,
For me I lost so we could all gain a Heartfelt all in Escrow.
Take it easy, mrs ****** you've eaten all your  nestlé
I'm sure you'll find my Angel kind, makes you 1st Officer Flyin' Airway
I'm through the pain to remain insane, and loved you with one glance,
Now Ray conveys, tetrahedral array and his finer Quadratic dance
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