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I remember you cuddling me in sleep, close to your chest.

I couldn't breathe for your arms arrest me so tight.

I imagined thousands of nights with you

Something went wrong then, and it left us in each corner of bed.

There was no laughter, no fights, no togetherness.

Every night i wished that you turn and see me, drag me close, make love.

But there was only Silence.

-Queeny 👑
Yalangi Queeny May 2017
I wonder who am I,
I wonder from where Iam;

Am in a world filled with glitters,
Am in a world which has equal happy and sorrow;

But I need something, I wanna feel something;

My heart is searching for myself,
I have god given parents,pleasures;
But I need something,I wanna feel something which my heart says;
I don't want care,I don't want worldly pleasures;

But my heart needs another heart ♥ which understands it,
So my heart is searching for its soul mate;

All made me single by alienating me,
But am waiting for the person,
Who showers his love ❤ on me;
My heart roams for him;

All had harangued me more,
But I didn't lost my elan,
I didn't ruffled myself;

But am still waiting for my man who gives me what all I want.
I hope he'll care me like a new born child,
And hope he'll make me delight with his awesome presence;

Am praying to god to make my dream come true,
And waiting for my love;

But if I don't find it or if I won't get it,
I'll end my life;

But if I wait, may be god can be pleased by my dedication and can send his loving person for me;

So, I'll wait till my end;
But still my heart needs something,
And I'm eagerly waiting to feel the real love;

And still its roaming with a great hope.
                                             ----- Queeny

— The End —