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1d · 76
Puds 1d
Through The Leaves
The Sun Allows
Golden Shreads Across
Her Boughs
While Around Her Roots
Where Nectar Reigns
There's Jam On Tap
From Marmalade Veins
3d · 87
Puds 3d
The Tongue Goes On Trips
The Truth Leaks From The
The Inks Got It Right
Its The Memory That
6d · 151
Celtic Forest
Puds 6d
I Hear The Rains, The
The Wind The Force
As Both Flay Upon The

Then I Gaze Across At
What The Seasons Built
I See Shallow Lakes Of
**** And Silt

In The Celtic Forest By The
Rare Lichen Grows On The
Hazel Tree,
Feb 12 · 52
Blue Moon
Puds Feb 12
A Rock With The Ability
To Regulate A Females
Highlights A Week Of Complaining
During Waxing And Waning
Feb 12 · 113
Puds Feb 12
On A Broken Landscape There Is A
Little Moor
With Sentinels And Their Shadows
On A Sun Washed Floor
Now Should You Turn That Landscape
And Go Across The Heath
Youll Find A Mosaic Of Colour Under
Feb 11 · 68
Puds Feb 11
There Is A Tipping Point
Between Life And Death
Silent Screams & Decaying
Its Creeping Webs Of Endless
Have Corridors That Empty
Feb 10 · 160
Monochrome Skies
Puds Feb 10
In A Thoughtless Misplaced Dream
In A Stare Without A Theme
Hours Spent Under Monochrome
Numbed Senses And Grey Stained
Hear The Wind Whisper Of A Coup
Then The Sky Peels Back
And My Eyes Turn Blue
Feb 9 · 234
Puds Feb 9
Dawns Blinds Open As Day Peeps
Wildflower Heads Bathe In Dew
Hear Fragrant Aromas Tell Their Tale
As Wildflowers Breathe Then Exhale
Jan 5 · 95
Claret Streams
Puds Jan 5
As Clear As Mud
In Bits And Pieces
Governments Deny
Press Releases
Purple Heart Based
Morphine Dreams
Tear Drops In Claret
Dec 2019 · 183
Sea Of Tranquility
Puds Dec 2019
Its Set For Encounters
In A Lonely Place
Its A Parking Lot For An
Alien Race
Its A Lava Bed
A Volcanic Drey
Its Cloaked In Hostile
Alien Grey

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
See you in the New Year
Nov 2019 · 42
Puds Nov 2019
In The Form Of Imagination
In A Theory Made Of Glass
In A Cosmic Revelation
That Imagination Passed
Down Interstellar Highways
Along Sidewalks Lit By Stars
Was It My Imagination
That Air-brushed The Face
From Mars
Nov 2019 · 241
Puds Nov 2019
You'll See Comets As They Fade
Into Smiles On Familiar Faces
You'll See Things In A Different Light
And Visit Various Places
In The Avenues Of Memories
In The Aura Of Your Home
When You Walk Into Your Mind
When You Roll Away The Stone
Oct 2019 · 239
Puds Oct 2019
Moonlight Sits
Where The Sun Had Laid
The Gates Are Open
And The Stars Parade
I Stay And Watch As They
The Symphony Of The
Oct 2019 · 175
The Flood
Puds Oct 2019
There Are Trips To Be Made
Whilst Yesterday Remains
To While Away The Hours
To Wash Away The Stains
To Confine The Scent Of A
In The Form Of A Bud
To The Depth Of The Water
Till After The Flood.
Oct 2019 · 791
Puds Oct 2019
Note The Behaviour Of The
Seasons And Their Seams
As They Mimic And Perform
In Each Others Scenes
As They Slip In A Whisper
Or Maybe They Mime
In Search Of A Moment
To Extend Their Time
Oct 2019 · 359
Mackerel Skies
Puds Oct 2019
Daylight Spirals Into
Late Afternoon Rain
Laying Water That Is
Unable To Drain
Its Just A Reflection
As Winter Arrives
In Copper Mirrors
Under Mackerel Skies
Jun 2019 · 400
River Wye
Puds Jun 2019
Under Rings And Crescent
Meandering Down Stream
Through The Land Of My
That Once Carried Their
To The Wider Reaches Of
Silty Gravel Plains
That Are Fed And Washed
By Cambrian Rains
Here High Vertical Sandbanks
Criss Cross The Valley Floors
Allowing The Wye To Empty
Onto English Shores
May 2019 · 1.5k
Starlight & Pearl
Puds May 2019
Fast The Evening Melts Away
As Starlight Edges Across The Bay
I Wait For An Age For The Carp To
I Gaze For Hours Into The Night
See Wispy Clouds Drift Away
As Starlight Dims To Welcome Day
Stand A While And Watch Dawn
The Oyster Opens To Reveal A Pearl
May 2019 · 192
Sun Kissed
Puds May 2019
The Aurora Flits Away From Gaias
The Earth Rotates And The Stars
Silhouettes Shy As The Shadow
Into The Embrace And The Warmth
Of Heavens Lips

— The End —