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Poetic90's Mar 2016
I've learned to love my black face
to stand in adversity and embrace
all the god-perfected beauty that he has placed
on this resilient black face

able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching and being compressed

the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties the very definition of black and its beauty

the definition of 300 hundred years of slavery and then modern complicity to be black proud and beautiful openly

to live in a world where  European features are aspired to and to be black is frowned upon so if you have any black then you’re shunned

But we all know the stars couldn’t shine without the black space allowing them

Any giving moment our black greatness could swallow them  

And funny thing is the same black face you call a disgrace only to turn around and try to obtain the very thing you shunned  

so why is it that my curly hair is detrimental to society and my full lips cause controversy and my ****** curves taking as trends and stolen from me  

told that white is what is to be and white model thin is in
while you praise poseurs for their  artificial curves and fake tanned skin

yet through all the racial sin that dates back to 1910 when the KKK became known for lynching black men still then
we are able to stand in a crowd of hate and discrimination
the years of toil being perceived as an abomination and still love our skin

still rock our curly hair and color our full lips
still embrace our curvy hips
and embrace our “ghetto names”
and our ghetto trends
proud of it
proud of my face
yes I'm proud of my skin
because to be black is to be beautifully resilient

               By poetic90's
Let me just say if this poem comes off aggressive, or hateful that's not my intentions every race is beautiful I truly believe that. I just wanted to state the thing that makes the black race beautiful and in MY opinion, that is because after all the unfortunate things that happened  they are still able to be remarkable human beings and I think that is beautiful and resilient.
  Mar 2016 Poetic90's
There is no word more painful than the word


Maybe they loved each other or
maybe she could have made it or
maybe it would have all been okay.
If they had tried. Maybe. But it never was and never will be.  

A word with so much potential.
So much unknown.
Maybe, but no one will ever know.
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