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OnlyEggy Mar 2014
Go to sleep Child,
It's the midnight hour
You were sleeping soundly
but that slumber has soured
Here's a pacifier, a blanket,
a song hummed down low
One more kiss and
off to sleep you go

Go to sleep child,
It's two in the morn'
You were sleeping soundly
but now you howl like a horn
Here's a lullaby, sung by nightlight
and a pacifier in my hand
Once more before you succumb
to the Sandman's sand

Go to sleep child,
It's four, just before dawn
Am I supposed to assume
you're a hungry little fawn?
Here's a warm bottle, clean swaddle
and an elephant burp cloth
It's only a matter of time before you're
moving slower than a sloth

Go to sleep child,
It's no longer night
We both look exhausted
Oh what a sight!
Here's a blanket, a pacifier, a soiled swaddle;
Sandman's sand, a burp cloth, and a ***** bottle
I'm staying home today 'n I don't know about you
But I say lets take a nap and sleep till this afternoon
(AIP) Dedicated to Matthew Griego. Go to sleep son.
OnlyEggy Mar 2014
This is a mobile poem,
Written from my mobile phone.
Derived from a mobile song.
Developed near a mobile home.

Radio blasts from its mobile ring
Melodies radiate; singers sing
rhyming can be a mobile fling,
So long as you're willing to fight through this autocorrect thing.
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
I am writing this from my usual position
For I Am Bold!
I Am Strong!
And My Bowels Keep Me Sitting
Upon This Commode
All Night Long!
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Misery and woe.
How far down will this misery go?

Through faulty lines
Down fault lines
Who's fault lies
beneath this miserable snow?

This, misery
So miserably so
Why do you escape so miserably slow?

I choked up
on choking up
your choked up song
I just want to know where did this go so terribly wrong?

Hey misery
Sir Misery
Please misery, go
And take your miserable act out of this show.
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
On this Ritalin,
I am slow
Brains aren't racing
Thoughts don't go
Oh, I'm so productive
Ask anybody; they'd know
But my creative spark suffocates
Under the Ritalin filled glow.

I can't even tell you
how hard it can be
When every word you say
doesn't go past me
I can hear every syllable
Every motion I do see
Then my brain melts at the pressure
Not spouting off wittily

They say I speak normally
The words come out so true
But to me they sound labored
So slow and confused
I have thought into every motion
of my vocal cords abuse
And feel every vibration
to my tingled lips amuse

Some times I'm real happy
no way my spirit'll shake
Some times I'm real sad
It's more than I can take
Sometimes I don't feel anything
That's a feeling I just can't shake
Sometimes I feel everything
And I'm waiting for my head to break

My doctor never gave me Ritalin
As a kid I never did have
But now I'm all grown up
And this time I've a' bottle in hand
I used to let my mind race
Daydream of robot bands
Now I've let these pills run coarse
N' hourglass runs on Ritalin slowed sands
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Forgive me. This I pray
to the demons and shadows
that haunt the day
I've got no more patience,
only tension, to keep war dogs at bay

To the stress of the eve,
Down I say!
Relax your torture; calm your steed
Gallop no further into the night
Patience is a virtue, 'nd I've run dry I believe

Hush child, calm your nerve
I'm an adult now,
corroded and perverse
Scream no longer about the weight of the world
I can carry you, fend for you,
    give you what you deserve
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Nov 2013
The pressure, the strain
from too many days in the flame
pulled in opposite directions,
where no path's sane

Support the one, lose the other
Support the other, lose them both over
lenient in nature is the neither
picking one makes the other colder

One needs a back to break
the other needs a shoulder to take
each one supports the other path's choice
but neither'll forget when forsake'd
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