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OnlyEggy Nov 2013
Here at last! O' how'd the time pass?
Nine pages on the calendar torn
'N now we're down to an hour glass!
Tipped and turned, watching grains fly;
   on the walls, toy planes stand by!

Here at last! O' where'd the time go?
It felt like seconds ticked by so fast
and yet it dragged by oh so slow!
Tipped and turned, bottles warmed and teddy bears smile;
   at this time tomorrow, these arms'll bear a child!
OnlyEggy Oct 2013
Forged by the blood upon the ramming ships bow
Gun smoke rising from fired cannons, port side
Missiles launch, starboard side, skyward bound
Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!

Lights shone from signalmen fore
Bring flashes from rifles by ******, port side
Naval fly-boys on the starboard side, **, coming about
Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!

Cut 'em off and Capture the Savage
So don the iron, Monitor, and defend the 'Sota
For the Midway is close, the codes broken, the ships sinking slow
So, Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!
(AIP) In honor of the men and women who have given their lives throughout history serving our Navy
OnlyEggy Jun 2013
These are the riots of the rise
where the innocence of the youth flies
  in the face of a nation
They raise their flags as their spirits rise;
away from the innocence and towards their mindless side

A decision, to each their own mind
Do you take a step towards freed men's hell
or fall back to the child's mind?
Never this day will you be the same
and never this choice fade
   when there's none to blame

Remember this day, your daily bread
fed from your mother's plate by your father's hand
Remember the prayers repeatedly said
and pray they protect you when adolescence is dead
Give us this day, a ****** hand
and try not to stumble into the grave-digger's sand
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy May 2013
Here's a little Nugget on a pirate ship
sailing away to where all the pirate's sit
Give them a taste of this sleepy buck'a'roo
And by the way, I love you

Here's little Nugget on a itty bitty boat
sailing away through the muddy, murky moat
With little sleepy eyes and some mud on'is shoe
just remember that I love you too

There goes Nugget on his super duper raft
ridin' through the rapids going super duper fast
Closing his eyes and off he flew
and by the way, I love you
I was trying to write a lullaby for my soon-to-be-in-my-arms newborn. Instead I came up with this!
OnlyEggy Apr 2013
A man with a gun
Steps from an allyway gloomed
Aimed it at me
And froze me where I stood
He said, "Son, lemme ask you a question.
As death stares you in the eye,
Are you afraid for your money,
Or do you fear for your life?"

Neither, was the response
From between those clenched teeth

I am unselfish in materials;
you can have all my things.
And my body is ready
for when the angels start to sing

"I think you're lyin'"
Said the man with the gun
"I can see it in yer eyes,
I bet you want to run"

If you do what you do
and you say that you may
then my family'll be left
in such disarray
My mum will become
but just a shell of herself
and my dad in his grief
destroy a lamp or a shelf
My sisters will wear black for a week
My brothers will search for you in the streets
Who knows better than you
where these streets can take?
My Woman may die from a broken heart,
and my children may never know
that I was there from the very start
My friends will all cry
and spill a beer in the dirt
and my dog may become violent
as he guards my last worn shirt
My grandkids will know
The year that I die
But they'll never know like knew
the joy of a grandparents smile
I do fear this in my death, good sir
but I've no fear of dying.

The man shook his head
shaken to his core
His eyes stared for a moment
before they met mine once more

"Get out of here", he said in tone real low
"Go, and speak of dying no more,
For I am the son of a father
Who was killed when I was four"
Unfinished, and unedited
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Mar 2013
The feelings of broken minds
the rage
Creeping, freaking
feeling sage
I think thinking's speaking
from a rattled cage
And speaking's shrieking
has soured my brain

I feel clutter by thoughts
in a crowded room
Jilted by vocabulars
on an empty tome
Deafened by the silence
of the un-assumed
Subdued like a man
by a woman's perfume
Left here in a vacuum
vaguely confused

A desk, a chair
the blankness that exists
the door is barred
but I must escape this
Eyes are so distant
as I attempt to resist
Erasers and pencils
put papers in places
Desktops to blacktops
puts distance to this mess
Forgive me, my Writings,
this begins my hiatus
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)
OnlyEggy Oct 2012
I swing, I swag
I hand out punishment in a bag
You're fresh, You're fly
The boys turn heads as you walk by
We're rock, We're roll
   They're playing flag,
   Two hand touch,
And we're playing professional
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