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OnlyEggy Sep 2012
Cascades, cascades
Veils of rain
Never ending, Never rending
Faith in pain
To see is to explore
in the dim lit night
To see I implore
by hidden moon light
to the ways of the waves
as the rain cascades
on umbrella's held high
but only semi-dry
are the eyes and the sighs
and the little black ties
on doorknobs unlocked
precariously ensconced
those cries of pain
by the pouring rain
Unexplicitly refrained
When the cloud flies
The crowd sighs
And the children unequivocally
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
Eyeliner stare
into the sky somewhere
Creamy and Delightful
with an artistic flair

Neon lights streak
across Beauty's cheek
and race off towards the world
Words of Dreams 'er lips speak

And somewhere up above
stars flutter like doves
illuminating Dreamer's thoughts
and capturing the essence of Love

And into this picture I do stare
Seeing your face, knowing you care
gives me promise for the future
that you'll always be there
(AIP) I love you
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
1 part Fame
2 parts Game
3 for the party
4's just the same

5 footed chain
6 stitched pain
7 say they're sorry
8 claim insane
This little bit popped into my head and I jotted it down quickly. I'm not even sure the message but I'm sure there is one hidden somewhere.
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
....and Ma'am;

Do you take this man love him with all you can? hold him when he is sad? support him when he feels had? give to him when he needs a hand? smile with him in the evening sand? laugh with him when the joke was bad? dream with him about your life plan,
       and to live with him when they don't pan?

Do you take this man be your friend?
...your confidant?
...your sin
...and to be your husband?
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
It's all right there, just stay focused
The more you focus, the faster you'll be done.
Like the steak from last night
So good, and the service made it all right
And that waitress; What a sight!

Sight, stay on the task at hand
Just focus on getting out of work and all will be fine.
Like the print on that contract yesterday
and tomorrow, I'm gonna tear up the highway
and maybe get a jealous glance or two thrown my way

My way, my way. The only thing keeping me here is my brain
This rain, this rain, makes my A.D.D. go completely insane
*Insane like that rhyme I just made.
Hey I'm a poet, maybe I could make an A.D.D. poem!
I wonder if there is cure for.........I think I can go for some ice cream.
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
How can you criticize a man with a weakness?

The soldier who wields a lighter sword
is he not covering for his lack of strength?
yet he is praised for his understanding of battle
and allowed to compensate his arm to such lengths

The painter who paints life as it stands still
does he not show his lack of imagination?
yet he is praised for his forthright abilities
showing the world his mundane interpretation

The musician who bends the strings to his will
he is good, but can he dance or is his voice too shrill?
yet here he is treated like a god
for his guts and his sweat and his need for a thrill

But a man who is lonely, broken, or worn
puts on a smile, his handshake is warm
and yet the others laugh, they point, they scorn
"Your façade is fake, you fool," they say
"the only one you're fooling is yourself," they claim

But a façade is a shield, a crutch if you may
to attempt to deflect the hate that they spray
it allows your wounds to heal below
and keep sympathy, scorn, and disgust away
and if it works, and it does, they'll never know
it was all just a lie, a façade, you had shown
OnlyEggy Jul 2012
I believe...

Like wind beneath the swallow's wings
Our love shall too have height
Verily, verily; as these two hearts sing
Everlasting fires doth burn bright

Yesteryear is out of sight
Order this year doth not bring
Unveil the dark with brand new light
...and love me to the end of the trail so winding
(AIP) Happy Birthday Chelsea Decker
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