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Ollie Jan 2019
This time I’ll be happy
This time I won’t hurt myself
This time I’ll love myself
I wish
Ollie Jan 2019
I wanna fly***
Ollie Jan 2019
Life is like a choose your own adventure book
You make one wrong decision
And you’re ******
Ollie Jan 2019
I’ve tried for years to conceal my sadness. I know there’s no escape to this madness. There’s no reason on this earth left for me to stay. For three years I’ve contemplated this everyday.  And I know that the world will still go on. Because I’m not really something to be thought on. That’s what I know they said. All my peers at school. In the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty miniscule. And it feels like there is this hole in my heart. And my reason to stay alive is drifting apart. I still can’t believe today I’m gonna die; so this is it world...goodbye
I wrote this a while ago. More of a song but oh well.
Ollie Jan 2019
My mind is empty, and my body’s a host.
I’m a storage facility made for her ghost.
For the imprint she made has stuck to me.
I cling to her abuse relentlessly.
Is it okay that I said no? It doesn't matter, she didn't listen anyways
Ollie Jan 2019
I do not want my name in the stars.
I don’t want my name in the books.
I don’t want my name your mouth...
Ollie Jan 2019
In one hand prescription drugs
Trazodone 50mg
And in the other a glass of water
I pour the pills into my hand
It should all be over soon
But something stopped me that day
And I'm afraid to say it's gone away
Am I dead
Is this the end?
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