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Sep 2018
Sitting, watching a dumb movie that makes you laugh and you realize you're crying. Not a ugly, rolling around on the floor crying but just tears flowing. You ask yourself why this? Why now? You then try to stop it but the more you try, the more tears flow. You start to feel a little drained and you then are in the middle of a full on emotional release. Your first thought is to call someone but who? Then you think, you don't want to bother anyone and/or wouldn't know what do you say?  So you sit and let the release happen and work hard not to judge or label the moment or attach it to any one person or situation.
After the laughing stops, chest is full, heart betting fast, all stops and it all feels good, drained, but good. You realize it's way late and you should good to bed.
You wake the next morning after the best sleep and know somethings are no longer in your heart weighing it down. A deep breath of forgiveness of self and acceptance. You sit and think of the night before, a bit...and you start your day, knowing it truly is going to be a Great Day! No matter what, a Great day!!!
Curtis C
Written by
Curtis C  M/Memphis, TN
(M/Memphis, TN)   
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