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Sep 2018
Good Morning September, a new month of adventures, changes, experiences, celebrations, tons of laughs, Big Smiles and Good Times. August had a lot going on and I just stayed in the flow...mostly. There were a few bumps but every path has bumps. August has become a point of reference and I Gloriously step out to the new with Gratitude's Light. Asking how, then taking action when the answer come.
It has been rough for some of us but I will continue looking from the Good in every situation, dealing with the other stuff but living in and with the Good.
September 1st: I Love You, all of YOU and so Blessed and Grateful that you are apart of my Life. Gratitude's Light shines bright on me and a lot of the Light is because of You. So, the Celebrations continue, singing, dancing, loving, living in the moment and knowing it may take time but with each step forward it going to work out.
So with tons of Love, hugs, kisses and BIG SMILES!!!!!
Lets move forward yelling weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....
and so we begin...
and so it is.
Curtis C
Written by
Curtis C  M/Memphis, TN
(M/Memphis, TN)   
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