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Curtis C Jul 2018
Life is a strange and Wonderful dance. We never know how each step will lead us to the next. But when we truly look in the mirror, while we dance, with open hearts and Love, all we'll truly see is Beauty, the creating of Greatness.
Keep dancing, smiling, creating and Being Human and let it lead us back to our true self...the Divine Being that we are!!!!
Curtis C Jul 2018
"So True:
Open up, accept and give.
Don't be suspicious, be Grateful.
No and Yes are complete sentences.
Don't let fear rule your Being.
Give and accept Love."
Curtis C Jul 2018
My questions for the week...for me:
Do You know what "You" create?
(Be careful of what "You" create.)
Are "You" doing "Your" best?
Are "You" living "Your" Greatness?
My thoughts this morning brought these questions to mind.  Am I? Really only I can answers these questions for me and where the answers are No or I not sure, maybe I should take a second look and make the changes to YES and creating with Love and Understanding. So this week, my focus and awareness will be on: what am I creating. Am I doing my best? If I Am living my Greatness?   I will make the choices to move in this direction, where I am not.  I AM...moving forward and living in the light of Gratitude and being that Great, that creates the Greatness that I call my Life!
Create Greatness in the light of Love. Always, Always do "YOUR" Best! Remember "YOUR" Life is Greatness, live it to the highest!
Love Y'All!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Curtis C Jul 2018
Tell me your story
Let me hear your words.
Not the story that others believe, from their perspective
But "Your" words, how you feel, who you are, what you think.
Do you know your story, has it been that long
Or are you just re-telling what others have said you are?
It's time to Live "Your" Life and not the life others have create for you
Tell your story, your words
Live for you
Be you
Your story
Your words
Your creation
Who You Are!!!!
Curtis C Jun 2018
For me, there is a path between my heart and my head.  It is not a long path but it is a very used path, a circular path.  I am always on this path before I go out to another path.  This heart-head path is my cross roads.  It is where my house is built and this is the house that I am always changing and it grows bigger and better.  I live on this path, Heart-head Lane. Every adventure starts here, the main house, the big house, the house that is protected but there are no walls around it.  The house with all the windows to see all that life has to offer.  The house that has the open floor plan, that no matter where I stand, I see the Love, Joys, abundance, prosperity and even those lil fear monsters that are hiding in the basement.  The house on Heart-head Lane is where I work and deal with all the facts, my reactions and stuff.  Where I surrender, let go of stuff and open up to the new, the good and the ride always starts and ends here.

Even though this is a short path, Heart-head Lane, the house is huge, the yard goes on for days, both are unlimited and unconditional.  The house has a good foundation, Love and Truth and a strong roof of Freedom.  There are times I forget what my house is built upon and what cover it, but I always feel it there.  Deep, deep down to my core, I always know I am protected.  For this house on Heart-head Lane, is always mine.  I know no matter what the change, the lessons received and given, whatever the path I walk down; I know the house at the cross road, that house on the short, circular path of Heart-head Lane, is always there, a light that shines out and leads back to Love, Truth and Freedom.  Whatever level I have moved up to, I find that house with its changes and growth, welcomes me, just as I am, just where I am – giving and receiving, open to all, unlimited, unconditional and powerful.

I Love this path, Heart-head Lane and I am thankful, blessed and oh so grateful for the house that is built on Love and Truth with a roof of Freedom.  My house, my Life, the beginning and the end of the rides I take.  Here at the cross roads,
The house on Heart-head Lane

Curtis C
Curtis C Jun 2018

Today I woke again for the dawn of this new day.  Knowing that whatever this day brings I am ready and will work with it.  Today I will be aware of and focus on the Beauty of this day. The beauty of the things that come my way. the beauty that I already hold.  I've never consider myself handsome or pretty but I've always know I was Beautiful.  I knew, felt and when I focus, I saw the Beauty within me. Now, I didn't always accept it, there were time I turned away from it. But one thing I have learned is...Your Beauty never, never grows within no matter what.  Ofcourse if you would be aware and clear away the stuff, it would grow brighter, faster, fuller but it grows non the less.  
Today, lets all be aware of Our with the things that comes our way for that place within, that Beautiful Place that is within us all.  Look at it, accept it, all parts of it.  We are all BEAUTIFUL!  We are all LOVE! No matter what happens, it is still within us...working for us.  ACCEPT IT and then Share It!  If and when you will be One helluva Day!  
Love, Big Smiles, hugs and kisses!
One step at a time, that's all, just one step at a time!

I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I completely trust the One who holds tomorrow!
Curtis C Jun 2018
In a moment, after frustration, sitting in the night with nature, just before you release those feeling and sensations, take a look in that place where those feeling come and you will find beauty. Collect the beauty and hold on to it and release the frustrations into the flow. The next moment after that will be from the beauty you have collected. With release from a dark place beauty and light will lead one heart beat. One deep breath.
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