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5.1k · Sep 2017
Curtis C Sep 2017
This has been a time of Great moments, aha moments, kind moments, accepting moments, releasing moments, good moments, smiling moments, sad moments, open moments, closed moments, moments of fear, moments of joy, moments of not understanding to moments of understanding. All these moments together, plus many more moments have come together to create Your Glorious Life. Your Being! The Unconditional Love that You are. So, take each moment and know that in each moment the only limits you have are the ones You create!!!
Embrace each moment because...YOU ARE THE MOMENT!!!!
Now lets do this Thing!!!!!
2.8k · Jun 2017
Beginning of a 1 man show...
Curtis C Jun 2017
Ms. Minerva’s
Helpful Hints and a guide through life

Born September 1885….died September 1976, 91 years old.  She didn’t marry until she was 45 and had her first child that year.  Getting married at 45 was something that didn’t happen to often for women back then, especially a black woman.  Then low and behold 5 years later: what the doctor called her second tumor, she had her second and last child at 50, a baby girl and her change of life in one shot.
        But her true joy came along 17 years later at 67….only being a mother for 22 years; she was now a grandmother……that’s where I came in!  My mother’s oldest child and Ms Minerva, my grandmother’s baby boy……..Mama!!

    It is important to tell you that from here on, the stories will be in no certain order….they’re as I remember them.  As I found understanding, THE LIGHT, as she called it.
[Song – Higher & Higher]
This song became her theme song for a while:  Love, knowledge taking you higher!!  Ms Minerva (Mama) the first career women I knew.  In 1967, she heard this song and realizes that this song talked about what kept her going…LOVE!  Love took her higher and higher and it was love that she shared………with me!

MM: “Boy, you might not understand what I’m telling you, but remember it remember all you hear, see, taste and feel….. because understanding come with time and when you ready for it!”
Knowledge……. Love………Understanding……Enlightenment take us higher.

How?  How did a black woman in south Louisiana go out, have a career, a family with little education but wise beyond her years.  Oh, when I say career woman I mean a cook, maid, nanny but mama said,

MM: “those jobs keep us going and I was one of the best, always be the best at what you do…greatness comes in all sizes!”

Another thing I should say is: some of the stories that I will share have not been documented as fact.  They were hers that she shared with me…..
Like one night watching TV…….

MM: Lord, Lord, Lord…
CC:  What’s the matter Mama?
MM:  Did I ever tell you about when I worked at an all boys’ school in New (N’Orleans) Orleans.  I was the one who stayed with the boys at
night.  Well, there was one lil’ boy that was always
sneaking out of bed going outside playing his horn.
I would take it from him and beat his ****.  The day
they give it back to him, that night he would sneak outside
again.  Beating his **** didn’t help, he just kept sneaking out
no matter how long we kept the horn.
CC: What happen to him mama?
She pointed to the TV and said:
MM:  There he is……

Louie Armstrong singing HELLO DOLLY raise in an all boys home in New (N’Orleans) Orleans….was this true……I don’t know.  Did and do I believe it….YES!
This was also one of the times I receive one of ….Ms Minerva’s Helpful Hint:

MM: You can be anything you want if you believe
and have the passion for it! Believe in
your passion because you are your passion
and you must always believe in you….yourself!  
No matter what others say or think….it’s you who
must believe!

Believing, she was a big believer. she believed in people and the good in them.

MM:  Always see the positive in people, in everything thing.
No matter how negative someone or something is
there is always an ounce of positive…..go for the positive,
it will always carry you through and shine light

Everywhere, positive light.

I often wonder how someone so positive in my life, who taught me to look up and be strong could be so down on her daughter , my mother.  When I was sent to fly with the eagles she was told to stay on earth.  This was one of my confusions, I knew there was a lot of love there between them but so hard for them to share……Understanding comes with time.

When I was 7 years old I was sent to the kitchen to cook for a family of 5.  It wasn’t what you think.  At 72 years old Ms. Minerva wasn’t seeing things to well. So, instead of saying; Old woman you need to stop, you’re losing it.  She was told; “It’s time for Curtis to start learning how to cook, he needs to know how to take care of himself.”  So, what I thought was a prison


sentence became some of the most wonderful and important times of my life……
I was allow to be a child and do the things children do but at 5, maybe 5:30 I went to spend my hour or two with Ms. Minerva, my best friend…..learning the secrets of the kitchen and of life.

MM:  you have got to know how to take care of yourself.
I won’t be here to take care of you but I’ll always
be watching over you, I'll always be with you!

Like a lot of things, I didn’t get it then, but I do now:

One day, I was tormenting my grandfather….Oh I haven’t and won’t say much about him because that is a whole other story, but I’ll share this much with you:
  His name was Tower Jackson Sr. better known as Bud (papa to me).  He was born in December of 1880 and died in 1969, it’s funny but I don’t remember the month or day, it just kinda went a way.  Anyway, I think he
was married once before Ms Minerva…that’s what he said.  He had a daughter…Aunt Traci….who was old enough to be my mother’s mother.  Remember THE COLOR PURPLE he was kinda like Mister and Old Mister but not as bad.  But Ms Minerva wasn’t Ms Celia…she was more like Sophia. Papa loved me unconditionally and he was my playmate but I don’t think he realized that point but I had a great time.

Back to one of the days I was tormenting him…he was finish with me and he got up and came after me…he was between 75 or 80.  I starting running and he came after me.  We lived in a house that was once a duplex, I ran out of his room, which was in the middle of the house, took a left and headed for the kitchen and the back door, that was open to freedom.  I got to the kitchen and I could see the back door standing open and waiting for me….  But out the corner of my eye, I see Ms. Minerva washing dishes.  I turn right, then a sharp left and I’m almost to the door…..just then an arm reach out and push the door close…..I can’t stop……I hit the door and fall to the floor.  Just before papa grab me to start the whipen’ and mama looks down at me and say:      

MM: Boy, didn’t I tell you to stop running in my house and don’t every run away!”
Well, it was all over.  I got a whipin’…one I would never forget.  Papa felt so guilty he took me for Ice Cream almost everyday for a week.
But later that day…….Ms Minerva’s helpful hint:

MM:  Baby the reason I don’t want you running, especially when
you’re scared, is because you’ll be running for the rest
of your life.  When you run out of fear you’re only
running from yourself.  No matter what people think
or what’s happening stand and face it…Don’t Run!
Believe in yourself and you can beat it.

I didn’t really understand what she was saying, but when I’m scared I hear her voice and I stand (sometime that old confusion comes in with my mother) but most time I stand, face it and deal with it.  Growing, Changing and changing and growing!  Stronger everyday.

I remember when I was 12, it was a Sat and a beautiful day and Ms. Minerva called me into the house.  It wasn’t time for cooking and it was Sat but I went:
MM:  I need to talk to you.
CC: Mama can we talk later I’m playing.
MM:   No, I want and need to talk to you NOW!. let’s cook.

I knew that was it.  When she says: “let’s cook” the battle was over, she felt it was important.  We got to the kitchen and started pulling stuff out …
MM: You’re special
CC:  No, no don’t start this again.
MM:  No, no, no you’re special! You’re a *****, a punk, *****…

There were a few other choice colorful names…Then she said:

MM:  Now that someone that loves you, truly loves you have
called you these names they can’t hurt you.  You’re gay
and it’s not something I would chose for you but it’s

who you are.  But it makes you more special and wonderful because you are different. You are my special, but it’s only apart of you and your life, not your whole life or the whole you.  You can chose to practice or not.  You are made up of many parts, many yous…..Be Proud of who you are! Never hang your head, You will be a great man…even greater because you know who and what you are.

That day, I knew what love was and what love is.  Unconditional Love.  I was Proud to be who and what I was and who and what I was to become.  Proud of Who I Am and What I Am.

Music was always heard in my house, all kind, mama believed in   experiencing everything in everyway.
MM:  You need to know about it all, don’t let ignorance
be your down fall.  That’s what’s wrong with most folk,
they just don’t know and don’t want to learn.  Education
is freedom; knowledge is light….don’t ever stand
in the dark, you’ll only hurt yourself.


There were a few things I didn’t learn or just didn’t remember.  Remember I said; she didn’t like running in her house.  Well, when I was a kid I was a runner, a mover, didn’t want to get caught…so I just kept moving.   Well, one day my mother was going to whip my ****, I don’t even know why this time but she grab my arm and I just started running around her and every time I heard the belt hit…I would yell.  I think I might have gotten hit once or twice but my mother’s legs, oh boy, but she kept going and so did I.
Then I heard the voice…….
MM:  Sister, what are you doing?
Sister, that’s what everyone called my mother, even me.  she sat down in her chair
MM: Bring that boy over here and let me show you
how to do that.

The she put me on my knees and stuck my head between her knees and turn her feet in and locked her knees.  My ears were hurting but not compared to how my **** was going to feel.  Then I heard……

MM:  Now, see you got wide-open ****!

Then the whipping began and it was one I’d never forget and the whole time she just kept talking to my mother…..I can hear her and feel the belt now..

MM:  Girl you need to get out of the way and stop making
it so hard.  Just breathe and believe, it’ll come together….
Now, go put something on your legs.

It took me awhile to start breathing but I did and I remembered what she said; “Just breathe and believe.” and when I don’t I just remember that belt on my ****.
Whenever people hear this story, they’re shocked, confuse…well, this was a different time and Ms. Minerva was a different kind of woman.  A wipen' wasn’t something that happen everyday, I never ended up in the hospital and I was shower with love….. a different day – a different time.

Around that time I remember I went through my Ultra Black stage.  I had some problem at school and I hated all white people and I was very
vocal about it.  Mama, just listen and I went on and on and on….and somewhere in there she hit me and it shocked and stopped me in my tracks.  Then she looked at me and said:
MM:  Who spit on you?  Who’s bus did you sit on the back of?  
Who’s kitchen or yard did you work in?  Nothing, nothing has happen to you that bad to hate…..Don’t hate it takes to much energy.  Remember the positive.  Some white people are ignorance and you have to educate them.  You can’t be just one thing in America you have to know about all……people and things.  There will come a time in America when people will be more than just one race, we have and are mixing it up.  LEARN…we are all connected, we are all one, and we are all God!


One other thing about my grandfather (Bud)…he had a scar over his right eye and I always asked him about it and he would say, “Go ask mama.”  But being a kid I would forget and then ask him again.  Well one day I remembered to ask Mama how he got the scar.  

MM: Who told you to ask me?

CC:  Papa……..

She started laughing and told me to sit down……

MM: One day papa came home and had decided he was going to beat me.  Someone had told him that I would take it because I should feel lucky he married an old woman.  So, he came in and hit me!  I had the broom in my hand (I had just finish sweeping) and I took that broom and started beating him with it until I broke the handle on his head.  But he kept coming and backed me up to the mantle where I had my teacups. (She collected cups and saucer) and I begin throwing them at him and when I realize I was breaking my cups…. I got mad and threw them harder and one hit him over the eye…. He stopped and went down…it was a bad cut.

cc:  What did you do?

MM:  I stepped over him and finishing cooking.  I knew he would live and I saw it didn’t hit him in the eye and it gave him something to remember this moment.  You have to leave a mark on people to remember you by….. hopefully it’s a positive mark but sometime it might have to be an ugly one.  People will treat you the way you let them and there will be time you have to show and leave them something to remember it by.  Don’t go through life getting beat up especially by yourself.

There were a few times I didn’t follow that bit of advice…...but understanding, the light came in time.

MM:  You have to open up and let people in --- because a lot of times you see yourself through them and don’t you want them and yourself to see the truth?  THE TRUE YOU!

Early mornings were wonderful for Ms. Minerva:

MM:  Morning is my time to talk to Me and God and get us together for the day.  Some folks don’t know that they are God….your positive energy creates your world and parts of the world of others.  When you create you must be honest, positive, loving……God!  So, my quiet times in the morning is finding honest, positive, loving, creative things and feeling…..finding God in me!!!!!!!!

(Song – Amazing Grace)

One night while watching TV; we watched a lot of TV…..watching TV and cooking…anyway, it was the Mitch Miller Singers and Leslie Uggams was singing:

MM:  That’s a cute little colored girl.
CC:  Mama, we’re not colored anymore, we’re Black.

There was silent and then a sigh….

CC:  What’s the matter mama?
MM:  I’ve been *****, colored and a few other names that I don’t want to talk about and now I’m Black……I wish they would make up their minds what I am!

Then she told me:

MM:  No matter who or what people think you are…You have to know yourself, people will always try to make you into what they want you to be but the final choice is yours. You Must Know Curtis.

Her helpful hints could and would come anytime, anywhere:
MM:  life is a lesson to learn…never, never stop learning!

Whenever I talk about Ms. Minerva I realize how much she means to me and how good it makes me feel because I see how good it makes others feel……people showing me…..Me and Ms. Minerva.

The day Ms. Minerva died I was in Shreveport/Bossier, LA in the Air Force, it was September 1976.  I was at work in the printing plant at Barksdale AFB.  My boss told me the commander wanted to see me, he was acting a little strange but at the time I didn’t think much of it.  Walking out to my car my best friend ran out after me and said he was going with me….”they call for me too.”  We got in the car laughing and talking about all the things they coul
2.6k · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
FREEDOM....this came to mind while at work...I thought what is True Freedom? Do I have It? Have I felt it?  Freedom...if we have it, why do so many follow so much and never lead?  If we do have Freedom...why do we not see or stay with the joys, Love and Happiness in our Life?  Freedom...What does Freedom, really mean to You and Why do you try and take so many others Freedom?  
The thought for Curtis C the next couple of day:  Do I have, feel and see Freedom? How often and why not all the time?  What do I have to change to truly have this...FREEDOM!  Why, when I say the word...Freedom...I Smile? I am Grateful for the Freedom I feel, even if it's not all the's much better than, not feeling Freedom at all.  okay, breathe Curtis C.
GOOD NIGHT!  Get your rest and be ready for the New Day!
Much Love...that is my Freedom...Love!
1.8k · Jun 2018
walking a path...
Curtis C Jun 2018
For me, there is a path between my heart and my head.  It is not a long path but it is a very used path, a circular path.  I am always on this path before I go out to another path.  This heart-head path is my cross roads.  It is where my house is built and this is the house that I am always changing and it grows bigger and better.  I live on this path, Heart-head Lane. Every adventure starts here, the main house, the big house, the house that is protected but there are no walls around it.  The house with all the windows to see all that life has to offer.  The house that has the open floor plan, that no matter where I stand, I see the Love, Joys, abundance, prosperity and even those lil fear monsters that are hiding in the basement.  The house on Heart-head Lane is where I work and deal with all the facts, my reactions and stuff.  Where I surrender, let go of stuff and open up to the new, the good and the ride always starts and ends here.

Even though this is a short path, Heart-head Lane, the house is huge, the yard goes on for days, both are unlimited and unconditional.  The house has a good foundation, Love and Truth and a strong roof of Freedom.  There are times I forget what my house is built upon and what cover it, but I always feel it there.  Deep, deep down to my core, I always know I am protected.  For this house on Heart-head Lane, is always mine.  I know no matter what the change, the lessons received and given, whatever the path I walk down; I know the house at the cross road, that house on the short, circular path of Heart-head Lane, is always there, a light that shines out and leads back to Love, Truth and Freedom.  Whatever level I have moved up to, I find that house with its changes and growth, welcomes me, just as I am, just where I am – giving and receiving, open to all, unlimited, unconditional and powerful.

I Love this path, Heart-head Lane and I am thankful, blessed and oh so grateful for the house that is built on Love and Truth with a roof of Freedom.  My house, my Life, the beginning and the end of the rides I take.  Here at the cross roads,
The house on Heart-head Lane

Curtis C
1.1k · Jun 2017
I Am Ready
Curtis C Jun 2017
Whatever the day brings, I Am Ready. What ever the experience, I Am Ready. What ever and where ever the Adventure leads, I Am Ready...I Am Ready.

There are those days when you feel like..."What the hell!" but we breathe, take a step and keep moving, We are Ready.  The feeling come over us and we might feel like we don't know which way to good, just think; I Am Ready.  Ready for what comes my way...not saying it something I want. Lawd knows, it wasn't plan.  Ha, there are times I want to run the other way. But I, take a moment to breathe and I know I Am Ready.  Today, I Am Ready for the day, the experiences, the adventures, the Love, Joy, Happiness and all the Laughs.  There maybe be a tear, confuse, anger, sadness but I Am Ready.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, I Am Ready for what is place before me in this moment to moment journey. Oh, and if I'm Ready...You are too.  We just have to make the choice to face it, feel it, work with it and let it all go back into the flow and be Ready for the next...moment by moment, step by step.  Sooooooo, climb on, buckle up, shake it out and...I would say get ready but guess what: You are Ready...always...just go with it, it is a good ride!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
960 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
The water was so hot I had to run cold water into it just to sit down. The temperature of the water and my body came together and a calm rushed over me. As I picked up the razor, my heart beat slowed down instead of getting faster as I thought it would and I made the first cut, the razor was sharp. With the calming water around me I didn't really feel it but I knew it had been done as the water turned red.
I take the razor into the hand of the wrist that I had just cut and make a slice into the other wrist. I felt this more because I was loosing my strength in the hand of the already cut wrist and had to put more pressure on to make the new slice.

I sit in crimson red water and a Wonderful Peacefulness came over me. I was feeling calm and sooo Peaceful and felt some joy in it all. Felt joy that it was almost that moment when the Greatest Peace came to me, I knew it was almost done...

At this point of Peacefulness, the alarm went off.
It was just a dream, my dream. But that Great feeling of Peacefulness was still with me in that moment.
I hit the snooze but I could never return to that truly Peaceful place.
There was Great Sadness with me that morning and joy in knowing the Peacefulness was within waiting.
908 · Jun 2017
Daily Writing #1 2016
Curtis C Jun 2017
Right now is a good time to start,
You’re not behind anyone or ahead of anyone,
You’re right where you need to be!
Start now, in this moment…
Look, see, know, be aware…you have everything you need.
Start now.
Right now is a good time to start,
With Faith, Belief in the highest good,
trusting, knowing, doing, Being.
Start now…
Standing in Love, knowing Truth, making conscious choices,
knowing you can make changes if need be.
It is time to start,
lets start right now, in this present moment…
moving forward, higher, trust in yourself,
Right now it is time to start….
Knowing…You are One with Source/the Creative energy
and Being One with the Creative Energy, you are One with Everything.
Right now is a Good Time to Start.
(it's never to late, your never to old, just do it! 2013 time to be seen!)
Heeeey! How You be's so far? Me...I don't know...huh, don't know. feel okay, still a lil sleepy, gotta get some things in hand and work with it better...I don't know. feeling and sending out a lot of Love this morning. Sooooo, I'll see what comes up and what will be created during the process today.
You, create something Glorious today and have some fun. I'll let you know what comes up, when I know.
have fun, enjoy it all and celebrate everything....Big Smiles!!!
today, this morning has be very peaceful for far. Thinking about last week, on Saturday, I was in rehearsal, got a txt for one of the Love's of my life, he had just married is long time Love and I was overjoyed. Then, I got a Christmas card from a friend in LA, letting me know what I mean to her and her life...I was overjoyed. I thought; here I am in Memphis, doing what I Love. My friend/family is joining his Love with his Love and I got my Roses...for knowing that I have made a different and Loved are Roses....The sign...showing me that I am walking forward on this journey. That there is Love in my Life. Love around my Life. That Love is My Life! I stand tall in Gratitude's Light. This day...This week I create Greatness, joy, happiness, light and I Am Love!
I Am Grateful for/to all of You for sharing your life with me and letting me be apart of it! Thank You for staying and being apart of my Life. You...all of You, help to make the journey so Grand with tons of Light! A deep breath here because I am just overwhelm for all that you have given are giving me and the lessons, experiences and adventures you have made with me. I LOVE YOU ALL TONS!!!
Now, get up, get out and DOIT! Do your thang baby because it is and will be GREAT!
oh, what will this day bring? whatever it is I am ready, it will be good, it will be fun and it will be for me, to use for my highest Good. to receive a lesson and to give a lesson, that is every experience and I am aware and open to learn that lesson and to use that lesson wisely...conscious choice, that's it.
Staying focus, because it would be very easy, not to be. It is all coming together...I ain't come this far to stop NOW! Going to enjoy the day, my choice and it just feels gooooood! groovin' to the sounds and music of the day, listening to what is, knowin' what ain't don't work.Grateful, Thankful and so totally Blessed...releasing it, knowing it is done and Celebrating, knowing that I got It all cause I Got Love..
and so it is.
Change, it happens…can’t stop it…to grow is to change and to change is to grow.
2013 is a year of change for me and I will grow into more Good. It all happens…for the highest Good. Sometimes, it take time to see that Good. I must be aware…focus…open…knowing, working with it all from a place of Love and Truth…ready to take action.
Today, pulling it all in and working with it. Packing some stuff, finishing quilt (yes, coming to the finish line with it…pictures will be seen soon!) Enjoying, Celebrating, letting the boogie move me. I am Loving this day and Loving me and Loving my folks…all y’all…change is good, let’s work with it.
LETS MAKE TODAY THE BOOGIE DAY! Yes, everyone can boogie….
Today...looking for the good: that element of good that's in each and everyone of us...keeping my focus there and no matter what happen, what the action I need to take let it come for that point of good that's in me, you and everyone and everything else. As Patti LaBelle would say...A New Attitude. I feel if I come from a place of good, I will bring a lot of...tons of Good with me. Today, no labels, no judgement...looking at The Thing Itself and seeing that place where we are ONE..working with, using it and choosing wisely from that place of Oneness...Laughing, singing, having a Good time and knowing...that as One we can Change things but we must all do Our part...start with Love and Truth.
Now, the music start "....running hot, running cold our senses in over load.....we need a new attitude..." Letting go and staying open to...A New Attitude. Have a Great day and Enjoy...the Fun is only beginning!
Knowing it is done. Everything, before I speak the is done. Remembering that sometime is hard. All we need do is listen, accepted and follow the action laid out, don't try and change it...just Trust, have Faith and KNOW! It is can be hard at time...when we think we know better. "It is done as YOU believe." Today, double checking what I Believe...What I Know...and listening and following the action.
Today, in this moment...I Trust me! I know the Truth and knowing that we All are One with the Creative Energy, The Universe and Everyone and Everything that is. Seeing the facts, working with them but always, always Living in Truth and Love. I know...It is done, I just need to surrender, Letting go and opening up, taking action toward the Highest and All will, do, has worked out for the Highest Good. I Know this...It is done as I Believe. Oh, That's why I am always Celebrating and hearing...weeeeeeeeee! I know, I Trust, I Love, I Believe, I do the work, I am Grateful, Thankful and soooo Blessed...I AM and shall always BE! Have a Great day...I Am!
It is time for my Heart to open up and Sing! Today was a bit of a rollercoaster for me but deep breaths and staying with the upward movement, I did what was needed...a small Celebration but a Celebration none the less. Taking moments in silence to here the answers to so many questions running through my head. Staying open and letting go of stuff, making room.
Tomorrow will be a day of focus, seeing the good in it all and connecting...Letting Freedom Ring. Tonight I will surrender stuff up and breathe..quiet time with Curtis C.! ...and then the Blessing flowed with storms of Love. The music grew and the dance of Gratitude and Thanksgiving Heart is at peace...
Ready: New experiences and adventures, working with all that is here for me right now. Loving every moment and the people I find in those moment, even if they don't want to be Loved. Creating a day one step at a time and having Fun doing it....That's it one step at a time, one choice at a time and knowing everything I need, want and require is here for me...awareness, Love, knowing and Truth, Great tools to work with. Okay, I am going for IT. Lets get this Party started!!!!!!
Change and adventure...adventure and change. That is what's happening right now. Making conscious choices, while going through changes and it is all a Wonderful adventure.
Today, I will see where the adventure leads and I am making the conscious choice to have a Good time with it all...Seeing the facts and working with them, knowing that it is all Goo,d. The really Great thing that is happening, with every step I take, I am shown, reminded, aware and feel all the Love that surrounds me...from everywhere! That is a Wonderful do your thing surrounded by Love! NOW THAT SOME BLESSIN'! I am so Grateful, Thankful and Happy...Thanks!
...and a Good time was had by All and All became aware that they were One, working with and in Love and Truth. Then, the creating and Celebrating just got Bigger and Brighter and they realize that the Good Times, just got Great! It was there All The Time! Have a Great Day!!!!
Good Morning! Last night right before going to sleep, I founded out an old friend had made his transition, Jim Montgomery in Shreveport. Even though it had been several years that I had talked to him or seen him I realize he was one of those people, memories, point of references that helped me through many things in my life. His spirit, his lessons, the fact that I could call him...Friend. We did several shows together, shared meals, several Long talks and lots and lots of laughs. We worked at the Newspaper together in Shreveport, a job he helped me get and so, for awhile I saw him pretty much every day and every day he gave me something to help me along, to store away for later use and to just say, its okay, "I'm here if you need." Beside the fact, that you couldn't say Theatre in Shreveport without his name come up. He will be missed, there will be sadness and tears but as we work through the sadness, that feeling of Lost...Lets Celebrate the Life of James Montgomery and that he made a mark on and in our Life. How Grateful I am to know him. How Thankful I am for the Support and Love he gave me and How Blessed I am that He is still with me, that point of reference I can check in with, laughing as I remember the stories he told, wonderful dinners, doing shows in Shreveport with him, talks over wine...the hugs, the Love, the time he said, "I am here with and for you." without saying a word. I am very Happy that James Montgomery IS a part of my life. So, to my friends, family in Shreveport as you work through the sadness, lets Celebrate the Life and the Gifts he gave to Special we are to have had the Jim Montgomery (Uncle Jim) Experience. I Love You and will see you all soon!
Today, I temporarily give up my office in the nation of Procrast, so I can get my stuff together and see what's going with me back down south. It is not easy but I will, I know, return to office, most likely after the 1st of March. For now it is time to get this act together and take it on the road and see where Spirit leads.
Surrender time...letting go and opening up to possibilities and opportunities...Great Day, I wish it was warmer.....
Curtis C Jan 2018
Right now is a good time to start,
You’re not behind anyone or ahead of anyone,
You’re right where you need to be!
Start now, in this moment…
Look, see, know, be aware…you have everything you need.
Start now.

Right now is a good time to start,
With Faith, Belief in the highest good,
trusting, knowing, doing, Being.
Start now…
Standing in Love, knowing Truth, making conscious choices,
knowing you can make changes if need be.

It is time to start,
lets start right now, in this present moment…
moving forward, higher, trust in yourself,
Right now it is time to start….
Knowing…You are One with Source/the Creative energy
and Being One with the Creative Energy, you are One with Everything.
Right now is a Good Time to Start.
(it's never to late, your never to old, just do it!  2013 time to be seen!)
374 · Aug 2017
Curtis C Aug 2017
Today, nothing to say
Today, is just what it is
Today, being in the flow, working with what comes my way
Today, love is at the base of it all. If it moves up Great but if it's
             just apart of the foundation of it all, Wonderful
Today, wondering and wandering...knowing the adventure is
             the discovery
Today, HAPPY with what is, where I am, what I have
Today, the beginning, the end and the beginning again
Today, a low key celebration but a celebration none the less
Today, deep breath, a smile, maybe a laugh, a song, a dance
Today, no judging. No labeling. No comparing. No competing
             ...just being
Today, Today, Today
              I Love. I am Loved, I share, I receive
Today, is what it is
299 · Aug 2017
Curtis C Aug 2017
Monday, September 24, 2012

1. a systematic series of actions directed to some end: to devise a process for homogenizing milk.
2. a continuous action, operation, or series of changes taking place in a definite manner: the process of decay.

We are all in “The Process”: a journey, living life, doing your thing.  It is all The Process.  We are individual expression of God working through The Process, together in the Allness as the Oneness, creating from our own perspective. Creative Energy, Divine Intelligence, unlimited Power, unconditional Love…The Universe…God.  That’s us in a nut shell, the Allness.   We are at different points, different levels, no one is ahead, behind, good, bad or any other label we us.  When we judge, place a label, think we are better it’s from our own perspective and when we do this, we place that label, judgment, thought own our self because we are ONE and when I see you….I see me and when you see me…you see yourself.  Okay, got that out of the way…

This is from my perspective.  When in The Process we see different things and we react to them from our perspective but we shouldn’t label them because they are what they are:  lessons, light, guides showing us what to check and change in ourselves (above:…a series of changes taking place in a definite manner:).  There are times in The Process that you are at one point thinking you are ahead and a thought, a word, a feeling touch you and you off to another point or level and thinking; “how did I get behind?”  DON’T JUDGE in The Process.  Not yourself or anyone else because it’s all on you when you do.  Someone may look like they are on top of the world, they are doing really well…you think, “WOW!  They are doing it.  I want to be like them.  I want what they got” but you don’t know where they are in The Process.  Celebrate what you have…Celebrate Everything you have because you never know what light and/or awareness you are being given or where you might end up in The Process.  Also, there may be someone looking at you thinking the same thing about You.  In The Process, don’t want what others have to the point that’s all you focus on because you could miss all that Goodness, Joy, happiness and abundance that is yours trying to get what they got.  Remember that in The Process, You are the Great that create your Greatness.  You and the source are one and all there is to be given and receive comes from that One Source….YOU!    You are the co-creator of Your Life…open yourself up to this FACT and this fact is TRUTH!  You are One with the Universe!

We are all in THE PROCESS…    

…to be continue…and changed
Writing from the past (1)
280 · Jan 2018
A Day of Celebration
Curtis C Jan 2018
Today Is a day of Celebration. The Celebration of Life that has transition. The Celebration of Life that is in the present with us. The Celebration of Life to come.  Celebrating all that has been shared, is being share and that will be shared.  The lessons, the truths, the smiles, laughs, hugs, the Being.  Some have the sadness going through them, don't let it live in you.  Experience it all, but release it. Surrender it. Let it go back into the flow and continue to Grow and Celebrate. Some have the happiness going through them. don't let it live in you. Experience it all, but release it. Surrender it. Let it go back into the flow and continue to Grow and Celebrate.
You are the Great that creates the Greatness that You call Your Life!
Keep creating, don't let it just sit, whatever you label it. Let it go into the flow and You create more.
Sing your song and Dance your Dance.  
Get up. Get out and DOIT!
much Love, hugs, kisses and BIG SMILES.
276 · Aug 2018
Curtis C Aug 2018
Today, nothing to say
Today, is just what it is
Today, being in the flow, working with what comes my way
Today, love is at the base of it all. If it moves up Great but if it's
             just apart of the foundation of it all, Wonderful
Today, wondering and wandering...knowing the adventure is
             the discovery
Today, HAPPY with what is, where I am, what I have
Today, the beginning, the end and the beginning again
Today, a low key celebration but a celebration none the less
Today, deep breath, a smile, maybe a laugh, a song, a dance
Today, no judging. No labeling. No comparing. No competing
             ...just being
Today, Today, Today
              I Love. I am Loved, I share, I receive
Today, is what it is...
270 · Jul 2017
"My" Perspective
Curtis C Jul 2017
It’s not that I don’t experience the dark side of things or I don’t have sadness in my life or any other form of fear…it’s that I have reached a point in my life, for me, that I have chosen not to live there long.  Positive-negative, dark-light, sadness-joy, fear-love are the same stick, just different ends.  There is not one without the other but we do have the choice of which end of the stick we will stand on.  At this point my choice is to stand in the middle, closer to the positive, Love, joy, light end of the stick…that’s where my reactions come from.  
I was told once, “no matter how dark things get, there is always light because you are there.” I also realize that; “no matter how light it gets, there is dark also, because I am there.” All of it is me, but I have lived in the negative, dark, sadness and fear and it wasn’t good for me, it just wasn’t working, no matter how I tried to make it work. Soooo, I moved to the middle  and things got better, than a little pass the middle  to the light, joy, Love, positive side and thing got to feel a lot better…within me where it truly counts.  I found a balance for me!  Days became better focusing on the ups, hanging with the good experiences of the moments, standing in some light.  There are still those moments when I think…”I want to slap the taste out of their mouth.” But in the next moment I think; “will it move things forward? How good would I really feel and for how long? You will be right where they want you to be and not where you want to be.”
I do see, feel, taste, hear and experience it all, but as I experience all, I choose to let go and move on from there. Now, some I do hang with a little longer but in the end, all of it, every experience positive or negative is put back into the flow, to be returned bigger and better.  I choose to stand on the love, light, joy end of the stick…standing in Gratitude for it all, every experience.  So I continue on my journey, one step at a time, with all its ups and downs, working hard to choose wisely…well, that’s “My” perspective.

(Written 2014 - still stands today)
270 · Feb 2018
What I Tell Myself...
Curtis C Feb 2018
Not all tears are bad
Some tears water your land of unlimited Being
All tears wash fear away, when you let them
Tears like rain, afterwards there is light shinning bright
Don't stop the flow. open up and let it go...
Ha, this is what I tell myself as I cry myself to sleep...
Sweet dreams.
263 · Jun 2017
I Don't Know....
Curtis C Jun 2017
I don't know...ever thought about how powerful these 3 words are. I saw a picture this morning and it became my overthinking event of the day.
Why are we afraid to say; I don't know
I don't know can open and close doors
I don't know can bring a smiles or tears
I don't know is the answer to great questions
I don't know is standing tall and/or falling to your knees
I don't know brings on Great fear or Great Love
I don't know is all perspective
I don't know...
why "are" we so afraid to say it
I don't know conjures up Wonderful Memories
I don't know is a Great lesson to learn
Think about it. Face it. Say it.
Open Up to what's to come when you accept it
So many things to come
Don't be afraid of...
I don't know
254 · Jan 2018
Curtis C Jan 2018
You know, we have to know and believe in our own forward movement, those steps you make moving you on your path. Not everyone will like what you're doing, your talent, your song or your dance but that doesn't mean it's bad or's yours.  We all have different lessons to learn and our experiences during these times will always be different because we are all working on our stuff, our purpose, our being. Everyone will have an opinion on it but it is our to know and believe. It is happening for us, in the time that we need it to happen. Accept, experience, keep what you need and can use to move forward and release the rest. We all create our own Greatness. At our own pace. In the time that we need.
You do a performance, 10 people in the audience. 6 thought you were great, 2 said it's okay but 2 hated, same performance...why to we focus on the 2 that hated it or the 2 that said, okay. Why are were so quick to give up our growth, all the steps we made forward and put ourselves down. I say, celebrate your growth, the choices and changing you made to create your Greatness. Know your truth...keep moving forward...when you know better you do better...and sometime you have to believe what the 6 people say until you see your light yourself.
Curtis C Jul 2017
Do you really know how to Love?
Not just say, I Love You but really Love
To accept the differences, to listen to understand, to not judge and change others. To not be afraid and suspicious because you know.
Do you really know how to Love?
It's not just a word but it's also the action. The feeling. Giving and receiving. It's taking our differences and working with them and creating Greatness. It's unconditional. There are no limits...
Do you really know how to Love?
It's knowing that we are Individual Expressions of the Oneness. Knowing that you wouldn't be here, if I wasn't here because our differences has brought us together to make the One...all of us together create the Oneness.
Do you really know how to Love?
Okay, take a deep breath and think about it,
We have some changes to make and remember we all have more to learn...
If we really are going to Love.
235 · Jul 2017
Good Morning
Curtis C Jul 2017
Good morning my Babies!!!
Have a Grand and Glorious Day!
Open up as you give and receive Love today,
Remember how awesome you are
Remember that Good is all around you, always
Remember you get to choose how and what you create
Choose wisely
Remember your uniqueness and no one can do what you do
Remember to celebrate you and Life, all Life
Remember how happy I am that you are apart of my Life and all the Love we share.
Now, wherever you are right now,
take a deep breath
Put a smile on you
Your song in your heart
And dance your way thru the Greater day you are starting to create now!
Much Love, hugs, kisses and...
Curtis C Jul 2017
Today like every other day is new...if we choose it to be. Yes, same job, same people, same...same...same....But!!! what happens if you choose to see you in a new and different way? If you accept that there are different ways to see your life and your world that you are creating? Yes, I know there is darkness around but there is also light. Good surrounds us All The Time.  Why not look for, become aware of and focus on that Good? Even when dealing with situations and other's don't have to deal with it all for the place they're bring it to can change the colors and put some light on it. Remember You are the creator of your story.  You dance your dance and sing your song.  You are creating Your Greatness to share with the World.
Have at it today and have fun creating it all!!! Love You My Babies!!!!
Curtis C Feb 2018
What are you going to create today?
Is it what you really want?
Are you ready?
Let it add to your Greatness!
Okay, deep breath, Big Smiles, have fun!
Remember: "You are the Great, that creates the Greatness that You call Your Life!"
Be Grateful, Happy and Love!
And so it is.
218 · Aug 2017
Check In
Curtis C Aug 2017
Check in:
to Life.
the present moment, deep within.
Type of attraction:
Adventure Ride — with ups and downs, twists and turns, joy and sadness, lots of laughs and a few tears, dancing and singing (you pick the music).
Daily (Takes 24 hours and then you climb back on the next day).
A different experience for all but yet the same.
Your return:
Lesson to receive and share. Choices, Change and Growth. Create Greatness. Being apart of the Oneness.
Hugs, kisses, BIG SMILES and TONS OF LOVE!!!!
Have a Glorious day and tons of fun!!!!!
216 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
Great Morning to all of You!
May the day bring Great joy to You.
May your adventures and experiences make you smile, laugh, love and see the Good that surrounds You and that's in You.
May you choose to move forward toward the highest.
May you show kindness and Gratitude.
May you just have a Good time and a Glorious day, Celebrate everything, enjoy all and have tons of fun.
Dance, sing...shake that *****!!!
Much Love to You and BIG SMILES!!!!
Get up, get out and DOIT!!!!!
211 · Jul 2017
Having a moment...
Curtis C Jul 2017
Having a moment of fear, afraid, not knowing. Breathing deep but heart still racing.
Anxiety over what feeling, emotions, sensations all control by my perception.
I haven't lost anything but in this moment it all lives.
I know that good surrounds me.
I know my SuperPower is Love.
I know I create my world.
I am aware and focus.
Open and ready to release.
Moving forward, comfortable and uncomfortable.
I am having a moment of fear, afraid, not knowing.
The process...
I also know, everything gonna be alright.
So I will let this moment be.
Let it release.
Because I Know there is good in everything.
So here's to this moment.
209 · Feb 2018
Time Set The Pace..
Curtis C Feb 2018
Time set the pace...
We go weeks saying; things have not changed. Then on day a memory, picture, person, situation happens, you look and say, WOW! Things have sure changed.
Time set the pace...
We want things to slow down or speed up but when we force it, we feel, we have missed something.
Time set the pace...
Someone you like will be leaving soon, slow down.
In a situation you want over, speed up.
But things happen when they should, force it and you miss it.
Time set the pace...
I've come to see: a deep breath, trusting and believing, knowing that you are doing your best and your best will show up to do.  
knowing that being slow or being fast...
Time set the pace...
We make the choice,
we choose the goal,
we take the step.
Time set the pace...
So I come to you from a place of Love.
I stand in Gratitude's Light.
I enjoy the moment, I am in.
I take one step at a time and don't label or judge.
I feel what is there to feel.
Live the experience.
Learn the lessons...
then let it go and in that...
I know I will Grow!
Time set the pace...
the past is just a point of reference...
the future is for us to create...
We walk the path, our path...
continue the journey.
Time "will" set the pace.
CCJ (2017)
193 · Dec 2017
One step at a time...
Curtis C Dec 2017
"One step at a time with a BIG SMILE!!!"
Today is going to be a good day!  There will be enjoyment, laughing, and adventure. not expecting anything but open to whatever may come but I know there will be some good around it and that's where my focus shall be, as I work with and through it all!
Still learning a, it never stops and I'm glad it doesn't. There is still a lot within that needs to change or maybe removed...growing more each day.
Stop and look in the mirror and see Yourself, get to know You and do the work to live that Greatness within you!
Love You My Babies!
have a Grand and Glorious day!
remember, "One step at a time with a BIG SMILE!!!!
Curtis C Aug 2017
Have I stopped? And if so, why and what?
There have been times I've thought; what if you would have stayed, turned around, gone back, would it had made a difference?
Then I remember...this journey is as it should be. The choices that was made, were the choices to be made, at that time. What I wonder about is past, memories, points of references.  Here is where I stand today. Use the past, the memories, the points of references to make choices today but don't try to live them. This is where my life is now. This is where the changes happens, the choices for this present moment...this is the time to choose wisely for Life Today!
I Love You! moving forward one step at a time...
190 · Jul 2018
My question for the week...
Curtis C Jul 2018
My questions for the week...for me:
Do You know what "You" create?
(Be careful of what "You" create.)
Are "You" doing "Your" best?
Are "You" living "Your" Greatness?
My thoughts this morning brought these questions to mind.  Am I? Really only I can answers these questions for me and where the answers are No or I not sure, maybe I should take a second look and make the changes to YES and creating with Love and Understanding. So this week, my focus and awareness will be on: what am I creating. Am I doing my best? If I Am living my Greatness?   I will make the choices to move in this direction, where I am not.  I AM...moving forward and living in the light of Gratitude and being that Great, that creates the Greatness that I call my Life!
Create Greatness in the light of Love. Always, Always do "YOUR" Best! Remember "YOUR" Life is Greatness, live it to the highest!
Love Y'All!  Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
184 · Jun 2017
Daily Writing #3 - 2016
Curtis C Jun 2017
Surrendering, letting go, making room and opening up to all the good to put in the space you just cleared.
You can't receive all your good if you keep your space, heart and mind, close off with stuff. you can't get the new, while you're holding on to the old....let go and make that room for all the good that is yours and waiting to shower down on you.
I remind myself of this fact, everyday. with this reminded, I choose to let go and open up to all the good in each moment.
The process, feeling, emotions and sensations of change can be some ride but if just buckle up and throw you hands in the air and yell, weeeeeee. Those feelings, emotions and sensations will pass and you will have growth and be ready for the next experience. The on going process of Living a Wonderful, Great and Beautiful Life.
taking time for yourself, being good to You, we all need this and should take the time to take care of us. Moving to the heart, opening the heart to yourself and it will open for others. Today, was a day for me and doing things that I need to do and find joy...all kinds of joy and happiness. Moving forward and enjoying my world, my life and knowing the same for all of you. take time for you, the silences, the joys, the happiness and let it flow out to others...It's all good, for the good and based in Love....Love Y'all!
Opening to the happening of the day. A day of Great Gratitude and joy for all the Good there is for us. No matter what experience is presented, I will learn and share that lesson with others. It is a Great day and I will stay in the awareness of it all.
spread the LOVE!'s easy!
Today during my reading of “the untethered soul” by Michael A. Singer, there were two things that got my attention and touched me:
“Change can be viewed as either exciting or frightening, but regardless of how we view it, we must face the fact that change is the very nature of life.”
…the other will follow in next post.
I felt that I had a handle on change and I do but it is continuous. I have to make conscious choices and stay aware that change is here and ain’t going now where. Let the energies of change continue the flow and work with the experiences don’t stop the flow. Let go of stuff and keep moving.
I was asked once, “do you ever take a breath?” Yes, all the time that is why I am where I am and say all that I say. It is during the breath, that the answers come and I have to let go of stuff and go with the breath and the answers.
Hello Darling!
I Am Still Here! There has been a lot going on in me, at time around me and all the time with me. Kicking off the summer in such a Great and Marvelous way, being able to share Love, Joy, Talent in such a Wonderful Celebration, just opened me up to soooooo much. But the ride took some downs but that’s is a Big part of the journey. The ups didn’t go as high as I want and the downs kept dipping lower. I had to work with it all… my way, I pulled back some, focus on me and the actions I had to take. The energies was very, very different but I stayed in that place, that part of my yard where the children of Love play.
I apology but did what I needed to do. I hope no one took it personally, it wasn’t, but I had to take care of me, to better take care of you. Even though things are still happening, I feel that I am moving forward, to better, brighter but I have to say; I don’t know where that is but I am going.
There are changes happening to me for me and I am open to it all. I am…will react to it for that place of Peacefulness, experiencing it all and letting go as it needs to go. One thing, from the whole spider bite thing, with the infection, when you stay aware and focus, all parts of healing can be felt…”the good and the bad feeling” and with my body doing its thing…I have to see where it leads. I took and I am taking all the actions that I’ve been told to do but I won’t know what it will look like until, it’s all done. I smiled, when I realize that is how all healing is: taking the actions needed and given, breathing deep because we won’t know What’s what, until the healing is done. But I can say…I Am feeling good, uncomfortable but good and I am Ready for the changes and the growth that comes with it all.
So, as I stand in Gratitude, Love, Joy, happiness and Truth…I know that I am moving forward and I Will Do My Best…Always doing my best, where I am, in the present moment. I will always give Love, accept Love and Be Love; as I continue on this, my journey. Thanks for being with me…being wonderful guides, understanding and knowing that, the choices are mine…
I am in the middle of my 90 days in review leading up to my birthday. I look at where I am and where I've come from and celebrate them both. Yes, there might be a little pain but it's always a tons of joy. I don't know how I got started doing this and it's been going on for years now and I Love it. Because when I get to my birthday and the 30 days that follow, I celebrate ME and the light of moving forward. In this 90 days in review, I forgive a lot, me and anyone I think my have done me something. I remember that where I am, who I am and this present moment I am in, are all mine, it take total responsibility for all of it. I celebrate the awareness, the knowing, surrendering: letting go of stuff and opening up to all the joy and happiness in my life. I stand in, with and as GRATITUDE. I accept the Forgiveness and Open up to and for more. Staying in the flow of Source, the Oneness that we are, Individual expressions of source, working, living in the ONENESS OF SOURCE!
So for the next 60 days, I stand tall in/on my foundation of Love and Truth, the Love I share with all Y'all and always remember that we are One with, in and as Source.
Have a Wonderful Friday and a Great and Marvelous Weekend. Do the Good, be the Good, open up, give and receive the good. Your are the Greatness, in all this Goodness!!!!
My 2010 find you wandering the streets of Life collecting Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Love, Health and all the Good It has to offer. Knowing that the Light in You shines bright and that you Energy connects to All. Decide to Live your Greatness; It is your choice! Love You All!
I have been thinking about what I wanted to say to all of you and the only thing that comes to mind is: THANK YOU! For being my friends, my family and the Love of my Life. I Thank You not only now at Christmas but always, present moment to present moment and each present moment is full of Love, Truth and the Freedom to be who we want to be. Thank You for letting me be me! WE SHARE THE GREATNESS! I LOVE YOU!
A week before Christmas....Do you remember how you felt, as a kid, this time of year? I felt Good, Free, Happy and full of Love and nothing could change those Feeling and I knew It! I'm taking those Feelings Back!
How Great is Great, When Great meets Great? To See Great...Look in the Mirror!!!! You are that Great!
No matter how dark you think it is, there is always a Light...In YOU... head for it and Love the Journey!!!
LOVE is Great and I just can't get enough!
accepting and releasing with understanding...Being Me that's what I got Me
Up and getting ready to go make the coffee for the last time this year. Have a Wonderful, prosperous, Great - full and Loving New Year. Know that all that happens is really for our highest Good and Celebrate every step in your Life, big and small. Know that I will send you all the Love that I can and Know nothing but the best for U! GOOD MORNING BABE, IT'S TIME TO BE YOUR GREATNESS!
No Matter where we are in our Life - riding the rollercoaster of Life with all of it' ups and downs, standing in silent breathing our songs, dancing to the joys of who we are...please know that the Light is always with is you....and me. Let us All Rise to the Greatness that We are and shine that Light....I rise, I rise and still I rise...
How special the joys of Life, the things that touch our Heart. How a smile can Light up a day and keep us open and up for all the Good to come. Remember your smile is someones Light, share it and get more Light back, that's how it works....and so it is...Love and Smiles!
What a Great - ful, Wonderful, Joyful day! Woke up to Tons-O-Love and now my face hurts from smiling so much. So, today is a Day to Smile and Share the LOVE! Working and making costumes....making money and being creative on my b'day and enjoying the Love. Thank U and Let the Celebrating began, I go until the 19th of Dec...I Love to Celebrate! OK, EVERYONE BIG SMILE AND LOTS-O-LOVE :-d
"It doesn't have to be pretty it just has to be the right kind of ugly!"
CLASSIC! I overheard a dad say this to his daughter at the pumpkin
patch. It's only taken me 3 weeks to remember to post it! From my friend Tobi T, I Loved it so much I had to share! It's so True!!! Have a Great day and come over to NoHo tonight for the MADNESS!
It's a Great Day.....Just let It Be and see where It Leads.........
I Am feeling overwhelm today, not in a "bad" way but very full, feeling it all over. I think I will just leave myself open and work with It! It's a Good Day!
182 · Jun 2017
Curtis C Jun 2017
Why keep trying? When did it stop or was it ever?
                   Action, words, smiling, laughing, tears.
                             Not the same, all the same, perspective.
                                    Today - new. Same old thing? Maybe, go.
Why stay? Sorry. Not. Sad, happy, kinda, not sure.
Light, where's the light.
                                   Understanding...trying. letting go...trying.

Believing, continuing why?
Two trying, good. One trying, not so good.
Not a lie. Just a story...not the whole story.
One day Great Love. Next day Great Hate...they are so close.
             Come here. No to close.
              Back away. To far.
              Don't go, stay.
Get it right. Don't know what's right but get it right.

Do you have to be abused to love? Put down, ignored, made small?
Don't think I can do that but at least I will know.

Assuming, projecting, judging, labeling...who are we today? Who am I today? Who are you today?
We have the right. Choices. Change...but grow.
Rules change. The game. When change happen in your game, let others know.

To much, stop now. No think, stop now. Just light...light the way. See the way. Move forward. Smile again. Good day. Laugh again...let go.'s all an Adventure.
180 · Jun 2017
Daily Writing #2 - 2016
Curtis C Jun 2017
Sat, June 27, 16
This morning as I sit on the steps in Memphis, TN, doing my morning thing. I realize that I am sitting enjoying a time of change.  It is a new day, a new moment, a new city, state, country, world because of change yesterday, there was a huge surge of energy, Love, Joy, happiness, amazement, positive, healing energy went off the chart and we all felt it, experience it. Yes even those who didn’t and wouldn’t accept it…they experienced it. For those who accepted it, it was a feeling that we have and continue search for…Freedom, Love, feeling the warm light of Gratitude.  Things they be changing for the better…for the Greater.
Yes, those who don’t accept change will try to build a wall or walls to block it, but they would also build a wall to block the change of toilet paper. The feeling of Freedom, Love, and Gratitude scares them. Some will hold out a hand and cry; “help me I’m scare.” Others will just fight…but change is here. Change is the mandate of time.  Open up to it, accept it, fighting change hurts and aren’t you tried hurting and trying to makes others hurt. Some will say; “NO!!!” and keep fighting.
But for the acceptors, receivers, the ones who look for the good, the ones who want to know…know how do we build for here and move forward. Time to step into Gratitude’s light and feel the warmth.
Me, I like this Loving, Positive, healing energy. I wake up everyday with it, looking for more. Friday, June 26, 2015 was a day of overwhelming feelings and sensations but I didn’t close down. I stepped on the ride, buckled up and said; “LET’S GO!!!” I Love the overwhelming feeling of Love that comes from around the world.
Open up to it – Love, Compassion, Forgiveness is Freedom. Don’t be afraid of these feelings of Freedom.  It is what we have been all searching for.  Stop judging, no labels…put holes in your walls and let the light in.  Open up and learn to live and work with this Freedom, you will be surprise at what you will find.
Let the Love, positive, healing energy take you on your ride. Let Freedom and Gratitude wash over you: You, We are not taking the steps forward alone…no never alone…
The Divine in me, see and acknowledge The Divine in You…Always!!!!
Have a Grand day of Adventures and remember…BIG SMILES!!!

June 28th
Are you not bored with hurting and hurting others? I see your face when you’re talking and hear the words you are saying.  I also feel your pain at times. But I don’t see Truth, your Truth because if I did, I wouldn’t feel pain.
We are all Individual Expressions of the Divine; the Universe; the Greater energy. Yes, there is something bigger out there but there is also something Bigger inside…Stop blocking it!!!! You are a Divine Being!!! I am a Divine Being!!! Yes, we are different but we are so alike.  It is the differences in us, coming together, like a jigsaw puzzle that makes the Oneness…The Divine!  Look at and for the Good!  It is surrounded by all the stuff we pile on top of it.  Clear away the stuff. Let that Divine in you, see that Divine in me.
Forgiveness, Love, Compassion. I am not stopping you from being who you are…I am Like You – An Individual Expression of the Divine! I shine my light and let others shine their light. I don’t ask you to cover your light…why should I cover mine?

God, there I said it! God… The Higher Power, the Universe, The Divine – Whatever name you choose to use (a Rose my any other name, smell as sweet.) The Power I know accepts, not judge. If the last word you say is; Forgive me! Then it is done. And if you believe in the judge and you can if you want, why are you trying to take his job?
He sent a teacher, Jesus, that other name…from my understanding, taught Love, Forgiveness, compassion…did you miss those classes. You are not under attack from the outside. You are under attack from the inside.  If you are going to follow his teaching, then follow and stop trying to take the lead.  There is more than on way to the mountain top. Let each take his own path.  Stop standing at the bottom of the mountain yelling; “you’re going the wrong way!” Accept that, not everyone wants to walk with you or walk your way.  Accept and start your climb, on your path, your way and let others do the same.

We as Spiritual Beings having a human experience, receive so much input…it is hard to get through it all.  I do know that part of the process in developing a filter to help us see; what is needed now, what should be prepare for later and what’s not needed at all.  The biggest thing is what to let go off and when, why.  In the filtering process, figuring out what not to take so personal. Oh! We all take input personal. Now some of us don’t let it live with or in us but we all experience the sensations and that’s okay.  It when we live in it or bury it deep down, to bring it up at a later time that it becomes bad.
So many people give us input. Some with the intent to help. Some with the intent to hurt. Some with no intent at all, just want you to know their opinion. With all that’s coming at us, plus what we input to ourselves, it can get overwhelming especially with no filter or a weak filter.
I reached a point, where I hear it all. Some is discarded as soon as I hear it.  Some I store because it’s not needed and will soon be release back into the circle to come back around again, when needed. Some I use when making up my mind but it may not show.  It just didn’t compute for my best and highest…
To be con’t…

The past is just a point of reference, not a way of Life. It’s oaky to visit, see the memories, use the sensations to refresh or make aware…but don’t make it a way of life.  You can’t change it but You can grow from it!

Starting each day…
Waking up to yes
Making choice to be happy
Moving from good moment to good moment, dealing with all the stuff in-between while continue to look at the good in everything.
Being aware and focus, living in the: Love and Gratitude’s light.
Looking for the lessons, passing on what I’ve learned. Putting it all in my hard drive for future use.
Surrendering, releasing, letting go and opening up to the highest.
Trusting “ME!”
Faith and Belief
Enjoying, laughing, smile and celebrating Life…

When I fee a lack of trust, I look within myself. Trust to me is an inside things. Trusting that I’ve made the right choices for me. For when I stand in Trust of myself, I have faith and belief in my Being. I have trust I the people, things and situation I have chosen to added/place into my Life.
Today I stand with joy and Love knowing I have support and Love. I know, feel and celebrate the support and Love I have for myself. I am open and ready to continue creating Greatness.

Are you listening to understand or listening to reply, with excuse and being defensive? But if you listen to understand, you’ll see there is now need for excuse or to be defensive for being who you are…unless you are not sure of that yet.
…just a question

Please, stop saying; “I’m sorry…” for doing what you wanted to do. If you said you are going to do something, but from something you felt was more important and higher up on your list…just say, I can’t. Don’t ignore…you don’t have to say what you’re doing…just something came up. But you wait time the next day with a, “Sorry” and a story…just no more sorry, maybes or whatever. Yes or no is find.
Never be sorry for what you want to do but be respectful for what you said you were going or maybe do. The story has a better ending that way.

Greatness comes in all flavors just enjoy it with no limits
171 · Jul 2017
Random thought - 2
Curtis C Jul 2017
As I sat out back this morning to start of my day...The worries came up on me: What am I doing? How am I going to do it? Why? Was this right? Can I? Will I? Change!!!!
I didn't stop them. I let them continue and I experience all the sensations.
Then, the thought came to me: What do I have? Where are you now? Deep breath and I let the worries go because I got LOVE!! I got a 100% record of making it because I am here now! I Believe and have Faith in me. The road is Rocky but it was full of stepping stones that helped me make it here today.
If today was my last day in this would be a Grand and Glorious Day because I got LOVE!!!
I have created, celebrated all/everything! I have smiled, cried, laughed, sung my songs and did my dances. I have forgave all/everything.
The worries will come and go. Hard times will come and go but Good will always be around. In those small places and in wide open spaces there will always be Good! Today, as everyday, I will focus on the Good. No labels, judgements, just taking the Good I got and creating more. It will get bumpy but I will walk on.
Today is going to be...No, it is a Great day...I got LOVE and all that comes with It!!!!
I share that LOVE with you today...
Take it and create Greatness!!!!!!
BIG SMILES, hugs and kisses.
Now lets keep this Party going!!!!
168 · Jul 2017
Step Back
Curtis C Jul 2017
You know, every once 'n' awhile you need to step back, look at your life and take responsibility. Make some choices, make some changes, laugh, cry, see the good and Love that surrounds you and deal with the crap from that place. The only labeling and judging that happens from there is; will it/ is it good for me or bad for me, Will it move me forward, what lessons will I learn, what will I teach? Take the time to find your light in the dark place and share that light with others, so they may find their way. Remember you always have something/one to celebrate, something/one to Love, smile with, laugh with. Take a deep breath or 2 and listen for the answers to your questions.
I see your Greatness and I Love it.
Curtis C Jun 2017
No one can make you feel Love...You are Love. The Love is within you always.
Someone can spark that place within you where Love sleeps.
Light a way to follow. Share their Love and you react to their gift.
Love is in you. It is your Greatest power. No one can give it to you but they can help you create more. What you feel is your choice and no one can take it from you.
Look in the mirror and feel Love for yourself, let that Love you feel send you out to share your Love with others and feel that good, that Greatness of Love's connection with Our Oneness. Let that Loving feeling start within and then go out and share. For if you choose you can feel Love anytime
163 · Jan 2018
just thoughts....
Curtis C Jan 2018
Today I Trust...I know...I Am.  Today I place my Trust in/on me and I will choose wisely in every experience...because I Trust Me.
I Am One with and individual expression of but always One with Source and all that is of Source. I Trust...I know...I AM...
need it, it's coming...a lot of when, how, why going through my head but overall, a lot of...It's gonna be alright, is happening.  Deep breath, again and then Big Smiles....moving forward one step at a time.
Have a Great Time and create more Greatness!!!!!!
160 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
Today, I am surrendering.  I let it all go and open up and let my heart sing louder than it ever has before.
No matter what others experiences are.  No matter what they think I should experience. MY experience will be one of Joy, Happiness and Celebrations.  Singing and dancing in the Truth and the fact that…I AM LOVE!  I know that every step I take is a step forward toward the highest Good.
I Am Thankful for the Love!
I Am Grateful for the Joy!
I Am Blessed that I have so many to share it with.

This is the experience I Live Today.
The Love I give Today and
Whoever, wherever, whatever I touch, take it and join the Celebration.
See It, Be It, Give It!!!!
And so It is.
158 · Jul 2017
Only One
Curtis C Jul 2017
The Universe, God, Source, The Divine, Papa, Moma, Allah, Jehovah, she, her, him, he, them, they, etc...A rose by any other name, still smells as sweet.
By your perspective, perception, belief, You see the good, use the good, spread the Love, for we are all Love and all One within that Love. The biggest sin is the misuse if that Good and Love that is in all of US!!!! There is no Us and Them when it truly come down to it, there is only US...All of Us are One!!!
156 · Dec 2017
Grateful to the Children...
Curtis C Dec 2017
Today my Gratitude is for Children!  They are Great, wonderful, joyous free Spirits and we all can learn a lot from them...especially how to have fun, enjoy every moment and to Love Unconditionally.  I have always been very Blessed to be surrounded by Wonderful, Talented and Loving Children and there are a few that have become Wonderful, Talented and Loving Adults and they are still Blessing to me with Tons Of Love.  I AM SOOOOO BLESSED AND GRATEFUL!!!
154 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
Expectations - disappointment
Judging, labeling - self fear
Assuming - don't like what you see about self
Projecting - all that you have assume and putting self thoughts on To others.
Good and bad - same stick, stay in middle for balance
Creator - You
Responsibility - owning up to what YOU have done and created
Accepting -  yourself as you are, others as they are and working with what you have done.
Releasing - letting go of things that are not good for "your" highest good. Keeping things that move you forward.
Grateful - being thankful
Love - Our SuperPower. We came here with it and learning how to use it.
Opening up - seeing all the good that surrounds us.

Just a few things going through my head.
To be continue...
154 · Jul 2017
The Room in...
Curtis C Jul 2017
The Room in…
I walked in and saw nothing but it was all supposed to be here.
I search and felt nothing but there was supposed to be:
emotions, feelings, sensations, memories of adventures.
I walked in and asked but there was no answer,
it wasn’t totally dark, there was lights with the shades on them.
There was stories all around but words and phrases was missing.
I heard “it’s okay, there is Love, don’t go.”
But nothing, no one appeared…nothing.
I’ve been in here before, there was stuff: smiles, caring, fun, all that stuff that makes a day good.
So much is missing here…I don’t know if I should stay or go…I just don’t know.
If there’s nothing here for me, why should I wait? Why should I stay?
The actions and the words are not meeting. A room that was so full of Love and Light. Now, nothing.
I walked in and the stuff that made it good was gone.
…the Heart.
Curtis C Jul 2017
A lil boy came into my heart. I was feeling friendship that would never part. I Loved our morning talks, going out to lunch, touching base with each other and the connection between us, that was growing…friends/family. He thought he would learn things from me, he did, but I don’t think he realize he was teaching me, he was and I was surprise by his teaching myself.
I was watching this boy grow into a man, his confusion started with the question; what kind of man would I be?  Our friendship came under suspicion and he started believing the suspicion. Our talks became fewer, we didn’t share as much, laugh or smile as much. He got busy, there was less timee. We moved apart, he believe others thought. But I stand by my words: I will be your friend, even when it dark.  I know the Love in my heart is more than what is your part. I also know, the connection stands. I see that Great man in you and when he comes through, I hope I'm here to meet him.
Anyway, even if we part, there will always be Love in my heart and I’m here to help when you need and/or when you call. There will always be Love in my heart, a friendship that will stand strong and the connection too...for/with that lil boy.
Curtis C Jul 2017
This week I was re-introduce to the label “Frustrated”, I didn’t really enjoy it much.  I need to do a little inner research and put things back in their place. (It’s my reaction that I need to check, not their actions.)  Remembering to just do my best where I am and keep celebrating me and the Good Times…It’s all Good, it just take a moment to see it sometimes…

Sooooo, I’ve decided that, this is the beginning of a week of focusing on celebrating everything…No labels, just taking it all where it is and know that it’s happening for my highest Good, even if I can’t see it right now.  Saturday to Saturday, celebrating and enjoying my experiences and knowing that it’s all going toward my highest Good and it is apart of the Creative, Loving Energy we call Life…anybody wants to do it with me?  Have a Great week no matter where you are and I’ll be sending Great, Loving thoughts your way!!!
149 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
As I sat out back this morning to start of my day...The worries came up on me: What am I doing? How am I going to do it? Why? Was this right? Can I? Will I? Change!!!!
I didn't stop them. I let them continue and I experience all the sensations.
Then, the thought came to me: What do I have? Where are you now? Deep breath and I let the worries go because I got LOVE!! I got a 100% record of making it because I am here now! I Believe and have Faith in me. The road is Rocky but it was full of stepping stones that helped me make it here today.
If today was my last day in this would be a Grand and Glorious Day because I got LOVE!!!
I have created, celebrated all/everything! I have smiled, cried, laughed, sung my songs and did my dances. I have forgave all/everything.
The worries will come and go. Hard times will come and go but Good will always be around. In those small places and in wide open spaces there will always be Good! Today, as everyday, I will focus on the Good. No labels, judgements, just taking the Good I got and creating more. It will get bumpy but I will walk on.
Today is going to be...No, it is a Great day...I got LOVE and all that comes with It!!!!
I share that LOVE with you today...
Take it and create Greatness!!!!!!
BIG SMILES, hugs and kisses.
Now lets keep this Party going!!!!
147 · Feb 2018
A Call To Arms.
Curtis C Feb 2018
Today in all the sadness I Celebrate Life. Celebrate sight. The coming together and  hopefully seeing what's right. Love for the Children and keeping them safe and the action that comes with that.
The seeing and doing of each individual to make that happen.
Today is a call to arms.
144 · Feb 2018
Curtis C Feb 2018
1. to experience with joy; take pleasure in.
2. to have and use with satisfaction; have the benefit of.
3. to find or experience pleasure for (oneself).
4. to undergo (an improvement).

I Am enjoying the present moment of my Life. I am enjoying being open to possibilities and opportunities. I am enjoying not knowing but Knowing that It is all Good.  Seeing the facts and Living in/with Truth and Love.  I Am enjoying being Grateful, Thankful and totally enjoying the Blessing that I have.  I am enjoying surrendering, letting go and opening up to Life.  I am enjoying releasing my word into the Law of Yes, knowing that it is done...everything.  I Am enjoying Celebrating all that I have, knowing it is all mine.  Enjoying the music, the fun, the ride that makes me shout; weeeeeeeeeee!
and so it is.
Curtis C Jun 2017
"have you notice that there are some people that only come to you when they need something..."

'Yes, I know. But do you know how wonderful it feels that when someone needs help or Love, you are one of the first people they think off.  It makes me realize; I am doing something right!
and yes, I also know some people call me foolish because of it.
hehehehehe...I call myself foolish at times but I've come to accept that I would rather be "a fool for Love" than "a fool for hate".
In being an ole fool, I know where to draw the line..
where Loves begin'

You see, what I do, how I help others is because I want to.
My foundation is Love and goodness.
What we all come to this place with and in Love and goodness
but as we grow older we forgets.
I Am here to help. To Be...Me.
141 · Feb 2018
Curtis C Feb 2018
When it happens to you, it's horrible. (Hurt)
When you do it to someone else, that's how it is. (Hurt)
When you don't learn from your experiences and continue doin it to others (Hurt)
...You just don't care.
Be honest, say it and move forward...(Hurt)
140 · Jun 2017
yesterday and today
Curtis C Jun 2017
You ever have one of those days that everything is going good but things just seems out of place?
That was my yesterday...a Great day but an out of place day. There were times that I felt I was just standing in the wrong place.
My lil inside voice kept saying, "keep going, you're fine. You should be here. Keep moving." it was a Great day!!!! I'll just keep moving and see what happens!
I'll be happy, loving, grateful, focus and ready for an adventure. I'll share what I have and be open for what's to come. I'll celebrate everything and enjoy it all. I listen to understand, not just to reply.
I'll create something and make sure it's wrapped in good.
Oh, I'll study my lines!!!!
Today I shall find playfulness in all I do.
We are all here for a reason. Sometimes we my not know why but stay!!! It might be just so you can have a little fun. So, smile, laugh, Love, be happy and just have/create a good **** day for yourself.
This is Your day to create as you wish...
Don't runaway for it, you have the stuff to create it...DOIT!!!
Love you, BIG SMILES and shake that thang!!!!
139 · Jan 2018
Conscious choice
Curtis C Jan 2018
Conscious choice...conscious choice today and everyday in every experience, from moment to moment, I must make Conscious choices and when I don't - let me be in a place where it looks as though I did.  Today I shall stand in the light of unconditional Love, dance in the rain of unlimited abundance and sing songs of Blessing, knowing that I am One with Source, One with everything and everyone that was created by the Creative Energy of Source.  Whatever the experience today, I will choose wisely knowing that I am supported, Loved and blessed to have that support and Love. Also Knowing that I can change the choice if need be. Thankful, so very, very Thankful and remembering that We are all One I release my word into the Law of yes...It is done.  I Celebrate and Love every moment of IT!  and so It is.
137 · Jul 2017
Curtis C Jul 2017
Starting my day very quietly. Clearing my mind and knowing another wonderful day is ahead.  I feel it is going to be a long day and I am choosing to enjoy every moment of it and leave myself open to every adventure, the new ones that will start and the ending of some old ones.  Knowing that all that I require and want is there, waiting for me, surrounded in Love, happiness and tons of Joys.

I am always celebrating the Freedom of my life. But with the 4th of July coming up I am truly focusing on Freedom, not just in what I have but in who I am…the Freedom to be me! The Freedom to Love.  The Freedom to walk and stand tall.  The Freedom to change and grow.  I celebrate this fact and know we all have this Freedom to be who we are and take the actions to move forward toward the highest Good.

This week really focus on the Freedom that we all have and use to make conscious choices in our lives and know that our choices and lives are based in Love, Truth and the Freedom to just BE!  
Be aware and celebrate your Freedom to BE!
I Love You!
136 · Feb 2018
Curtis C Feb 2018
This day that focus on Love. Not just for your sweetheart but for all hearts. If only we could remember the feelings and sensations of this day all through the year.
Love for friends.
Love for all mankind.
Love on the basic human level.
Know that though we are  different but the same.
It is the differences that we create Love with, not hate.
Love is in us all, always with us.
Focus, be aware and let Love out.
Our day(s) would be much better.
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