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Mar 2021
to the birth of time
held to nothing
but the play of life

to a warm day
cradled to your skin
no talk of living
only laughter and joy
on the lip of adventure and discovery

to the excitement of friendship
created to a star and hero
on the sword of imagination
neath the flight of a dream

to the glow of nurture
breathed to a skip and run of little feet on earths foothold
as the close of a hug
on the beat of love
holds charge
to the heat of a body
found by the hide of seek

to the belt of a star
to the eye of eve
as you make the first move
on the kiss of sunlight
and touch soul to the flesh of a sleeps fade
into the light of a nights close

to the rush of a bloods desire
thru the pounding of a vein
slipping its teeth across the make of your naked pure

to the sip of your body
on the arc of a rainbows melt
as the ray of charge bursts open
on the blistering sun
and drips to the earth of ground
through the light of a dusty mantle

to the burn of life
held tight on the hunt of scent
gifted to a rise
on the black slow of heat
as the pelt of a wolfs prime
escapes to the prey on a red white snow

to the last of kings and queens
answered to the truth of gravity
swept to an infinite mind
on the lift of light

on the hand
that none behold
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