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Orakhal Feb 2021

that a blood hangs
the boil of blame and bitter on
thru history

is the culture
to be released from and refurbished

and a new blood
breathe itself into place

until ones resolve
is to their own to settlement

nones blood be restored
Orakhal Feb 2021
that you mean

not telling it

is an easier energy to receive

a with
not an at

kind of feeling
© 2 hours ago
Orakhal Feb 2021
is thought awake

or just a picture to a wakeful state

failing us
into the risk of knowing

the take of leave

a leaf that wanes
on the wither of a stowing breeze

carried to her seed
on the heel of a fickles mind
by the seek of his grounded harrow

a meadows hang
on the tenants tell tales wonder

advent on the shimmy
of her seasons *****

a braze on the heat
of a weathers mulling think
Orakhal Feb 2021
this weigh in on a souls being
is no see saw

its a required
transformational balancing
on the scale of ones own flesh blood and bone

against the fire of divine light

we have no desire
to scare the living daylights into any

but to the wit

we wish to alert one
to the savage nature that self realisation throws up
to a blind and ignorant mind not preparing the essence
and ground to walk with the fire of light
that comes to prune its garden at the dead of night
Orakhal Feb 2021
this time

has no option

but to rise up
Orakhal Jan 2021
You may be right up close to each other
share the same space and be infinitely apart

cause you live
to the mind of where you put it
Orakhal Jan 2021
against the soul

not to feel
is a blissful martyr
a blissful martyr
ie a collective connection not  a sacrificial lamb
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