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Jan 10 · 147
Nitin Pandey Jan 10
no love:)

no words:)

Words are always relegated to conclusions, but the love intention snares on only the way where I step up, there can never be salvaged...
Dec 2022 · 51
Nitin Pandey Dec 2022
At any time,
To earn a valid reason.
There will be a knock,
On the threshold of time.
For people to leave,
Yes, to just evacuating.
That time, as memory,
And they will be gone.
All Constituencies only be yours, not mine…,
Even, after you left I did not set you free, it was easy for you to cross the threshold of time, but equally difficult for me.
You know, I tried my best to forget everything.
But, still I remember all happens that imposed by you, that rough moon, that thirsty river, that bundle of wood, that screaming flames and that restless night, it was very difficult for me to accept that…
Oct 2022 · 46
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
I often lose myself, in coitus deals,
I always fall in love, with people's.
Then suddenly a thought,
Comes, in my mind...
My search is still incomplete,
Why? I'm so blind…
That person is initially not mine,
Someone else is there, would be fine.
Oct 2022 · 47
Potentially viable…,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
I want to be a skilled potter,
But, upset at some Social-Sculpture.

I want to change them,
Want to fill with the colour, as I selected.

"then how can I forget the law of potency"

Without destroying the existence of it,
I can not give the shape I want, and can't fill colour as I expected.
Oct 2022 · 139
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
If the moon disappears,
I'll break my every stars.
For the unpeaceful appearance,
Will ensure her smooth attendance.
Oct 2022 · 50
So for…,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
The night still waits for,
****** moon, A drunk car
Coming soon, Uncertain star
Take a way, So far, So far...
Oct 2022 · 65
Nitin Pandey Oct 2022
Hiding in the clouds,
A moon and her smiles.

She always stares at me,
Like watching my all actions.

Of course, my friend:)
She may not know about my floors.

But, I get the sight,
Of her soft and calm imaginary drivels.
Sep 2022 · 69
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
As long as I am alive,
I’m able to cover myself.

Please, just be able,
To cover my corpse bluntly.

You covered my head,
But, my legs are left open.
To the…,
Sep 2022 · 48
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
Changes are the primary rule, or just a complement? of this society,
No one not sure about that, but sure about it:)
If, you are part of the change, you are ****** accused of this activity.
Sep 2022 · 55
Rain drops...,
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
Those drops of rain,
kissing the lips of the earth.
Fragrant smell, scattered all around,
after a long time ago, my smile is there.

But, it prevailed commendably,
it was also imprisoned in the walls of glass.
Now, doesn't take a long time to smile anymore,
just a fair price to be settled with the way to pass.
Sep 2022 · 87
Nitin Pandey Sep 2022
for the love:)
life is so cruel…,
to the love:)
death is so humble...!
Aug 2022 · 56
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
In the missing journey,
Who should be searched?
On the ******* ways,
Death should be scratched.
Hi, I'm still at the end of the day, but I'm on my schedule for tomorrow…🧎🏻
Aug 2022 · 48
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Is this the end?
It place, just for a compliment, wherein I was going to lose my own emotions, my mind under the ages of the queries to be burned out.
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
only one hope is there,

Let the caravans
of these words,
just stop.

In the end,
of like this.

Stop breathing,
with any passive,
a single heartbeat,
as my simply wish.
Aug 2022 · 53
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Such a round, I will often knock,
When I leave myself, in a dark-clock.
May Be, these passing days, will take a similar turn,
Will ****** me away, to mix up with soil, after the burn...
Aug 2022 · 171
Just for the fight...,
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
From the streets-dust of the village,
to rites of the big-cities have existed.

Then why do you confuse me with your questions?
and why do you cut the wings of my golden dreams?

Maybe, you don't know:)
"It is too difficult, to know, You can't win,
still, for a fight, repair Your broken legs."
Aug 2022 · 58
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
I have a way to go,
without any problems.
But, my search was,
kind of sophisticated initially.
Where I appeared dumbfounded...
Maybe, everything depends on the situation, and the situation never changes according to me, "only one I'm able to find what I want" does mean the situation never make a road, a point, and that way where I have to go.
Aug 2022 · 62
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
When I will destroy you,
What suspicions will happen?

How many characters,
Would you like to keep up with me?

And where we occurred, in this case,
Is it happens, are to be seen?
Aug 2022 · 172
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Words are so slavery for me,
Just write, what I want to see.
Aug 2022 · 181
Me & my life...,
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
"In the coffin, of the ranges.
the spirit's breath, into a corpse."
If I rise, for life's sake, to get the exact meaning.
She just consumed herself, that moment, for self-killing.
Aug 2022 · 57
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
The journey,
Of my own life.
It will be perfect,
On a gloomy night.
Still, the destination,
Intentionally be the one.
A moment spent with you,
Just, for any peaceful fight.
Aug 2022 · 58
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
Maybe, life has no meaning,
When a death asserts its right.
Well, life is a big city of dreams,
It brings the colours of the fight.
Maybe, there is no considerable reason between life and death, both are included here by the reference rebel against their respective battles...🍁
Aug 2022 · 168
Nitin Pandey Aug 2022
I’m old enough.

To get the price,
That’s goes hard.
Jul 2022 · 87
Implies to lies...,
Nitin Pandey Jul 2022
Life is a good defeater,
Still, it is not a defeat?
Death is a good fighter,
Well, it has a good fight.
This indicates, that it is contained throughout the world and is not intended to limitations of the symbols.
Jun 2022 · 52
Nitin Pandey Jun 2022
Shiva is the reflection,
of that Swoon.
That which comes from,
the consciousness of the Case-*****.
Feb 2022 · 103
Great addition...,
Nitin Pandey Feb 2022
Wherein the first and all additional chance ends up,
Surviving a reasonable thing for the next few years ago.
had a lot to be the desired effect on the same day,
That is going to be a great addition ending on the way.
Feb 2022 · 72
Nitin Pandey Feb 2022
If the spirit gets hurts,
Even the shock of death is ridiculous.
While soul exists to the expectation of living furthermore,
But the time also rises ahead to the sarcasm of an extinction sore.
Feb 2022 · 86
Better off...,
Nitin Pandey Feb 2022
Have a lot of 2nd things to be able to give a better impression,
to the next page that was last modified by a group of people,

But for the most part, have to say
that was going to be an effective way of the 3rd

An example of this,
the first half of this 2nd to the next page was last extended than thought it would be fun and easy to use.

And the list goes on a good to the point
of being able to do it in situational opinion,

Is that the only thing,
that has to admit not a substantial enthusiast of the first time.

Had a great time,
and the one other issue in the same thing.

It wasn't until the words stand for any other way to go before getting a lot of people,
Who are not able to prepare for this purpose...

"So I could have been better off than a trimmed to prevail over the time of her death ago"
A better off without a hitch to the privilege of being able to accomplish in mind, that was a very long time to come back and forth between the two and a half one of the first things, that was available in my opinion, like for that a schematic view of a new age and the second half of the season in which a few steps away from the original interpretation.
Feb 2022 · 57
Nitin Pandey Feb 2022
The habit of dying on you is related to my existence,
Just tell this, how long will you be able to sustain yourself...
Jan 2022 · 458
Nitin Pandey Jan 2022
I'm not bad,
but even bad things happen to me,

So surely you can say to me some bad words,
and it will never be abused,
by my side, to you.
Jan 2022 · 53
Nitin Pandey Jan 2022
When I through
The Words on the people
People gonna be confused.

If, I those Words
Inaugurate on me
Words are getting abused.
Jan 2022 · 61
Shabby walls...,
Nitin Pandey Jan 2022
In those shabby walls that have become old,
got some cracks.
Some plants have grown in those cracks,
Those who no longer bear flowers.

Get scorched in the thick sun or take baths in the dim sunlight,
Whether they play blindly with the nights or reap sprinkled in rain for centuries,

But, maybe it is not possible,
Now some remaining flowers can be planted on them.
Jan 2022 · 229
Nitin Pandey Jan 2022
I live my life just for this,
I will light up all the stars.

To extent blur moon,
I'll give rise to flash for.

that hide staring,
To me, from afar...

One after the other,
I'll break the all-stars.

Maybe, it will arise,
If my all-stars are broke.

That dimly lit moon,
There will always be light.
Are all's...🍁
Jan 2022 · 89
Nitin Pandey Jan 2022
A love that never got true,
A fear that never goes false.
I just extend in his existence,
Raised simply calms with aftercalls.
#thought #extend #existence #aftercalls
There's an easy way to get a fraction of the price of what I want, but I guess it needs to be known that other people are paying attention to the fact?
Dec 2021 · 68
Dark words...,
Nitin Pandey Dec 2021
On the words of defeat, to **** the darkness of their idioms,
It is too difficult, to be on the edge of the river, of the love...
Sentimental things have the same characteristic way, as one of the new inevitable things that ended in their word wisdom, and I must say that I have another embodiment of the present invention that would be described as breathless.
Dec 2021 · 56
Nitin Pandey Dec 2021
Don't look for me like that way.
being a sunflower...,
You spoiled me with these passing days.
Dec 2021 · 49
Nitin Pandey Dec 2021
Even in all those deaths,
I just getting miserably shy...
Then how can I authorize you,
On my death, you should be able to cry...
#thought #deaths #miserably #authorize
Shy- please be able to get the exact meaning, if I interpret this word, so many words receive sacrifices in his existence...
Dec 2021 · 43
Nitin Pandey Dec 2021
I don't want to get stuck in the noose of your swirls,
I don't want to give up in the related way of your whirls.
There is no restriction on the both of you&me, who is in here,
But I think my dreams are getting end in your Golden Sieves or Curly Hair...
#thought #dream #restriction #whirlwinds
Nov 2021 · 546
Death spell...,
Nitin Pandey Nov 2021
I'm sorry about that
To my own

I insisted that
I leave you alone

Life quickly neglect
To inhale and exhale

It just took a time
Stretch as a death spell
#thought #festival #alternative
Death is the most beautiful thing or another great way to get out of the way in the same situation when the first opportunity you lose with others who are saved in the future...🍁
Nov 2021 · 67
Depends on you...,
Nitin Pandey Nov 2021
Have a long way to go,
Or a sequence of few.
To complete the journey,
I will always be with you...
#thought #sequence #journey
I promise to be a sweet memory for you, where I will always be with you as long as you keep me alive...🍁
Nov 2021 · 86
Nitin Pandey Nov 2021
Hoping, it happens like this moment is a disciple of death,
I'm not conscious anymore, and memories don't get hurt on the path...
#thought #memories #convalescent
to convince the burning memories that which turns good...
Nov 2021 · 181
Good dreamer...,
Nitin Pandey Nov 2021
I dreamed
my each dream
with her
She makes me
a good dreamer
#thought #dream
I truly love her...🍁
Oct 2021 · 90
Grief & suffer
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
A person
Is no longer
Who prefere
Believe in pain
Oct 2021 · 349
Mortal blaze...,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
Light of desire
Better than
Into the darkness
One's own being
Wherever there is
Acceptance of reality
Beyond the imagination
#thought #imagination
Oct 2021 · 198
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
life is just a bunch of questions,
Alternative things are only death.
#thought #certainly
Oct 2021 · 70
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
You sound as good sore,
Should i have thought more?
I take a moment for sweet memories and pay a cost as a "valuable core"...
Oct 2021 · 184
Untold Story...,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
There was No Story of a screaming evening,
If life didn't have to share of his memories.
#thought #memories
Oct 2021 · 194
The thing is strange...,
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
Earlier the scriptures were weak, but the humans were strong,
Now the weapon is so strong, and the person is so weak.
Oct 2021 · 262
Nitin Pandey Oct 2021
To chase you cursing myself...🍁
Sep 2021 · 320
Wake me up...,
Nitin Pandey Sep 2021
Intact stately deep,
As a sleepy sleep.
fill me, "wake-up"
When I gonna die.
Please, don't tear up,
In your beautiful eye.
#thought #wakemeup
Please, wake me up...🍁
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