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SS Mar 2020
If for you I calmed the waves
Would you lend me a moments gaze?
If I jumped into the sea
And swam to you
would you be pleased?
If I sliced into my arms
And let the salt cause me more harm
Do you think that you could learn
To feel the way the ocean yearns,
For the soft pull of the moon?
Because that’s how I feel
for you.
SS Feb 2020
You say you love the look of me,
Curled in your bed at night,
But lover you’d be horrified,
If you’d just turn on the light.
The contour of my fragile spine,
That spot behind my ear,
Lover these are sacred grounds,
Old ones are buried here.
Deep beneath my warm, soft skin,
They lurk, they wait, they claw.
And in that shadow on the wall,
You’ll swear you thought you saw-
You say you love the look of me,
And lover I suppose,
That you can love and look for now
Be fearful of my bones

— The End —