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I always see you,
Even if I don't look around the room,
You take half my mind with you wherever you go,
That's why I feel funny
Like I can't think straight,
When you looked sideways and smiled,
The sun captured the gold of your eyes,
It keeps twisting a knife through my heart,
You talk to me like you talk to everyone else
I smile yet you must know it hurts me somewhere in my heart,
It has progressed too far
I love you I think,
Though I can't think this time.
So why does my eye only see
in front of me,
why can't I see the horizon so
why must it always be this way,
Oh my muse I wish you would
leave me soon,
for my life cannot sustain under your marvelous presence,
you're always on my mind,
the reason for my educational
still I love you,
even if I must leave you,
even if this is a way to indulge you

— The End —