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Nov 9 · 31
Absolute queen
She sought her ciggies
In her dressing gown of glory
She lit up
And said
'you alright?'
Nov 9 · 19
Funny box
The chest of secrets.
Treasure's untold.
Beholden to the maker,
Corseted and peeking.
Oct 30 · 26
Brace yourself
The despair,
The debilitating despair.
The overarching doom,
Because you know its coming.
The Attack.
Sep 30 · 224
Straight and narrow
I knelt on my tip toes
For a higher perspective
Of the same small ****.
Sep 29 · 34
Blind faith
Open your palms
Up to the sky
Hope that it comes.

Put them in water
Trailing away
Not you, today

Watch your way out
Wash away.
Sep 6 · 371
Drinks with a friend
I saw your smile on Sunday,
It's madness when your here
But you're never too far
Within grasping reach.
You and your insanity.
Warm when its near.
Wrapping and enveloping.
Blanketed in the madness.
Sep 6 · 54
The witch
I know you never asked for this,
Such a child.
Pathetic and alone.
But it came,
The help you dreamed of
The sorcery you imagined.
She comes,
The witch in the wine
The witch in the shadows.
She comes.
You need not ask no more.
Aug 28 · 252
On the path to ruin
The young boy takes his gun
He's made his peace with all his misery
He'll showdown with the gun.
Aug 28 · 576
He sees himself through bloodshot eyes
Painting a picture with his lies.
He knows the party has an end
But not now, let the session never end
Aug 26 · 34
Fox hole
Chewy chewy bugs. Make the fox do the happy dance.
Let the fox dance. Hes happy.
Feasting on his tea.
Chewy fox happy fox.
Cute fox in his fox hole.
Leave the fox be.
In his happy hole.
He'll play tomorrow.
Aug 26 · 35
Abrasive mirror
Tell me,
What do you see?
Tell me,
Will I be free?
Do you, feel what I feel?
Make me, feel how you feel.

What do you see?
Do you, see what I see?
Is this, how you saw me?
Will you, ever see me?
This way, yours, who knows? Maybe?
Aug 26 · 33
Ailment: line
It's tendrils sneak round,
Cutting and soothing,
They wrap up the the pain.

A tightness, a feeling.
A familiar smile on crusty lips.

A breeze, pumping through the eyes.

The hand to the head, the massage.
Familiar. Rooted deep.
Gripped, soothed, sweetened.
Dripping, eyes wide.
The oracle awakened

'it comes'.
Aug 26 · 42
Drift away
Take me to paradise
Simple paradise.
Wholesome paradise.
Lonely paradise.
When you wake up in the pits
And you remember, life is ****
It's a ****** ditty do-dah time for you.

And when you clamber out the pit,
And you really smell that ****
It's a ****** ditty do-dah time for you.

Looking back down at the pit
Thinking down there was the ****
It's always a ****** ditty do-dah time for you.
Aug 22 · 21
Entrenched reality
Is it self loathing?
Even a warped self awareness perhaps?
Maybe, maybe not.
Maybe its acceptance.
The forced march forwards to inevitable doom,
I am the war council and the soldier.
I am the battlefield and I am the on winning side,
For if I win I lose and if I lose I win.
The world is the house and the house will always win.
Funny, it seems. Absurd almost.
How much I just don't care anymore.
Empathy eaten away.
Pacman running rampant, severing the ties that bind myself to this war.
Godhood, ascension. A lobotomy to save the flesh from its commander.
We'll go over the top soon I'm sure, we can't hide in this trench forever.
We'll see the sky and feel the warmth. The bullet ridden carapace a legacy with an eye on the abyss.
The struggle over, no capitulation.
Aug 22 · 64
Bad packed bags
The anxiety and excitement is palpable,
Gnawing at the mind, claw finger probing.
Who cares which entrance just shove in!

'please take a seat and wait sir, your journey will begin soon'.
Relax and take in the scenery as light comes alive.
Is the expectation.
The reality is crushing and humiliating.
Dreams shredded. Hopes shattered.
The plane did not leave the run way and disintegrated into a heap of disappointment.

Time to book a different flight.
Aug 14 · 30
The eye on upon the eyes, the eyes upon the mausoleum. The eye upon the face of God as it seeps throughout your veins. The eye upon the crowd that marvel as you linger with your tincture. The eye upon the heart, beating, slamming against the head. The eyes upon the audience, that watch as you watch. The iris in its garden of Eve. Iris in the hole. Dark horror beware because the gecko is in town. Watching on the wall.
Aug 14 · 440
The dragon
Waking in these dreams,
It's always me and you.
In this world, our endless ecstasy.
The dragon seems ever so far away
Aug 14 · 87
Pills, pills, pills across the board!
Pills in the eyes
Pills in the throat
Pills pills pills!
Pills in your sleep
Pills with your supper
Pills pills pills!
Aug 6 · 31
Clawed finger
Inside our sollace, our suicide, our killing and ******.
Inside in its splendor and its candid horror.
The door is terrifying. Terrific! And terrible.
The other world, clawing, scraping at the seams.
Bounce away on your bouncy castle you silly little boy.
Break your legs and tear your throat.
There are more than your own eyes on your demise.
Here sister,
Why do you hide from your friends?
Here silly,
We are your friends.
Stay sister,
Its just us.
Hear sister?
Nothing cries, and no-one cries but you.
Aug 1 · 115
Sad boy
Silence boy
Silly boy
Try it again boy.
Cut it boy
Taint it boy
Let it all flow boy.
Daft boy
Silent boy
Swinging with tinsel boy.
Aug 1 · 29
Space ghost
It's a hymn to him
A bit, a scene.
Roll play
He claps.
What a show for him.
An extraterrestrial existential terror.
Things bow as they do.
He accepts.
He's the watcher on the watch.
Observing, learning.
He knows.
You don't
Jul 24 · 71
Mortemer's dance.
Enjoy the madness, its Mortemer's dance!
Swishing and turning its not wishy-washy,
Slashing and cutting the shapes! Oh lord the shapes!
Slicing and spinning then boom! Red confetti.
Look at him go in his marvelous trance!
Spinning and cutting the dance spins in circles as the audience cries 'now do the slip and slide!'
So he slides in real slow now he's in his mojo
He's feeling himself as he's breaking it down.
Its him and himself in his spotlight lit solo,
A pool of composure for his one final flourish;
A swish and a slit, moves never seen before.
The big grand finale and the crowd goes bananas!
There's roses on roses, they pile on the stage!
Mortemer's touched by such lovely affection from a crowd of individuals with no connection.
He'll lie on the stage and soak up the praise.
His roses smell sweet, and his roses are plenty.
Jul 17 · 356
Panic perfect shirt
Nostrils flare
You have a job.
That pill was meant to feel normal.
That collars tight.
Tight right?
Its too tight for a tie.
Jul 17 · 117
Say goodbye.
See the lonely way out
I am your never
Your ever
Your cries
I'm your whenever,
Your quiet
Your byes
I'm your wherever
Your eternal
Good night.
Jun 27 · 34
Do you fear the Dark?
Beasts of ******
Crowned by killing and chaos.
Guided by torment in their inception.
Hatred heals, hands held in blight.
Folding thin the paper
Finding within the bark.
Hanging, swinging, Shadow.
Jun 27 · 61
Centre stage.
She sang that night
A serenade in desperation
A song heard
Sang and betrayed by silence.
She sang, her heart torn bear.
She danced as her legs broke and her arms snapped.
She bled to the cameras
The camera switched off.
Jun 27 · 115
Black dead angel.
He dragged her off by her ankles.
Her roll was done, part played.
Prayer preached.
Her face stained with filth,
As she shaved across the ground.
A song entered his head,
A hymn of nothing
Empty in its divine message.
Jun 27 · 53
Blood red maiden
Curled wrists
Hung spine
Garroted feet
Twisted hands.
Jun 27 · 51
Happy, happy guy.
His hands. Lonely, cold. Open to the end.
He sees. The terrifying rust in the rainbow.
He is. Alone.
Jun 27 · 45
Ecstasy in death
Look how the statue cries.
Marble happiness in frozen glory.
Lips solid
Stare solid
Solid mood.
Solidly mistaken.
Halted in state, gripped by time.
May 30 · 120
Poison sherbert
It's time
We're rushing
We're breezy.
We're good.
Breathe in
May 30 · 534
Leisure time
Get high,
Get laid,
Everybody gets paid.
May 17 · 356
What day is it? Monday?
Dice are rolling
Eyes are rolling
Words are rolling
Stay with me for some fun tonight.
As the day goes so slow
A jackhammer in me
I don't know me anymore
We are singing with ourselves tonight.
May 13 · 153
Machine routine
But the clouds don't sift til the sun is walking and the,
Wheels on the fish turn in the morning til the,
Milkman pops his first cold one until the,
Doors closed on the busy dawn and then the...
May 1 · 41
On our way to meet some villains
Greet some scoundrels,
See some bones.

To shake the hand of some bandito's
Wave off some killers,
And then walk home.
Apr 24 · 55
Formula Once
His hand raced across his skin.
The tracks were clear and the driver was driving.
He was winning as the flag flapped and faded.
The driver delighted at the champagne spray.
Apr 11 · 42
Fibs and sins and salt
Tall tales silly hair
Wishing you were always there.
Silly lies
All inside
Something I can ****

Drown it all
**** it all
Something I should have said before

Hold the line
Temper fine
Stop it silly boy
And cry.

Compost sneeze. Halter weight skin.
Hang on. Stupid
Boy within.
Apr 11 · 50
The ghost in the bulb
Cereal again for breakfast.
Vanilla. Love the smell.
Day tested me again.
Love toast.
It's not right.
Hold on.
Toast grip.
Butter hand.
Butter knife.
*******. ****.

Apr 11 · 47
Weetabix Chandelier
Chicken in the oven.
Playing chicken with the oven.
Gaslighting the oven.

Not really. Dinners in the oven
Cooking in the oven.
Tasty in the oven.
Apr 10 · 39
Show me. A life without a door frame,
A life that lies beyond the Doorframe.
I'll be waiting, by the doorframe.
For you to kiss inside the door, frame.
Apr 4 · 127
Happy man.
Bouncing on the sofa,
His tired eyes sing a song
He bounces and speaks.
Comforting strange man.
Apr 3 · 37
Tasty line off a ***** sink.
Buzz cut buzz nut.
'hiya mate'
She says.
'wrong bathroom buddy'
'save us two's'
Bagpuss smile.
I like this one, bathroom buddies.
Apr 3 · 32
St barbie
Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint.
Why is it talking? Is it preaching?
Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint.
It won't shut the **** up.
Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint.
How do take the ******* batteries out?!
Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint Saint
Smash it on the rock or something!
Just lob it!
Smash it!
Phew, thank God.
Apr 3 · 42
The creature
Give the colourful creature colourful crayons.
Lines finding letters finding words finding objects finding order.
The creature colours numbers unknown.
But did anyone ask the colourful creature if it wanted to colour?
The creature colours numbers unneeded and unwanted.
The creature colours an elephant chandelier.
Colours unseen, lines never drawn, an image so unfamiliar.
And the creature is sad.
Apr 2 · 36
Inward outward
Holding hands through open eyes.
Hiding starlight in the sky.
Apr 1 · 42
Out fat.
How many skins lie in your wardrobe? Soft but seldom touched.
Your runway sprawls, the buds are crying for the sun.
Your faces, worn and never loved.
Mar 28 · 40
Say what you see.
Tearing apart, this glass lodged in my mind.
Dripping thoughts, the sharpness bleeds inside.
The motor chain grinds on blissfully blind.
With misty eyes the world is punishingly kind.
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