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Desperate thoughts cloud a claggy mind, should I take the crystal happiness or keep drinking the liquid depression in a can?

'do both ' they say.
Seems silly to me.
Truth is a sycophantic nightmare.
The most Craven hearts stumble over the boldest moves.
Everyones OK
Nobody's crippled by despair.
Everyone swims in the same shallow puddle.
Of desperation
And then I ask you how you are.
And you regurgitate the same putrid line.
I'm alright.
Seems silly to me.
The wax congeals pointlessly.
Purpose burned in flame.
Scent ecstatic.
The Man is pleased through waste
Plasticy. Poison.
Cheesy grins all round.
1d · 20
Crimson clarity
As the red life pumps away down the drain, and the knife tears the artery open. The shocking pain is subsided. Knowing I will never suffer this misery again.
1d · 26
Monolith of despair.
Obsidian door. But open a crack.
Enough to see the pain shining through.
I knock on the sarcophagus.
She answers tentatively.
Painful, anxious.
The mummy is awake,
Today is a good day.
#anxiety #care #friend
7d · 26
Silent words
Rain on, take all my life
Stain on, say what I can't.
Rain on, all of the past
Stain on, stain on my soul.
Wrapped around me
Circles dead
Drenched in blood
Hang em high let em dry
Sunny herbs
Awful stench.
Shame you're a game
Untoward and outward.
Never did understand it.
Cowardly within reason
Just a touch.
7d · 25
Eyes down first number,
Curtain call on pain,
That's it folks the shows over,
Game set match,
Call time
Enough is enough.
7d · 20
If the shoe fits, buy the matching top and let's call it an outfit.
Oct 17 · 28
Ditty dotty done
The sky is blue
The pavement grey
And I'm feeling particularly gay
It's a good life
It's a good day
To slit your throat.
Oct 16 · 21
Metalic motherhood
A mothers kiss on a toddlers cheek.
Beaming, love. Eyes
Full. Of pure love and joy.
Warmth flowing. Boundless ecstatic embrace.
Tourniquet released.
Needle ascension.
Eyes to God.
Oct 10 · 24
Boiling over
Seeing waves in a foggy clouded view.
They crash and roll like potatoes in a stew.
The day is fierce and nobody seems to care.
I roll around wishing someone was there.
Oct 10 · 91
best bud
Sunshine whenever you turn my way.
gibberish rays coat my face.
you don't half chat some beautiful ****.
quotable, worrisome,  
but my perfect tremendously disastrous
Oct 9 · 122
This is all that you wanted
All that you prayed and dreamed
This is all that you cried for
In your lonley silent screams.
The silver is what you long for
The Red path of hollow cries.
Run fast the race is over.
Sleep now, be still in dreams.
Oct 9 · 22
plug hole pondering
constellations swirl,
under rigid toes.
such wonder and certainty.
the black plug hole drinks.
Insatiable thirst for more.
Oct 9 · 23
content cursed canopy
Killing men in the forest of shadows
of showdowns in the bountiful standoff.
trees, people, bullets, compost.
breath in, leaves green lungs bloodied.
breath out leaves brown lungs blue.
water on the leaves
red on brown
skin to trunk
leaves to forest.
Oct 9 · 23
'Are they attacking?!'
Exclaimed Lieutenant Always On Guard.
'No, the neighours are having a barbeque'
Replied General Come inside.
I crawl to bed , a silent dream to a melodies' prayer,
off I whisper, my begging, to clouds.
and you know the sound of sin.
happy he is, the fruitful snake,
the life that terminates at a humans gaze.
soundless sarin. gaseous respiration
out of necessity at the manufactured devil as he smiles
his job is complete
he always gets his mark,
if you believe.
its always hands that strangle the throat.
Oct 2 · 34
sad picture
Silken sad scenes of sorrow,
a picturesque portrait of dreams.
oily and carbon and straight.
lines narrate pigment projections.
sad in itself, and its watercolour whim.
the artists vision will not waver.
The self portrait must always be finished,
to display the man.
Oct 2 · 39
daft struggle
from a mermaids chains.
in a cold wet human blanket.
she rolls and tumbles to be free.
from what she is.
free and fantasy.
Sep 24 · 27
Barren buffet
Brave he is.
The Knight.
Sleeping gently,
In his bed of wine and ******.
And fear.
At the sword at the neck.
The bright slash to break the daydream.
Armour flashes to flesh.
To bread, the fleshes armour.
Starvation Steel Plate.
The rebellion is hungry.
The armory will provide defence.
Sep 19 · 34
Agressive gloss
Don't shut the door to the noise.
The room is crazy loud
White walls and blank.
Sep 19 · 32
Hanging high
Seeing sky's
Stop the twitch
Happy for now, for you.
Me myself and I.
Eye balling Rotten white
Sad. A shame. Travesty.
Fickle in its burden.
Sep 19 · 85
Mind mine
Gemstone vibrancy.
See the hole
It's deep
And funny
And shiny
Sep 19 · 29
Foggy view
Feeling pretty low
Happy with the state of things.
Some say.
Hardly though.
Things are not ideal.
Bags of beer
Plastic tinsel
Bread and milk
Gifts for all
Lottery ticket
Starry escape
Sep 18 · 119
I stare at myself in the mirror.
It's stillness and silence mocking.
I smile and it smirks.
Such violent silence as we stare at each other.
Staring at pure psychosis, ripping and tearing at our reflection.
The sickening, purifying, hatred.
Claws at the glass.
The eyes never move, the stare is never broken, for he knows that I am him and he is me, and we are the mirror.
Sep 9 · 24
floaty fun
Statuette touch in a windless dream.
floating on whispers to a silken shore.
clouds fly by and so do I,
time is abstract as dreams.
Sep 9 · 35
Last orders.
As the walls turn to glitter
And the sound becomes lights.
It's time I headed home.
Sep 9 · 190
Endless sprint
Fast as your feet can carry
Careening off through time
Mountains are hills and hills are fields
And I am running.
Sep 9 · 32
Running through these brisk fields, swimming with reeds of happiness.
Not a care in the world for the fields that lie beyond.
Sep 4 · 22
Ornamental junk.
Snow globe cracks,
Perfect little life, hemorrhages
Glitter shimmer.  Congealed clot.
Desolation in a quiet bubble.
Left behind.
Aug 31 · 29
Garroted globe.
Colour on canvas with the Crimson crayon.
Pure art, the world is stained red.
Frame it. Murderous masterpiece.
Aug 30 · 25
Cosy living room
Slip into
Our hopeless lives
It's true
The hearth is warm
In our silly lies.
Aug 30 · 19
Omnipotent obstacles
Seek shadows,
Break the voices.
Seeing crazy lies,
Holding nothingness.
Cry hard when the raindrops shine
The shy marble kiss when the world crashes down.
Quarry of questions.
Granite truth.
Rivers flow in no direction.
Aug 29 · 24
Eyes wide shut
So many eyes pass by
They all look but never see.
I ponder to myself
with my eyes closed.
Aug 29 · 28
Pool noodle
Here I am
Drowning in this familiar dirt puddle.
That stretches for miles.
The rubber ring bobs by
Leaving it's crystal temptation trail
It's life saving trail.
And so I grab it
And float
For a while longer.
Aug 29 · 16
Blurred vision
Hard nails. Soft socks.
Feet try hard to feel soft.
Smiles in leather. Chamois shine.
Wind dancing through silken robes.
Murderer prancing in in the wind.
Smash the glass. Break the screen.
The world turns from lava to rock.
Aug 25 · 26
Eyeball obsession
Suffering upon the suffering
Injury to avenge the injured
Killing to keep up the killing
The tune of death continues to play.
Aug 25 · 35
Crimson cuddles
Leaking wrists
Final twists
Weak knees
Hugs please.
Aug 25 · 24
Sour makes sweet
Happy hands slapping a sad cheek
Puffy red, embarrassed injury.
Broken bruised.
Blueberry muffin.
Aug 25 · 13
Meat processing
Prayer and goats.
Slaughter house
Sausages and burgers.
Aug 25 · 14
Combustable conundrums
Deceived by tar
Restless in wax.
I'm solidified.
Used, stained and charred.
Life burns it's flame ever near.
Inevitably in wax or suffer exposed inferno.
What kind of a choice is that?
For a tissue man?
Sing a lullaby of death.
Whilst you ****** me in cold blood.
Hold me whilst my life ebbs away
Homely bones join the castle made of skulls.
#mind #depression #suicide
Aug 24 · 12
Golden shoes walk a silver path.
Jeweler looks on through enviable emeralds.
Dull hum of green, backstage shine.
Jade blocks.
Then to the sapphire lake. Clattering, rolling over each other. Chance to shimmer lost in waves of chips and tarnish.
The jeweler is happy with his work, and so shall charge double.
Aug 23 · 33
Speaking in circles
The more I want to say,
The less you want to hear,
The more I overthink.
Aug 23 · 26
Storms ahead
Sparks, giddy buzz
Smoke goes in, dry lips.
Eyes roll back.
Cloudy limbs.
Gander about rubber duck.
You lost your head?
Bubble brain goes pop.
Popcorn poppeddy plop.
Like a Stone.
Is anyone alive in there?
Stick it in the green bin.
At least its biodegradable I guess.
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