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Skylar Sophisticated
F/Orlando, Florida, USA    |High School Freshman|Class of 2023/2024|Model United Nations Delegate|NYC NMUN Session B|Published Young Writer|I live for MUN, poetry, and psychology ♥ Not naive anymore, but I’m ...
Alex Scaife
20/M/London    Sitting on a star thinking how I'm not a star
Michael Djinn Croe
108/M/The Cherry Tree Forest    I'm a Gnome. I live deep in the Cherry Tree Forest where my lovely wife Periwinkle and I tend to our magical garden. Fruits and ...
Lulu Sarmiento
24/F/Philippines    An auditor who finds peace and tranquility in writing poems and reading interesting books. ...with coffee or tea!
22    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
25/M    If it is etched in heart unheard, I write on paper or type on tech to realize hearts in memory etched in time.. To strive ...
Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." I ´m Touristic Consultant & Marketing , cinematic amateur writer, photographer and amateur illustrator. Musician aspiring ...
45/F    Through poetry, layers can peel. Through poetry, the cage can loosen and the inner voice be heard. Through poetry, the high profile mask can be ...
M/South Africa
Shubhankar Mathur
25/M/India    For things that may come and go, words will always be there to make you flow.
Where do you go when you go within?
49/F/Texas sky    Another child that's grown older, a child because she hasn't lost her dreams.
Bryn Kennell
24/F    Even in pitch darkness, you can still breathe, still speak, and still make an impact.
Tired trash
Imran Islam
27/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    My new book "Born To Gain" is live on kindle. You can enjoy reading this book []

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