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383 · Jul 5
Silly mistake
Fall on your hands, drink some more wine
Open your legs
Take some more shots, take off your clothes
Stay on the bed
Take some more  lines, drag yourself up
Lay down your head
Keep your hands down, open your legs
Innocence lost.
330 · Aug 9
Waking the void,
Blacker than black.
Emptier than empty.
The void is awake.
And empty.
292 · Jul 12
My world is on fire everywhere I see.
So I stick my face under water, smiling secretly.
264 · Aug 16
Best foot forward
Forward marches back.
228 · Jun 28
Weekend wrists
Dripping weekend wrist marks
Dance in the happy rain
Booming base and bleeding
Let it rush down your face
Feel it trickle down your tights
It’ll all be over now.
215 · Jul 3
Modern teaching.
Open your wings and fly high in the boundless infinite expanse of opportunity’s sky.
But not you. You’re bed-bound.
207 · Jul 25
The Lady Grace
The Lady Grace smiles down at me.
It's loving smile like no other
Brighter than stars and sun's
Beaming rays upon a child's face
As I smile back.
The smile of the lady grace lights my world.
Lady Grace lights her cigarette.

The Lady Grace smiles at me.
It's a loving smile like no other
Brighter than stars and sun's
Beaming upon her proud grandsons face
As I beam back.
I'm making strides in the world.
And she strides with me.
At her own pace.
The beam of the lady grace lights my world.
Lady Grace lights her cigarette.

The Lady Grace opened her eyes
She dragged herself off her side and propped herself up with her arm
She gasped for air.
She trained her eyes on me
Desperate and loving
Wishing to speak.
I look back.
Glazed to her pain.
She searches through.
I'm here for her.
Lady Grace lights her cigarette.

My eyes squint on the doorframe.
I drag myself to consciousness from dreams.
'your grandma is dead'.

Lady Grace left me today.
Her love and guidance vanished in the wind.
I light a cigarette.
And cry.
205 · Jul 3
The Bear
Such a loving delicate hand that grasps and claws its way beyond redemption.
Staring up with tearful tender eyes you see the beloved become the bear.
Bracing against its hunger for flesh you watch your clothes disappear.
The bear stares down licking its emaciated lips.
Its giant paw fumbles at its food, starving yet playful.
Stayed by terror and dry with fear you surrender your meal.
The Bear begins to feast.
203 · Jul 5
Secrets in rain
I see secrets in rain, washes down shore.
Reeds beat wetness and sun, to timber tantrums and bouncing belongings zephyrs waves.
Sunny vistas beach to a dimes chance.
To a stone waiting and at the door a stranger waited
But I do not wander I do not wander I do not waste it it’s the evening
Through the palms of both my seasons dawn. Drowning visibly beneath the waves
That you sent to me all the way gone
202 · Jun 28
Cross watch
Grind against the stain of your hammer
The smile of blood judges your tools
Feel the wrath of an angels stare
As you tootle off home, his blessed wings stretched
In jest as they decompose and crumble. You did your job marvellously military man
200 · Jul 30
Eyes everywhere
The circus of eyes.
So many eyes.
Blinking and staring.
Why do they stare.
Black eyes that always stare.
So loud, always looking.
Even when they close.
I can see them.
Makes my brain hurt.
Makes my nose run.
Because they just won't stop staring at me.
Makes it hard to think.
To function.
Maybe I'll close my eyes instead.
190 · Sep 9
Endless sprint
Fast as your feet can carry
Careening off through time
Mountains are hills and hills are fields
And I am running.
187 · Jul 5
Chuck us a beer
Silk against lips, the softness unparalleled
Slipping down, eyes roll back.
Memory foam, it knows
Always rolls out the spread.
God I needed that drink.
I crawl to bed , a silent dream to a melodies' prayer,
off I whisper, my begging, to clouds.
and you know the sound of sin.
happy he is, the fruitful snake,
the life that terminates at a humans gaze.
soundless sarin. gaseous respiration
out of necessity at the manufactured devil as he smiles
his job is complete
he always gets his mark,
if you believe.
its always hands that strangle the throat.
Dressed in ink smiles we stare back,
Memories on paper lost to time.
Happy visions gone by,
Premonitions of time already lost.
I hold the moments in my hand,
and I wonder to myself,
Would they recognise me now?
#memories #photos #friends
174 · Jul 31
Dine with me darlings.
Deep inside the forested Grove.
A candle lit dinner.
The children play.
They play with twigs.
And branch to sticks.
When the mood allows.
The mood is different today.
The twigs are sharp.
The tree falls down.
And kills them all.
'shall we serve pudding?'
166 · Jun 28
Basking in the glow of a lacerated sun
Dripping blessed rays, life pools in an agonising emptiness.
Smile upon me with your godless grace
Light of life, prying open a necrophyte visage
Spotlight upon a murderous parade
Of life and happiness. Always watching with
Catastrophic intent and purging flame.
Behold the beacon of rage as it rips
At your vision. Blinding illumination.
A scar in the sky.
Cataclysmic vista.
154 · Jun 28
Loose hammer
The sins of the father and the son must be punished
Allow the juries hand to be corrupt and
Dispense their magical omnipotence.

But taste the finality of man as the hammer draws near
To consequence; and question
The strangers leer in corrupt composure.

The judges sweat melds to the handle, he grips
Hard to the justice of his resolve, as
It slips beneath the bench

And now to the audience, you decide
To solidify a man in a statue to justice or
Grant redemption and torments respite.
Because I put to you that,
the sins of the father and the son must be punished.
150 · Aug 14
Sizzling sausages
Ever watched someone cook?
They're lovely served with salad.
147 · Jun 28
Kneel and accept
Causality's crippling clutch grips. Cleaving at sanity. Drown in a world of vanilla but savour the flavour. Two by four eyes see all soaking you in benevolent gaze.
Marvel at the unhinged for they know the cost of truth.
Feed them toxic nutrition and beckon them forwards. They must embrace the whim of conformity.
Take sips child, drink too much and you’ll be too awake.
Tomatoes on unicorns and madness in prayer. Question the judge’s hammer
Are you ok?
Too much uncertainty these days. May the lord guide you in prayer.
Accept the communion of calamity
Drink the blood of betrayal.
Join the brotherhood of bedlam and behave accordingly.
Slice at your face and contort your joints please.
And for the love of god please be a good person.
147 · Jul 24
Dark sight
Dark becomes daylight,
But I just see dark.
147 · Aug 14
Stay out.
The explorer entered the cave alone,
and he emerged pale with terror.
He never spoke of what he saw.
He saw nothing after all, but he felt everything.
And everything was enough for him to never feel anything ever again.
146 · Jun 28
Red knife
Knife through viewing eyes
Red dawn soaks through a clean lense
Vision blurs to pain
Red dawn sets early
Red eyes shut and dawn sets.
143 · Aug 21
Bankrupt existance
Pray, the saints go wild.
Sin and the gods smile wide.
141 · Jul 6
Happy place
Swinging in the breeze all day,
the sun is shining high,
warm glow upon my face.
Watching as the clouds pass by,
the sky an ocean blue,
a tranquil happy place.

The meadow sweeps out to beyond,
the flowers vibrant rich,
the hills are gentle green.
The birds sing merry songs of joy,
thier tune a cheery sound,
a picture so serene.

The children laugh and play bellow,
they run and jump and dance,
such energetic grace.
They monkey up onto my tree,
I smile as they climb high,
they squint and see my face.

They suddenly begin to scream,
fleeing in abject fear,
from my skeletal smile.
It's lonely swinging here alone,
nobody knows I'm here,  
I wish they'd stayed a while

The people come to cut me down,
my rope is old and frail,
thier blade is sharp and new.
I think I'll stay here anyway,
my spirit is my own.
I rather like the view.
138 · Aug 11
White blank plaster.
I stare at the ceiling,
Searching for meaning,
White indifference, gazing back.

I beg for an answer,
A cure for this cancer,
Secrets in plaster, stay silent.
132 · Jun 28
The boy under the bin
I see a boy underneath the bin
He prays desperately to a deaf god
Looming over I can smell his despair
Rocking back and forth in holy existence
Your prayer won’t save you now little duckling
Say I to the rat
But on he chants, on and on to gods and clouds and demons
He names them all, one by one endlessly chanting his desperate canon
Where are your gods now?
Do they serve you a merciful end?
I ask as I slash his throat.
132 · Jul 10
Round and round I go
Merrily dancing
in circles
To a tormented tune
nobody else can hear
Over and over obsessively, silently,
Invisibly turning, constantly
Dizzily spinning,
Searching for the horizon,
A conclusion, a compromise,
to stop the ceaseless wheel.
But the train just goes faster and more passengers board.
124 · Jun 28
Don't skip breakfast
Sipping daydreams, guzzling emptiness
Poison licks its carcinogenic tongue
Stains the buds that long for sweet
Sweet they taste
Forced sugar and sprinkled honey
Sweetness is sweet
The tongue tastes malice. And venom
Smooth toxicity glass half empty
Infected throat, glass half full
But always the glass empty’s
Self replenishment
121 · Oct 9
This is all that you wanted
All that you prayed and dreamed
This is all that you cried for
In your lonley silent screams.
The silver is what you long for
The Red path of hollow cries.
Run fast the race is over.
Sleep now, be still in dreams.
119 · Sep 18
I stare at myself in the mirror.
It's stillness and silence mocking.
I smile and it smirks.
Such violent silence as we stare at each other.
Staring at pure psychosis, ripping and tearing at our reflection.
The sickening, purifying, hatred.
Claws at the glass.
The eyes never move, the stare is never broken, for he knows that I am him and he is me, and we are the mirror.
113 · Jul 28
Take a generous helping of plaster.
And lets mould a tangerine.
With a bitter skin so brittle and bright.
And a juicy flesh. Hard and impervious.
The tree rattles it's branch.
It's fruit, plummeting to happiness.
Soft blades of grass impale the eyes.
Deafening impact, internal destruction.
And now watch as it flowers.
#tangerine #fruit #flowers #bitter #impale #destroyed
Our lives are far from home.
You seek truth inside the tomes.
Our lives are leaking outward.
I'm stuck here with your anemia.
I pray to the altar of the blade God.
107 · Jun 28
Nothing to say
Keys speak letters but not words
And sentences don’t make paragraphs but full stops end.
Stanzas stall and commas halt, but
Sometimes there’s just nothing to say.
But sometimes nothing blurts everything
And everything sometimes says nothing at all
Because that ampersand always sits there
But never leads to a paragraph
Or a verse
Or anything
Because every time. There’s just nothing to say.
98 · Aug 3
There's a certain beauty in a ready meal
Icey and hard til you warm it up.
It spins like a ballerina
On its glass stage.
I observe the mouthwatering dance.
I am its number one fan.
I must see the beauty beneath the plastic. And I do and I will.
My pretty portioned Prince.
95 · Jul 11
This is the face of god
Craven and loud, pay him his due.
He loves gold.
He smiles in silver. Shiny and metal.
Dig it up and serve it to him,
He put it there for you to find.
He does love hide and seek.
Taa – daa, surprise,
You owe him more money.
92 · Jul 15
Sainted Sickness
Holy salvation is an illness, born from the fear of death's inevitability.

Crave it, seek your next fix.
Fragile psyche. A rational thought away from shattering should you miss your next dosage of biblical pills.

Forgive us our doctor as we sin again. We must have our medicinal eucharist.

The doctor plans his psychological corruption meticulously. Join hands, spread the disease of fear. Become terrified sheep together. Become dependent on sanctified lies together. The mass mania contagion runs rampant.

Now the doctor begins his treatment. Gold for a weekly shot of sainted insanity. The destitute pay well, their hands tied in prayer as their pockets are plundered.

The church of St charlatans. Founded upon a rock of corruption. Preaching divine death as curable terror, blessing it with coin.

But holy salvation is the illness, and only the dead are cured.
91 · Oct 10
best bud
Sunshine whenever you turn my way.
gibberish rays coat my face.
you don't half chat some beautiful ****.
quotable, worrisome,  
but my perfect tremendously disastrous
85 · Jun 28
Happy dementia
Taste the essence of frailty.
Ride comprehensions slip
And slide, careening into dementia.
Arise into normality, and laugh as everyone dances
A merry tune. Hilarious fun.
Grasp at the heavy spoon and be hungry.
Have you forgotten how to eat dear? Here, allow me.
Content starvation. A crippling disability
Take the cup.
Drink now, no don’t gulp.
You didn’t finish your meal, are you not hungry today?
Please, I’m starving.
Take the fork with too many gaps and enjoy the soup and smile as the monkey takes the bulb.
Sit in darkness and wait for help, that never comes.
85 · Sep 19
Mind mine
Gemstone vibrancy.
See the hole
It's deep
And funny
And shiny
83 · Jul 5
Take a lonely stroll through the park of life
Why not kick a stone whilst you’re there to enjoy the mood?
Turn and face the oncoming sweep of hatred with pitchforks at your throat
All you did was kick a little stone.
The rope is tight, it cuts and you bleed
But try to smile as the hateful hands stroke at you with enviable despise.
They drag you through dirt that scathes your façade.
But still you show what’s left of your smile.
The ropes pull and off you fly behind hooves of hatred,
gored and disfigured you cheerfully drag yourself up from behind the horse.
The horse **** tearing at your wounds as you try to stand.
Such a crowd
You wave at your fans and they pelt you with vinegar,
acid bubbles into the bastardised crevices,
your legs buckle as you’re yanked from behind ,
your eyes falter as you watch your essence snake out into the rabble.
They lick at your heels as your mind begins to wander.
Back to the block. You come to, the crowd is cheering
They’re happy and so you thank your audience.
Your eyes adjusting to the love as the axe blade cracks your neck through to the jaw leaving your disfigured skull rolling down into the dispersing gathering.
79 · Jul 10
Inside I cry, I watch you listen,
Your hand stretched out, I see you pleading.
You try and fumble, to lift my burden
Desperate only to stop the bleeding

Inside I drown, you hold me so tight
Trying your best, anchor of normality
Your hold is strong your smile shines so bright
Lost in a hurricane, a storm of pure volatility

I suffocate, I frantically seek a way out
My fingers are blooded, the coffin stays shut
Lost in a labyrinth of frenzy, a jesters redoubt
I pray in the dark to bathe in your light, but

How can you ever understand?
The lunacy behind
This loving, loyal, poison, hateful
Acid heart of mine
Can you ever know?
The insanity behind,
These longing, desperate, self-destructive
Lonely eyes of mine?
72 · Jun 28
Our father
Join hands, sing praise to the false god
Donate your money to a bottomless bowl
And laugh when the puppet tells his jokes
Our father who art in riches
Hallowed be thy gold
Keep your poems and hymns of gore
A little ditty won’t keep Satan away
71 · Jun 28
Screw Loose
Eight days of seven are you lobster
Stop chains kissing bouquets
Lovely sting but punch less
But don’t stop
I hate it
Front stabbing martyr I love you
Tighten my bindings whilst I take a ****.
Done? Good. I’d be so grateful if you’d take the katana from the mouth of my daughter
As they say the plot worsens
But please, do tell me about your luxurious Judas cradle
Is it to your liking sir?
Roomy yes thank you
I’ll pay half
Ten out of five on pointless dot com.
71 · Jul 11
menial task.
Can you fix a broken bone?
Jigsaw puzzle, silly toys.
68 · Jul 5
What a life
Poison reliquary to dammed Cardboard hearts
Seeing in black walk to the shade
Crimson hands cake an obsidian bible
But if you need me I’ll be there
The priest protests
Less fire more drowning
in water
Can you smell the **** of god?
Accept his unnatural communion.
Eat the paper skin
And drink the cheap corner shop wine
What a life. What a god.
68 · Jul 3
Curtain call
Don the mask and join the parade.
Twirl twisted to the tune and turn and wrench some more
To the bang of the drum, bangs three twelve eighteen
Flail hysterically to the hand jive, 30 50 90 .
The dance abruptly ceases..
Encore! Yell the crowd.
65 · Jul 3
Light and Dark
Light and dark is infinite
Light is breaking the constriction of the minds desperation to chain itself to the dark.
Dark is cocooning the mind further into the chains that shields itself from the light.
Light stares with their prying headlamps.
Dark laughs and suffers and clinks their chains with you.
Light fights til they’re bloodied, barbed chains slipping from their clotted congealed hands.
Dark helps you pull up the chair and tie up a nice rope.
Light lets out a caterwaul when they see what the heavy chains they let slip have caused.
Dark wears their chains, kicks out the chair, and swings lightly in the breeze with you.
Light pulls down the dark chains, heavy with guilt and pain, slings them over their shoulders, and trudges off into the dark.
65 · Jul 11
Silly goose
Silly goose. Hide and beek.
Play the herion, strong and free.
Expensive easy life.
Such a good ride though.
Holding hands with the Friendly Reaper.
I feel it, the grip, the warmth, the care.
It cares, he cares, she cares.
Sickening shiny scythe.
That cares cuts.
So I keep on pretending,
That the warmth is warm.
That the metal is gentle.
That the grip is comforting.
Hiding my face from myself.
Averting my eyes from that panicked stare.
That terror, that glances at the joined hands and back at me.
I embrace the reaper and his scythe.
Cut and reshape me. Just don't let me go.
Make the face in the mirror go away.
I'd help him if I could but I can't so just get rid of him.
Hold me close I need you to cut me and care for me.
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