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Normality trickles on by
Whilst I suffocate on the banks.
Such a pretty poison, glistening in the sun.
To suffocate or drown in toxic sludge.
To choke or hang.
Pass me the rope, It'll soon be weekend.
You pay tribute to an absent monarch. You're a vassal to a non existant Kingdom.
The throne of your gods sits empty.
‘I just feel like my life is a crumbling lie and I can’t keep lying to people anymore it’s like my whole thought process is unraveling and I feel people are starting to stare through the cracks and I can feel their glare on my organs and I desperately try to seal them out but they keep prying at me with their sticky horrible words and buttered judgement and I just want to run and vanish and loose everything on my terms, you know?’

‘IDK do some yoga or something.’
Seems silly to me.
Truth is a sycophantic nightmare.
The most Craven hearts stumble over the boldest moves.
Everyones OK
Nobody's crippled by despair.
Everyone swims in the same shallow puddle.
Of desperation
And then I ask you how you are.
And you regurgitate the same putrid line.
I'm alright.
Seems silly to me.
Don't shut the door to the noise.
The room is crazy loud
White walls and blank.
Monolith of despair.
Obsidian door. But open a crack.
Enough to see the pain shining through.
I knock on the sarcophagus.
She answers tentatively.
Painful, anxious.
The mummy is awake,
Today is a good day.
#anxiety #care #friend
Golden shoes walk a silver path.
Jeweler looks on through enviable emeralds.
Dull hum of green, backstage shine.
Jade blocks.
Then to the sapphire lake. Clattering, rolling over each other. Chance to shimmer lost in waves of chips and tarnish.
The jeweler is happy with his work, and so shall charge double.
Pray, the saints go wild.
Sin and the gods smile wide.
Brave he is.
The Knight.
Sleeping gently,
In his bed of wine and ******.
And fear.
At the sword at the neck.
The bright slash to break the daydream.
Armour flashes to flesh.
To bread, the fleshes armour.
Starvation Steel Plate.
The rebellion is hungry.
The armory will provide defence.
Sunshine whenever you turn my way.
gibberish rays coat my face.
you don't half chat some beautiful ****.
quotable, worrisome,  
but my perfect tremendously disastrous
If algorithms had flavour it would probably taste like McDonald's.
So many walls
so much crushing grey
and bars stretching up to the clouds.
On and on for miles around
and the noise, the constant noise,
that rings and pounds
on and on
to the hearts twisted beat.
It's noisy and lonely and small
and cold
trapped in this fleshy cage,
behind these smiley eyes.
The black chair
Is black.
Accessorised with yellow.
The black chair stays black. Accessorised with yellow.
Hard nails. Soft socks.
Feet try hard to feel soft.
Smiles in leather. Chamois shine.
Wind dancing through silken robes.
Murderer prancing in in the wind.
Smash the glass. Break the screen.
The world turns from lava to rock.
Trees and bees are easy
sway and bob
oh hi bob
hows the kids
dead I hope
see you around.
said bob
machete bloodied
kids heads in hand
I'm gonna mow the lawn, want your kids doing as well?
Yeah sure bob.
Seeing waves in a foggy clouded view.
They crash and roll like potatoes in a stew.
The day is fierce and nobody seems to care.
I roll around wishing someone was there.
Let the concrete pour,
Entomb the fly.
Chain the entrance
To a mausoleum of business.
The restless don’t know they’re at rest.
Feverish hands for applause.
jittery in gesture. fingers and tongues.
and thumbs. and limbs.
Sprawl and crawl.
What a creature
creature comfort
blanket to pain.
must wrap up in the medicine duvet.
burrito me up, serve me hot.
Prism paradise.
Administer the scimitar serum.
Stray, gleam, candied eyes.
Stay, morbid stars,
Sermon on the shoe horn
The 10, Ja commandant
Glacial looking glass,
I love what you’ve done with the place.
Needles in hospitals,
Street corner cures.
Doctors and medicine
Dealers and ******.
Silk against lips, the softness unparalleled
Slipping down, eyes roll back.
Memory foam, it knows
Always rolls out the spread.
God I needed that drink.
If the shoe fits, buy the matching top and let's call it an outfit.
Obituary poems.
Ditties and disclaimers.
It happened
Then it didn't.
The whole thing.
Then how come I read it?
Strange kind of leaves.
Sullen whilst stroking at the breeze.
Is there a word for 'off green'?
Depressed lime?
Let's just water it and call it a sad tree.
Deceived by tar
Restless in wax.
I'm solidified.
Used, stained and charred.
Life burns it's flame ever near.
Inevitably in wax or suffer exposed inferno.
What kind of a choice is that?
For a tissue man?
Killing men in the forest of shadows
of showdowns in the bountiful standoff.
trees, people, bullets, compost.
breath in, leaves green lungs bloodied.
breath out leaves brown lungs blue.
water on the leaves
red on brown
skin to trunk
leaves to forest.
Bags of beer
Plastic tinsel
Bread and milk
Gifts for all
Lottery ticket
Starry escape
A gift from ages past.
Finds a knowing sight
From a clouded view.
A grenade to throw
To silence the crowd,
They're quiet for now.
Slip into
Our hopeless lives
It's true
The hearth is warm
In our silly lies.
As the red life pumps away down the drain, and the knife tears the artery open. The shocking pain is subsided. Knowing I will never suffer this misery again.
Leaking wrists
Final twists
Weak knees
Hugs please.
Grind against the stain of your hammer
The smile of blood judges your tools
Feel the wrath of an angels stare
As you tootle off home, his blessed wings stretched
In jest as they decompose and crumble. You did your job marvellously military man
I know him so well.
Too well,
He keeps me well.
Toxic self awareness.
As he hoovers up another line,
And allows the warm wash
Of the cure for wellness -
Pill form happiness
To rush down from brain to shoes.
Waterfall of wellness.
Lips turning blue.
Hot ice
Face turning to soft cheese.
Cheesy grin.
Roller-coaster rambling.
What a ride, let's not collect the photo.
He tuts and sighs.
Don the mask and join the parade.
Twirl twisted to the tune and turn and wrench some more
To the bang of the drum, bangs three twelve eighteen
Flail hysterically to the hand jive, 30 50 90 .
The dance abruptly ceases..
Encore! Yell the crowd.
I hate weekdays.
Claggy and samey
Rolling on.
Vanilla void
To weekends wildness.
Its weekend again
Time to go see daddy again.
I love daddy
And he loves me to.

Daddy smells of **** and whiskey
Daddy smells nice
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

Daddy gets that funny look in his eye
He wants to play a fun game
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

I'm really good at this game
I always win
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

I've nearly won
he tells me
I love daddy
and he loves me to.

Fireworks of white pleasure,
A stain on a juvenile tongue.
daddy sighed ,
his silky growl sweetened the salt.
I know tomorrow will be a good day now.
Maybe we'll go to the beach?
Because I love daddy
and he loves me to.
from a mermaids chains.
in a cold wet human blanket.
she rolls and tumbles to be free.
from what she is.
free and fantasy.
Dark becomes daylight,
But I just see dark.
The blood that washes away the flood just turns the water a deeper shade of red.
Deep inside the forested Grove.
A candle lit dinner.
The children play.
They play with twigs.
And branch to sticks.
When the mood allows.
The mood is different today.
The twigs are sharp.
The tree falls down.
And kills them all.
'shall we serve pudding?'
Funny, how the mirror reflects more than you show.
#mirror #reflection
The sky is blue
The pavement grey
And I'm feeling particularly gay
It's a good life
It's a good day
To slit your throat.
Be who you want to be,
Believe in yourself.
They need a new target to destroy.
Saint your sympathy
It falls on unholy ears.
How do you treat a gargoyle eating breakfast?
Sipping daydreams, guzzling emptiness
Poison licks its carcinogenic tongue
Stains the buds that long for sweet
Sweet they taste
Forced sugar and sprinkled honey
Sweetness is sweet
The tongue tastes malice. And venom
Smooth toxicity glass half empty
Infected throat, glass half full
But always the glass empty’s
Self replenishment
Don’t starve to life
An emaciated buffet unveiled
A feast of scraps
Hungry for your nutritious deceit
Portioned promise
Bloated truth dripping
And yet you're full
Stay behind
See you later.
Queue here please
Saviours **** skeletons
Praise the gods as they bless their holy sins
Sing and dance a merry lie
Dig up Jesus, he’s layed unquestioned for far too long.
How is your water and wine my lord
You ******* hypocrite!
See the chaos you’ve wrought you ******* husk of a man
Did washing feet help? Did it? You ******* Jew!
Let’s all go to Sunday mass. Go on, you created it you stigmata laden ****
Flail the holes in in your hands and toes you ginormous *******. Go on, up, down, shake it all about, do the okey pokey and you turn a ****, that’s what the prayers about.
Fast as your feet can carry
Careening off through time
Mountains are hills and hills are fields
And I am running.
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