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Lost Indeed Aug 2020
In the depths of the dark sea.
In the valley of broken trees.
A gentle wind started to flow.
To watch me fight, bleed and grow.

The wind now dances with my dark hair.
As the birds go to sleep pair by pair.
It is dark now and I'm free.
Like every night on the valley of broken trees.

I'm addicted to your gentle smile.
But I can only make you cry.
Its like the heavens gave me wings.
But took down my sky.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
Here I am... on a cold beach with dark waters and rocky sand.
Waiting for the night to come and take me away.
Because my feet are dirt and I cannot stay.

These tears are not of sadness or pain.
But out of joy and bliss.
They aren't salty and don't taste bitter.
But they carry the happiness of a thousand kisses.

And I just wanted to say.
In a different world a different day.
I will do better and hopefully stay.
But it is not here or now to my dismay.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
It is not happy, because it shouldn't be...
It is not sad, because it can't be...
It is just kind.
And your melody makes me cry.
But my heart does not fill sadness.
It fills with an uncontrollable necessity to kiss you.
Quarantine... I guess.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
We stole our melodies from the birds.
And your eyes from the sun.
We are thieves.
Our beat comes from the sea.
And the breath from the wind.
We are thieves.
Our bones are made of galaxies.
And the teeth of pure sand.
We are thieves. 
You are... you were.
I am... you were.
Lost Indeed Jul 2020
We are fast.
Running towards the ledge.
Because there is only 90 Miles to infinity.
And eternity at last.
Lost Indeed May 2020
I know is absurd.
But my soul is sore and my eyes are blurred.
I am tired of the fight.
Falling in deep space without any try.
One phrase after the other.
Rhyme after rhyme.
I live in hell and the rain make me cry.
Lost Indeed May 2020
Let's take the highway to oblivion.
And have a drink in paradise.
Because we are too young live
but we don't wanna die
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