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Michael Humbert Sep 2014
Heartbreak sets you on fire,
So you emerge hardened steel
Michael Humbert Jan 2015
The one who got away
Is the one
Who was never supposed to *stay
Michael Humbert Jan 2016
Sunsets seemed to try harder when we were both watching
Michael Humbert Jan 2016
All he knew was that kissing her just felt right
Michael Humbert Jan 2017
My grief was only ever her fault insofar as it was "her fault" for falling asleep in my arms.
Michael Humbert Oct 2015
Will you be home for supper?
Will you come back?
Michael Humbert Nov 2015
I wanna kiss
the part of you
that still cares
the part that doesn't
give a **** about time

the part that remembers
what it felt like
to burn
Michael Humbert Nov 2015
I'm tired of music being about you
Every note sings as images run through my head like a projector I can't shut off
I got to thinking, (I've always been thinking),
But I got to thinking and here goes:
The difference between me and a dog is that I know you'll never come back
Michael Humbert Nov 2016
Two strangers grazing hands on a crowded train, neither saying a word nor pulling away, simply acknowledging each other's warmth
Michael Humbert Dec 2016
Arms clasped around the small of your back as you stared up at me in the elevator
My heart was ready to burst*

"You were the best thing that ever happened to me," I said. "And then the worst."
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
Midnight concerns strangle
Like some new fangled torture
Shut up, not one more peep
Just close your eyes and sleep

**** there's a lot on my mind
These memories are most unkind
Time is no friend of mine
To this fate I am consigned
Granted, a mug of coffee at 6pm probably didn't help
Michael Humbert Feb 2016
It still kills me to see your name in print
Michael Humbert Mar 2016
I would rather be alone than make you unhappy again
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
Seeing you might **** me,
But knowing I never will
Is almost certainly
Going to be the death of me
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
the effervescence of her essence
an incandescent iridescence
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
She'll teach you the meaning of silence
Michael Humbert Jul 2015
"Don't give up on me," she wrote
As if that decision was ever mine to make
Michael Humbert Jul 2015
She says, "Nothing's wrong"
As if she's trying to believe the lie, too
Michael Humbert Jul 2015
I'd breathe water
If you found me poetic for it
Michael Humbert Jul 2015
I kissed her while grinning
She left my head spinning
My favorite kind of kiss
Michael Humbert Nov 2015
I miss you the way
the crops miss the rain
Michael Humbert Aug 2015
Simply holding your hand
was always enough
*It still is
Michael Humbert Nov 2015
The thought of holding your hand nearly drove me to tears this morning
It was not the taste of your lips, nor the way your eyes pierced right through me,
A chain reaction of thoughts led me to the hopeless memory of simply clutching your hand as you drove along

You, you beautiful cancer, still pollute everything

This life has taught me that we are promised nothing,
Least of all that love will listen when you simply ask for it to *stay
Michael Humbert Sep 2015
Here I am again at the corner of "What the **** am I doing?" and "I miss you."

We didn't turn out to be a fairy tale,
And instead I'm sleeping with a girl I text, "Come over tonight."
I kiss her with open eyes. It's a moist charade.
She keeps my bed warm though.

I wonder if you're happy
I'm still vague on the term
I just try to keep busy

It's getting harder to write you
But these notebooks won't fill themselves
I trust you will wait
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
A kiss dissected,
A gentle worship of your mouth,
That warm place my lips called home
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
a word for beauty
for yours I've never enough:
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
Everytime I pass a graveyard,
I mourn our aborted future.
Michael Humbert Dec 2014
absence (n.): that hole in your chest you ignore every day, the one that doctors just sadly shake their head at
Michael Humbert Feb 2015
Absolve me of sin
Dissolve me in gin
Michael Humbert Jan 2015
Creamy thighs wrapped around my mind
Scent inhaled, maddening
Moist adoration
Michael Humbert Sep 2014
Think of all the kisses at airports,
Hearts rejoicing,
Tearful goodbyes,

These kisses are flavored,
Some sorrow, some joy,
But each one is savored
Michael Humbert Jan 2015
Snow falls and coats this ugly world in a coat of white,
Clean, fresh, untouched
Bury it all
Smother this sadness with alabaster beauty
And when spring comes, maybe hope will follow
Michael Humbert Nov 2014
Transmuting anguish,
Poetry is alchemy
For the wounded soul
Michael Humbert Jul 2016
Hello, I miss you
Sometimes I tell strangers about you,
Sometimes you're still all I think about
And sometimes I wonder if all I have left is a really good story

The things you left in the past could have changed your life
The things that wouldn't last, still alive, just barely
A tempestuous undeath unto your frail memory
Just trying to make it through another day
Michael Humbert Feb 2015
A fly drenched in the sap of a love most hopeless
Struggling, straining to break loose
Every flap of wings sealing its fate
Dooming it to an amber prison
Hardened, crystallized, it loved until its dying breath
Michael Humbert Apr 2015
What could I write you
That would make up for this time
For the words I threw
And the women I ******

I'm not sorry but that's a lie
I'm sorry every day that you aren't here
Sorry it was easier to give up than try
I'm sorry life happened this way

I've proven that I could give myself to others
Making an attempt at bliss
But it's never been the same
Something's always been amiss

What could I write you
I wonder as I sit, sighing
I don't know
But I'll never stop trying
Michael Humbert Dec 2014
I just want to hear the truth,
I want to hear your voice and see if it cracks when you look at me,
Ages ago, you said we'd meet again when we turned 50, on the same boat we first found each other,
No matter what, you said we'd meet
I wonder if those were just convenient words,
Convenient touches, convenient love
I'm sorry, that's unkind.
(Then again, much of this has been unkind)
Our love was not convenient,
It was difficult and effortless, expensive and priceless, painful and analgesic
It was volatile and tender, it was all I ever wanted
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
I'm a virile man,
And I’ll charm women,
I’ll woo them with swagger and honeyed words
I’ll make them laugh
And open their hearts and their legs

And it all feels like a charade,
I feel like a war veteran trying to forget an atrocity,
Or maybe I’m just trying to reincarnate you,
Like our humble narrator in “******”

Every date is a search for that flaxen hair,
Those piercing eyes
And that ******* charm!
That ******* it that lights a fire in my soul
And makes me want to hold on and never let go

I haven’t found her,
I haven’t found my ******,
Who would rip poetry from my soul as you do,
Leaving single words of love dripping from the gaping wound

You are my Annabel,
You were my first love,
And you will always have me
Michael Humbert Dec 2014
appreciation (n): a bitterness tasted in retrospect
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
Hearts incinerated,
A blistering display of immolation,
As blazing infernos consumed all,
"Arson," they thought,
Brushing through the ashen remains,
Never concluding that
You were the spark
That lit my match
And set this whole world on fire
Michael Humbert Dec 2014
I'm still choking on the ashes of your disappointment,
And I'm still reenacting scenes from the grave,
And I wish I could take a step into your mind
To fathom what firing synapses are urging you to consider

What do you think about on late nights?
Do you think about airports and silent drives?
Do you think about beautiful lakes and perfect heartache?

I've been digging graves for every single "I love you"
And I'm running out of eulogies
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
At my autopsy,
Unfinished love poems to you
Found stuck in my throat
Michael Humbert Oct 2015
Eyes that reduce me to nothing
A gaze that could swallow me whole
A blue intensity, burning
And suddenly my lungs fill with water
As I sink beneath her azure waves
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
You once wrote me,
"This might be a really bad idea or a brilliant one."
Isn't it funny how it turned out to be both?
Michael Humbert Dec 2014
Ominous black birds
Empty eyes, ****** beaks drip
Prepare for the feast
Michael Humbert Oct 2014
Today's your birthday,
Inexplicably, I still remember,
I can't remember any other girl's
But yours is in my head
Along with inane minutia,
Like the deepest point in the ocean,
Or the world's deadliest snake,
Not that I wish I'd drown or
be bitten than remember,
But this day sits like
An immovable obelisk in my mind,
A memorial to
The best and worst thing
To ever happen to me
Michael Humbert Aug 2015
"You can bite," she says
Clutching fistfuls of my hair
I live for her gasps
Michael Humbert Aug 2015
Whirring blades decapitate hubristic
verdant stalks stretching beyond their station
Michael Humbert Aug 2015
You changed my heart, mind
Ask yourself why I love you
Seeing all, once blind
Michael Humbert Aug 2015
Deep in my chest you carved your name
Fresh blood rushes to fill the ridges, trying
Dragged away by current
Originally written 8/10/14, one of my very first writes
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