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Lexii1602 Oct 2018
i should of never had it.
it almost ruined my life.
thank God for my second chance.
i dont deserve it.
i didnt earn it.
Girls i fought:
im not sorry for that.
The dude:
i regret me letting him do that.
i should have said no.
My dad:
i ******* love & miss you.
My 2nd big bro:
i love you so much and i cant wait to see you in 2 years.
My bestfriend:
i know i dont show it but i love you so much,
and i promise i'll learn how to show my emotions.
My mom:
im sorry for always ******* up.
i should of never did the **** i did.
'E' (some dude i aint sayin):
i cant keep letting you **** w me if you got a whole *** girl.
you finna get yo *** caught up.
dont blame that **** on me.
and if it to the point where i gotta fight yo *****,
i aint sorry bout it.
why the ******* disown me?
my faimly aint do **** to you.
how you finna do me like that?
i trusted you.
Tina (my 'aunt'):
you aint my family.
i dot give a **** how much you cry, telling me you sorry.
***** i aint dumb.
you do this every time.
you is fake.
you steal, lie, drunkie, **** i can write a whole book on what you are.
just stay the **** away from me.
My mom's dad:
i dont call you 'Grandpa.' bc you dont ******* deserve it!
you dont care about me, and all you want is our money?
**** outta here.
stay the **** out my life!
sorry for hurting you.

Some of My Confessions....
Lexii1602 Oct 2018
la vida es demasiado corta como para desperdiciarla en cosas estúpidas, vive la vida al máximo, no mires atrás porque no es a donde vas
lil bit of stuff i know from spanish class ***** . sorry if i did anything wrong .
Lexii1602 Oct 2018
your hugs :
telling me you love me and you care.
holding me closer to you heart.
my hugs to you :
telling you to never let go and never leave my side.
holding you closer to my heart too.
telling you i love you.
your notes :
i still have the notes you sent,
i look at them and cry,
wishing you was still here.
my birthday :
you not being able to see me grow up.
you not able to see how big ive gotten sense i was young.
school :
not being able to tell you all my boy problems.
or asking you for help on my math homework.
homecoming :
you not able to tell the dude im with to keep me safe.
the sky/clouds :
i look up asking,
'why ? why couldnt it have been me instead ?'
nights :
every night not being able to hug and kiss you good night.

time :
day after day,
week after week,
month after month,
year after year .
im still missing you .
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
they arent always real ....
90% of the time i smile so no one asks whats wrong ....
most of the time , when i smile im crying down rivers inside....
im scared to show my real smile ....
my hugs are telling you,
'please dont let go i need you to tell me you want me in this world and im not worthless and i have a purpose .'
my hugs are telling you that i trust you....
doors to my soul ....
i hide them bc i dont want people to see how much i need help....
i dont want them to see i need them ....
my only beautiful thing on my body ....
braces made them look good ....
all through middle school my name was ,
'TrAiN TrAcKs'....
makes me feel loved ....
i would die for them ....
i would **** for them ....
they are my air to my lungs ....

Thats The Truth .... But Not All Of It ....
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
its been 10 years ...
since the last time i saw you ...
we text ,
but its just not the same ....
you get to do all this **** with the fam in florida ,
while im up here in ohio missin out ....
its weird how we brothers and sisters
but we have different lives .....
we have the same dad but different moms ....
i wish i could see you and just give you a hug ....
i cant take it here no more ....
i just want my ******* brother ....
yeah i got 2 but i miss him ....
i love when we text tho bc ,
its like we havent been apart for 1 min and everything in the world just freezes and everything is forgotten ,
but when we stop texting it just all collapse on my shoulders ....
  i honestly cant wait till i turn 18 so i could say ,
'**** this im going to florida...'
but thats 2 years ....
(10 years in teenage time)
i miss you,
my loving
(by 2 years)
i miss him so much ....
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
you talkin hella smack ,
like all you do is talk
and talk
and talk
and talk
and talk
like PULL UP ....
you is hella soft you aint gona do ****
'CaTcH mE oUtSiDe , HoW bOuT dAt'
you is ahhh p..u..s..s..y..
you walk by me and you talk ,
like lets hit
im ready to hit
you just scared ....
all you do is keep runnin yo mouth
instead of throwin yo hands ....
you lucky im gettin anywhere near you
cuh yo ***** smell like the ocean ....
like when you open yo legs you can see nemo poppin his head out....
'YoUr *** lOoKs LiKe TwO tUrTlE *******'
so ....
pull up ...
im ready to hit anytime any where ....
so when you decide to quit bein soft ,
you know where im at ....
Lexii1602 Sep 2018
bruh just stop acting like you care ,
ion need no one to tell me **** ,
i got
thats all i need ....
so dont be actin like you actually care ...
but honestly you a good actor tho .
you know the saying
'FoOl Me OnCe ShAmE oN yOu, FoOl Me TwIcE sHaMe On mE, fOoL mE tHrEe TiMeS... iM ******* StUpId ....'
yeah welll so far the shame is on you ....
nd i or you aint changing that ....
so **** outta here if you tryna front that you want me ...
you stay perpin bout this **** ...
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