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mac azanes Aug 2015
I can hear the silence in every encounter with butterflies.
But my mind try to control the pain that im keeping inside.
Im holding on till I survive this reality.
That im a prisoner of my own.
That mortality isnt the reason why I live like unknown.
Im not holy the ghost starin at me.
And I cant scream to the stars to pick me up.
I am blinded by the night.
I am nothing so I pass out.
Hoping if I close my eyes someone will wake me up.
Because if I die now will these lakes cry and mountains will move from here to my grave.
Reality help me to find the truth of who I am.
Im in so much suffering.
Everytime I search for a new home I ended up broken.
Im not afraid to fall and for the rest of my life ill find myself in an endless road and an empty room.
mac azanes Apr 2015
I've been travelling this up and down roads.
Searching for something.
Looking for a place to a beat less heart.
Someday bees will find a perfect hive.
Where flowers are just behind.
And butterflies won't fly that high.
A perfect place for this soul to scream and cry.
Trying to forget the past that still hunt,
But never dies.
It's not easy,
When you're awake and daydreaming.
Trying to find a way of healing.
And understand the word  forgiving.
My eyes won't look for knives.
Just a quite night,
And a beautiful skies.
These mountains are walls.
That blocks all my heartaches.
And these tears are wonderful,
Like a crying mountains with lots of falls.
mac azanes Mar 2015
When times like raining of problems,
And it poured all over you.
Don't lose hope,
Just believe and move.

Look for a sun in the middle of a storm.
Oasis in a dry desert.
And an island,
To realize there's a place to stay.

You are not alone,
Look beside you.
There's hope and pain.
Just give em a fight and you'll win.

Don't believe in defeat.
Aim for a three peat.
Let your heart scream.
So don't be ashame.

Take your time against the train.
Go out and feel the rain.
Feel every drop,
Till you find yourself smiling.

Tonight there is no sunshine.
Tomorrow the stars won't shine.
I hope someday you'll understand why.
Midnight is a paradise in time.

You are not alone,
In ocean there's dolphin to cheer you up.
Birds are singing way up in the sky.
And a friend that will listen to your story no matter what.
mac azanes Feb 2015
This time of year,
Months and days.
Hours and minutes,
And seconds away.

I am so alone,
And this weather chills me to the bones.
I hug myself till I feel  warm,
Where blanket is my own arm.

I cry,
My minds fly,
But I'll do everything for my heart to stay alive,
And never fool myself with lies

In this place
Mirror is my friend,
I talk to this kid daily,
Till I found him in me.

Please be strong,
I told him everyday.
Please be happy,
Even if I know he's not ok.

He tried to smile,
When I look at me.
And whatever I do,
He's a carbon copy..

We never argue,
What ever I say,
He believes in me,
And always think anew.

I think  I'm  inlove,
With Me,Myself And I.
Trough this glass,
Looking in my eyes.
mac azanes Feb 2015
Your flying in my mind,
Like an unknown light in the sky.
Every time you hide
I seek for a spark.

I am no longer a dreamer
And a scattered looner.
I am no wanderer,
Or an adventurer.

It is hard to live,
When your hand are ties..
And waste your time,
Searching true meaning of this so called life.

I hope I can find where the fireflies are,
Ask them where they get their light.
Is it from the sun,
Or the moon and the stars.

In this unknown place of loneliness,
I will try to be calm.
Count one two and three,
Till i close my eyes.

I am sure that my heart is still waiting,
And I don't want a maybe.
After all you're my one and only.
That I want to own daily.

Please save a love for me young lady,
Don't pour everything away.
Reserve something,
For me to write another love story.
mac azanes Feb 2015
Friday The 13th
Valentines day.

For us
What is most scary?

Bad luck On a friday night,
Or alone
In a romantic sight?

Go out,
Stare at lovers
Who wish forever.

Or stay at home.
Listen to a radio,
Playing Love song.

We can escape,
A  black cat,
And its bad luck.

But a broken heart,
Will surely hit us
No matter what.
mac azanes Feb 2015
I will not run,
And chase the clock.
I will search,
Till I know how far I've  come.

I will not pretend,
And fool my self with my own lies.
I will try and try,
Till i find the true meaning of love.

I am not a glass,
That break.
I am a steel,
That bend.

I am not made of paper,
Or a skyscraper.
I am a paper boat,
That float everywhere.

I won't be drown,
With my own tears.
I'll stay afloat,
Even in shallow water.

I keep my promise on my own.
I'll keep it,
Till I feel tired,
And see no sign.
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