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  May 2017 Kathleen
Gaby Comprés
the magic of poetry.
is that it makes everything
it fills your lungs
like air.
it turns your soul
into a sky full of stars.
your heart
a field of wildflowers.
into a poem.
  May 2017 Kathleen
Olivia A Keaton
I wish it would
well rain harder
I wish that
the sky water would be salty
like my tears.
this way both could slide down my face unidentifiable
I wish the thunder was louder
just to help save me from my thoughts

I love how
well simply how
I'm walking to the beat,
crunching gravel to meet the sound
of my favorite song
even though it's no longer playing
I love that
the rain is blurring my vision
eventhough I couldn't see anyway
I love that with every step
I'm taking a shower
the rain provides me with good cleansing
I'm slowly scrubbing away every
remark, laugh, judge, scar and stain
and as my jeans, blouse, and shoes get wet,
I'm washing away some of this too
hidden deep within the seams

and yet some people wonder
why does she like the rain
It's not just rain
it's a friend
that I can talk to and actually leave with
a cleansed soul.
Kathleen May 2017
You are a piece of me ,
And I am not whole without you.
I am dying inside knowing you hurt.
A never ending pain I feel when you're not close.
Kathleen May 2017
He said a love like this doesn't last forever,
But I want it to.
I know how I feel,
And I'm ready to say I do.
  May 2017 Kathleen
i wrote a lot of great poetry when i was in love
i wrote even better poetry when i was in pain
i wrote the best poetry when i realized that the two emotions were actually the same.
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