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Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
**** getting old
I'd rather die
In a blaze of glory.
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
I have nothing to say
No words to give you
My mind is blank
No clever remarks
No witty retort
I won't waste your time
I'll just cut it sh...
******* writers block
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Thoughts are soda
The Brain is a bottle
Anxiety gives it a good shake
The lid is depression
Do you feel the pressure?
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Effort is my safety net
If I never try
I can never really fail
My internal excuse
The eternal fail safe
Preventing heartbreak
Minimising disappointment
Even if sometimes I succeed
More often I give up
If I gave it 100 percent
What excuse would I have left
How could I brush off the pain
I can never give maximum effort
Because what if I don't have what it takes
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Screams my brain
Voices pound like heavy rain
You're in DANGER
Every cell begins to panic
Feeling manic
Beating drum inside my brain
Voices pound like heavy rain
Get out quickly
Everyone is trying to trick me
You can't do this
Always in pain
Voices pound like heavy rain
Trouble breathing
Everything's fading to black
I think I'm having a panic attack
I can't see
I can't hear
Constant ringing in my ear
Losing consciousness
All that remain
Are voices pounding like heavy rain
PANIC. Living with anxiety can feel like you are drowning and running at the same time.
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Some made inquiries
Some expressed interest
Some came for a tour
Some tried to cut a deal
Some requested changes
Some ignored the listing
Some turned up their nose
Some needed more
Some looked at the beauty
Some saw Squalor
Some moved in
Some left in a hurry
Some made improvements
Some caused damage
Some wanted to stay
Some got evicted
None stayed forever
Hugo Pierce Jan 2022
Yet as I scream into the empty abyss
All that echoes is my sorrow
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