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1.7k · Feb 3
Honeybee Feb 3
I hide away from the world, yet I expect someone to be my miracle and find me?
Just a thought
I hope one day someone will find me though
1.6k · Feb 17
Honeybee Feb 17
I think the reason
I search so hard for love
Is because I know I will never
Find some inside of me
1.5k · May 2
Honeybee May 2
I’m somewhat like a book except
I have a perfect cover
And torn pages
958 · Feb 4
Honeybee Feb 4
The mess around me
Isn’t even a sliver
Of the mess inside my head
857 · Feb 6
Honeybee Feb 6
Just for once, just one time
I want to be someone’s first choice
This isn’t mine I just really loved it and thought I’d share it here
697 · Nov 2020
Honeybee Nov 2020
sitting under the rosy sun
trying to escape the problems i cant outrun
waiting for the days to pass
people waiting for me to fall and crash
and i'm getting pretty close
underneath this sunlit rose
656 · Mar 13
Honeybee Mar 13
I feel so
A imless
L ost
O bscured
N eglected
E xhausted
I’m kind of just lost right now
Like is there even a point in writing?
It’s not like it makes a difference in other peoples day
I kind of just want to stop
Not just writing but just everything
649 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
She gives in
To the sins
Of death
Every breath
She takes
She might catch a break
But the gauze
Says she’s on pause
Going through life
With a knife
To her skin
Starving to be thin
Waiting for a day
She’ll find a way
To survive
637 · Apr 4
I’ll be dead
Honeybee Apr 4
I’m used to being abandoned
But one day it’ll stop hurting
And when that day comes...
625 · Feb 25
I’m Fine
Honeybee Feb 25
I’m Not


523 · Feb 15
True Friends
Honeybee Feb 15
They walk in
When the rest of the world walks out
518 · Apr 28
Honeybee Apr 28
“Living is a privilege”
Then please like you take all my other privileges away take this one away too
513 · Jan 31
Honeybee Jan 31
the beautiful crimson string
that tied us together
you put on your neck to ring
and it’s now gone forever
Sorry I know it’s been awhile
511 · Apr 2
Honeybee Apr 2
She was the colorful part of my black and white world
Honeybee Mar 22
There’s a difference between living and surviving
And I’m on the brink of death
Thanks for your support
I’m trying to write again
It’s just hard. It’s nice to know that people think I make a difference though.
So yeah I’m trying
I’d appreciate it if you guys stuck with me while I’m going through this episode of numbness and depression
But if you don’t want to that’s okay too
446 · Mar 7
Honeybee Mar 7
I try to scream for help
But I can’t
It feels like claws are running up and down my throat
Suffocating me making me unable to even let out a sob
So I just sit there in silence
Not being able to breathe
Not moving a muscle
419 · Feb 17
Honeybee Feb 17
I have nothing left to say
Please just stay
404 · Apr 17
Honeybee Apr 17
Some people count calories
Or sodium and sugars
But I have nothing to count
Because I just
Don’t eat
I used to not eat at all
I’m doing better now
But I still feel really insecure whenever I eat
388 · Mar 3
Quiet Fantasy
Honeybee Mar 3
Sometimes I just go into a daydream
And never want to come back to reality
373 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
Time after time
Rhyme after rhyme
I’m still crying inside
I ask myself why?
Why can’t I see
What they think they know about me
What they knew about me
I hope this makes sense😣
347 · Mar 10
Honeybee Mar 10
They say that staying quiet isn’t the answer
But I’m not looking for an answer
I’m looking more for a way to be myself and not take everything they say to heart
312 · Mar 1
Honeybee Mar 1
Why is it
That as soon as I see my blood
I feel calmer?
311 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
I dove too deep
Loved her too much
I didn’t want to let go
But she left anyways
288 · Mar 12
Honeybee Mar 12
I can still hear his voice
Telling me how worthless I am
I can still feel his hands
Over my throat
choking me
I can still see the blood
Dripping to the floor
From where he cut me
I can still smell the beer
On his slurred tongue
I can still taste the iron in my mouth
from where he would punch me repeatedly

I can still remember everything my brain allows me too
Whenever I see or hear something that reminds me of him
I immediately break down
267 · Jun 10
Honeybee Jun 10
the thoughts in my mind
are more suffocating than
the hands around my throat
251 · Jul 14
Yellow Mars
Honeybee Jul 14
The yellow queen
Died within the stars
While her only love
Was buried below
The ground of Mars
I have an insta now!!!
It’s just my poems with backgrounds and drawings and stuff like that
I got it to just get my creativity out on another platform
It’s   honeybeez_poetry

I’d be really grateful if you’d follow it but if not that’s cool too
232 · Mar 11
When they hurt me
Honeybee Mar 11
It’s not like they can do anything
That hasn’t already been done to me before
225 · Jan 31
Honeybee Jan 31
the blood running through my veins
cold as ice
as I test my luck
with a role of the dice
instead of money
my life
is on the line
225 · Apr 1
Honeybee Apr 1
I’m tired of feeling like my mind is an inescapable prison
225 · Feb 26
Honeybee Feb 26
It’s not that I’m lazy
I just lack the motivation
To do anything
211 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
Sitting here
listening to our song
Thinking about how much
I still love you
It’s bittersweet
205 · Feb 28
Honeybee Feb 28
When I said I was okay
Did you really believe me
Or did you just let it slip by
While I was giving up on living?
I wish I could ask the person I’m talking about this question
But even if I faced him I know I would just freeze, say nothing and cry
203 · Mar 24
Honeybee Mar 24
My emotions and thoughts are just like an ocean
And I’m drowning on the last bits of the boat of insecurities
And I’m barely surviving on the lifeboat of being “fine”
196 · Mar 6
Honeybee Mar 6
Why do I have to be the way I am?
Sometimes I ask myself this
Why can’t I be like other people?
Fun to be around

Why do I have to make everyone around me miserable?
191 · Oct 2020
Honeybee Oct 2020
My mind is a maze
The etching on my skin is the proof
I tried to reach out for help
But my heart shattered
Before I could
Get to you
I’m trying hard to not let my thoughts get to me
173 · Apr 13
Friend into Family
Honeybee Apr 13
I may not have been able to pick my blood family
But my chosen family
Is the most important thing to me in this world
162 · Apr 9
Suck it Up
Honeybee Apr 9
I’m always there when others need me
But when I need someone no one seems to be there
I usually just tell myself to **** it up
And it’s not like I don’t have people to talk to
It’s just in that moment I feel like I’d just be bothering them and should just keep it to myself
158 · Mar 1
Honeybee Mar 1
Each of my scars
Is a battle
That I lost
Against myself
156 · Apr 18
Honeybee Apr 18
I can’t bring myself to eat right now
Probably cause I know if I eat
nothing good will happen
I’ll still get heavier
I’ll still be insecure
I’ll still throw it up
So I’m just not going to eat
Because no positives will come out of it
155 · Mar 3
Honeybee Mar 3
“You’re crazy!”
Don’t tell me something I already know
It’s a waste of my time
149 · Nov 2020
The Maple Tree
Honeybee Nov 2020
The maple trees
In the fall
Sets me free
Makes me think of it all
The stories
That tell
When the memories
Start to swell
Of that one
Maple tree
142 · Jul 23
Honeybee Jul 23
Her lips like candy
Her eyes like the sea
And the way
Her cheeks turned rosy
When she looked at me
Hey I have an Instagram now
Just letting you all know. It would mean a lot to me if you followed me
141 · Feb 22
Honeybee Feb 22
I’m trying to get away from them
My demons
My monsters
My insecurities
But no matter how much I run away
Or try to leave them behind
They find me
They always find me
115 · Apr 3
Honeybee Apr 3
I like the term warrior
Rather than survivor
Because I don’t feel like
That I was ever a victim
And survivor makes it
Sound like I was weak
At one point
I’m sorry if it’s just me that thinks this way
It’s just it’s always bothered me when someone called me a survivor
It makes me feel like they pity me
They shouldn’t pity me
They should instead be inspired by what I’ve been through
And hopefully be proud that I’m still alive and (mostly) well
108 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
She was the angel that got me through part of my personal hell
105 · Sep 2020
Honeybee Sep 2020
Every tear you shed
Put me on edge
Every time you laughed
If only I knew it would be your last
If only your beauty
Could have stayed
100 · Oct 2020
used to it
Honeybee Oct 2020
It’s sad maybe  even pathetic
When someone hurts me
I can honestly and genuinely say
Im used to it
99 · May 2
Guess What?!
Honeybee May 2
My mom always tells me that being positivity is a choice
But it’s not like I get up in the morning and want to hate myself
No one wants to wake up and immediately think of death
No one wants to go through the day with barely enough motivation to stand
No one wants to get home from school and cry for hours
It’s not like I want to be up all night having flashbacks and anxiety attacks
But guess what mom?
That just how my life is!
And there’s nothing you can do to help me
I’m a lost cause
So just let me give up
Just please
99 · Sep 2020
I may be me
Honeybee Sep 2020
I may speak the truth
In my poetry
I may have friends
They may or may not know the true me
I may be timid in real life
I may be a little over weight
I may be too tall or too short
For your liking
Or maybe just maybe
I may be the perfect me
I possibly could be
I may not love myself but I respect and accept who I am
94 · Mar 5
Honeybee Mar 5
I’m never really that happy
It’s just some days
I’m a little less sad
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