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Nilay Sep 2015
Let there be heaven and hell
For all the bone puzzles under our feet
They would not know what to do with their life until they die
They would live their life in pain and then be forced to burn in the fire.

But who knows God would be perfect if he was a human being?
Who knows he would not make any mistakes at all?
Who knows he would not fall in love or forget his own religion?
But who really knows about anything of him at all?

But let there be lots of people in the world
Even though some are born without a loving daddy.
Because production is free, it is done so naturally.
And there is still some empty space in the earth to bury.

Let there be money
Let there be glory
Let there be many
And God will be happy.

Because to know the right there must be wrong.
To show the white there must be black.
To see the light there must be dark.
And all these things are arbitrary.

— The End —