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Grace Summers Jun 11
I hope you never find out
What it's like to be a stranger
Not just to those near you,
But also to yourself.
Grace Summers Jun 11
I wonder why I
Am so easy to ignore
Even when I scream...
Grace Summers May 27
Hidden behind the pain
Are memories etched in sand.
They're washed away by the waves,
I'm left to wonder where we stand.

Hidden behind the smile
Are demons lurking in the dark.
They whisper secrets I shouldn't know,
Framing them like pieces of art.

Hidden behind the facade of love
Is a bruised but beating heart.
I wonder how long it will remain this way,
Before succumbing to its scars...
Grace Summers Apr 29
You were the only thing I knew when the night grew dark,
Now you're the only thing I don't recognise on the brightest of days...
Grace Summers Apr 21
I tried running away from my problems,
If only I'd known I was running in circles...
Grace Summers Apr 20
I fell into your arms, feeling safe,
Falling into a deep slumber;
Until you woke me up again,
And I realised I'm falling again.

But this time, not into your arms...
Grace Summers Apr 15
Drowning in my fears,
Hoping I could hide them.

Fruitless days and sleepless nights,
Where did it all go wrong?
Recently got diagnosed with anxiety disorder. I've been trying my best not to give up but things never seem to work out...
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