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Grace Summers Mar 2021
She waited for him under the bridge;
The cold, cold night throwing threats her way-
Threats to freeze her to death,
Threats to keep her lover at bay.
But never losing her faith in him,
She kept on awaiting his arrival.
Once or twice had headlights illuminated her,
Upping her hopes and the beating of her heart.
But there was still no sign of him-
Him, the one she'd sworn to love for life.
Then suddenly, and all of a sudden,
She heard the rustling of leaves behind her.
Scared, she took back a step or two,
Afraid it was someone who would hurt her.
But out of the woods came he-
Running, panting, out of breath.
She wanted to know what was wrong;
She needed an explanation.
Instead he took her arm and ****** her on,
Then into a boat nearby.
The still waters, though, were never a good hideout;
Even the most silent of fish could be heard.
Scared, raging, she let him row on,
For she too, wanted to get away-
Away from the town that disapproved,
Away from the thousand pairs of eyes,
Away from the prying neighbours,
And away from the noise and the crowd.
The silence was something she'd learned to appreciate;
But never before had it been so piercing,
Never before had it threatened her life,
Never before had it made itself heard.
And it was then that she heard the gunshot-
Piercing through the silence,
Piercing through the night,
Piercing through the wind,
And piercing her lover's heart.
She screamed, then sensed danger,
And then the second one came.
She gasped and she choked,
And she cursed her lover's enemy.
Then the peace settled in,
When she thought about her lover;
How she'd be entangled in his arms,
Prying on the thousand pairs of eyes from above...
Grace Summers Feb 2021
If everybody was perfect,
Nobody would be perfect.
Grace Summers Feb 2021
Some people leave to make you realize your worth;
Some people stay to make things worse.
Some people linger to make life better;
Some people flee and leave things bitter.
Grace Summers Feb 2021
Will you be the one to hold me,
Pretending like you care
While I lie about why I'm crying,
And why I'm broken?
Grace Summers Feb 2021
I might've loved, might've loved, might've loved you
With all that I had;
But you made me, you made me hate you
With every single breath.
Even though I hate that you're gone,
We both know who's at fault.
These scars you left deep on my heart,
Don't shower them with salt.
Teaser alert! This is the outro of a song I'm working on...
Grace Summers Feb 2021
I shut the door,
Shut the lights,
Shut the pain,
Shut myself.

Still can't shut my thoughts...
  Feb 2021 Grace Summers
Eshwara Prasad
Living in the everlasting hope that one of my dreams, at least, would become true.
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