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mhm Dec 2023
Read the people around you
Long ago I saw the stars above
They went somewhere
Its an idea, like all the others

Just as all the others
A distant, cold place
But familiar
I understood, maybe some day

At the end of the day
Burns never heal
Only out-shined by new flame
I am the Iron, that stains
mhm Jan 2020
It's always a burden
To focus on one thing
At a time

The bittersweet journey
The passion project
The immovable dreams
The endless hobby
It is a rockslide

What is more affordable than why
How is just a nuisance
The words should form something better
In our minds

Afford what you can
Or slide away
I've been gone for a awhile, srry.
mhm Dec 2019
Stare into the void
The end is nothing but soil
The fertilizer has gone rampant
Wandering polydirectional

Burning soil
Ravaging crops
Grown to provide assistance
Over this void

The wreath is lost
But at what cost?
There is no cost?
mhm Nov 2019
I am a crescent
A shell of a fulfilled wish
Give repent
Cry out like a tick

The motor is without a battery
The oil has evaporated
Recondense the fire
Spread the clouds

Seven phrases on a resume
Different handwriting
Burn the rest of the day
The art of slitting

Stand tall
Embrace the ecstacy
Is this a reverie?
Or is this a fall?

The idol's sanctuary
Leave it be
The death of February
Nothing left of me
mhm Sep 2019
My tactics
Shall not be changed by a simple request
Unrequited still
The palpitations remain dormant
Until the fortress breaks
And the leeches march away
From an already illusionary grave

The above already knows
Pity undeserved
******* beyond the last straw
A hero's journey without hope
A plagued misfortune
A painful heartbeat

No drop left
A fate written in the walls
Written in the meat
Written by the ones who stood tall
The epilogue for an irregularity

A day for misfortune
Lose control

They say it's hysterical
They are purely hypothetical
They say we had become them

Scarlet embers fade into obscurity
He was given the noose long ago

And the frost had merged reality
Maybe we had become the gods?
mhm Aug 2019
I entered your mind
From the back entrance
I learned more about your kind
The issues that come with it

Your insecurities
Your hypocrisies
Your lack of reflection
Your artistic expression

So foul
So cruel
It would be better
Just to get rid of you

Don't challenge me
I am a god
I am immortal
I will get rid of you

My purity
Given by these glasses
Your energy
Helps the masses

But I don't care
I want you gone
I want you dead
And I have never agreed with you

You have never trespassed
But I will
mhm Aug 2019
No sleep tonight
Am I exhausted?
Guess I don't have the energy to know

These odd heights
Is this my solace?
Guess I can't possibly be the one below

I must be tough
To bear these questions every day
Frankly enough
I hope it goes my way

It's too much to take in
I must be dying
Guess my imagination is the one killing

This century isn't forgiving
I can't be trying
Guess it's just the weakness wining

Time is an insomniac
Limping through desperation
Unable to think for a second
You are problematic

I have done little wrong
Although I feel the need
To apologize.
This is probably the most personal piece of writing is have ever done. Most of my earlier poems have this habit of telling a story with a short of forced meaning and theme shoved into it. But at the time of writing this poem, I must have been very tired and / or extremely in touch with my feelings in the moment to show a side of me that I usually try to avold due to the fact that I would find it to be very difficult to put on paper and describe these feelings in words. But to be honest, I think I succeeded making one of my personal favorite writes up to this point.

Thanks for reading this, and have a nice day,

Write on!
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