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Walk across miles into the cold land
Winter forever and where it stands
The life of a mascot shrouded in mist
The scorched soul where he is never dismissed

You become the soul
Broken roots to its core and enslaved
You lock the door
The stone walls with our names engraved

Left to a broken palace
Kings using words of spring
Holding up familiar strings
The influence begs you to forgive

Giving you a voice without sanity
Giving a hoax inside your head          
Giving protection in his vanity
Giving promise before death

Left beneath the ground
A place you avoided with your soul
A freakish land devoid of idea
Constant minds thrown down the hole

Why destroy what you swore to protect?
Isn't it all hypocrisy?
Why protect what what is found dead?
Just to cause controversy?

Watching through the looking Glass
You see a mascot in paradise
A beauty against reality
Your reality is what you asked

Distorted reflection wearing a mask
Made out of light and purity          
The reflection is perfect
But far from reality

Given a goal
To satisfy his desire
To become whole
And reach beyond the mire

Your salvation in dire
This is what you get
This is what they get
What you didn't expect
This is a poem I was very proud of when i made it.
In the morning
Sun still rising
I find myself in frantic pace

Underneath the tides of deceit
His words reek
In the undesired of which you speak

Chained by the candle
The heat melts your skin
No one to put it out
Lit by your misplaced twin

Left out
Throughout and beneath the drought
He brought a scout
Unease lingers around your doubt

Inside looking out
Eyes see nothing
Outside looking in
You see him
Remain here
To Drain away the day
every day

All the years gone away
Only to be found as the same prey
Is it really that difficult to say goodbye?

A life looking bleak
You being weak
Is it really that complicated
To say farewell and leave?

In words of wisdom
It is not what you seek
Do you deserve better?
Or will you speak?
Suttle mark upon the window
Landscape dazed
The arrival of spring
Sunlight swept to cause the haze

Among the scholarship
It is me
Aspiration to days of kinship
Troubles face this lack of breeze

The fear of the short term wait
Rummy beyond my fragile day
A mind that has always gone away
Depictions of these irrational sways      

In the distance
I watch the branches
The flutter of their fragile lances
Visions obtained with prying glances

Ideas flooding the mind
Is this a hint?

A new glory I must find
Leave the words in my print

Writers block now released
Joy from this new found breeze
An idea offered by my disease
The phenomenon is complete

I am pleased

— The End —