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Francis Rowell Apr 2018
when those eyes like ice meet mine, i look down
she snarls as i freeze
fight or flight
she has me trapped
words like knives into my anxious mind
who would have thought it would end up this way
Francis Rowell Apr 2018
you have written your cruel words in scars on my wrists
your torture is verbal
turned physical
you’re gone, but it’s still there
i’m trapped in your endless cacophony of insults
Francis Rowell Apr 2018
you cannot wait
wait for the sun
the sun
the sun will shine bright without me
without me
without me you will go on
go on
go on and find someone new
someone new
someone new will help you get better
better without me you are
you are
you are
Francis Rowell Apr 2018
only red
i see

white noise
but red
red surrounding me
it's spreading like a plague

i can't stop it

can't stop the flow of red, and only red

there's a pale tint to my skin

and it's almost over

Francis Rowell Apr 2018
eyes narrowed down
i gaze and they're digging into my arms
teeth bared like poisonous snakes
a hiss and you're not human, no
you were never human
Francis Rowell Apr 2018
a single drop of red into the pale white sink
and another
painting a disorderly picture onto a marble canvas
with a blade as your brush and the reddest pigment
only the best
Francis Rowell Apr 2018
you cry out into the
but they never listen
to you
they never listen
you feel her teardrops on you shoulder like a
cold summer
but she never listens
to your comforting
what would you do if those turquoise glass orbs had not met yours on a
you would not
yet again
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