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Fey Torres Jun 2016
I've gotten to accept the flaws that reflect upon looking at my own flesh
I've grown immune to feeling self concious
I never do
I find that my crooked nose and funky smile
Are so oddly beautiful in a certain way
My eyes sit deep noticeably dark and hollow
The wierd scars the dent and jump throughout my skin
I assure you im not full of myself nonetheless feel any uncertainty
Oh but inside of the shell im destined to live in
Is the most important, sacred, strongest thing of all
A soul
Still so beautiful nothing could change my mind not the time nor the age
Or the eyes that will never know the definition of love and beauty
Fey Torres Mar 2016
We've made up something absolutely insane
When I come across the word time, it resembles routine.. to me
It does not symbolize dawn, morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight , twilight
I used to live a life where time was everything
I must finish school at a certain 'time'
I must have independency only for a certain amount of 'time'
I must fall in love after I've become 'successful' which takes 'time'
I must go to work and work and work for a loooooonnnnggggggg
If I don't finish school now,
they say I'll never do it.
because I won't have 'time'
If I have kids now I'll never live life
god ******* ****
what the **** is time
time is a ****** up concept
and I've realized that
I will do things whenever it feels right
because whenever it feels right is the right ******* time to do it
Not when someone with the ignorance to believe In time tells me it's time
Fey Torres Jan 2016
Me beso
y todo se me olvido
Fey Torres Oct 2015
..... And if you leave me today I'll have nothing to say but to me it will always be an unfinished happy ending....
Fey Torres Sep 2015
Why is not the question I should be asking
I cannot ask why I am going through such a hard time
I cannot blame others or the forces of the universe
I cannot blame god,
I mean I don't even believe the guy does miracles
I cannot ask why
Simply because there is no answer.
I must ask how? How will I get through this?
loosing the positive fey
Fey Torres Aug 2015
When you're here... its okay if I'm under a bridge,
it's aright if I don't fit in
life's amazing and my heart goes crazy!
When you're here I don't need money
I don't need to feen
When you're here I'm so complete
As much as I try my brain won't fool my heart
You're not here
we're far apart
I'm alone
My soul knows there's no place like home
My legs search for another pair in the dark
I fall apart,
I cry, and cry
My pillow keeps me company tonight...
You mean so much to me
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