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Fey Torres Jul 2015
love is like a seed
any seed
if you bring the sunlight
I will bring the water
the seed will flourish into the most beautiful thing,
the most delicate thing
if the sunlight dies out
there's only so much the water does for the seed
it wont longer flourish as beautiful
it will no longer be as strong
slowly it will start to die..
love is beautiful
Fey Torres Jun 2015
Even when I'm having the busiest day
I find time to think of you
weird huh
Fey Torres Jun 2015
It makes me laugh
when you don't think your charms are enough
It cracks me up
when you think I could possibly love another
I laugh hysterically
when you question my honesty and loyalty
I can laugh so hard that I start to cry
when you ask me if I love you
are you ******* kidding me?
I feel more than love for you!
you're one amazing dude
my prince charming
Oh, give your body now to me
Blessing it with extreme ecstasy
Setting free what you hold inside
Each desire, each need you hide
****** craving to my hard touch
Sensual needing, wanting too much
Inner thoughts of a fetish like mind
Obsession of both, one of a kind
Now uncontrollable bodies together
Copyright © Chris Smith 2015
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