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Apr 2 · 16
This is one of my written works where it’s simply one huge bout of creative and intense energy, so what you’ll be reading may seem to be mixed up and will move in different directions very quickly. Don’t let it overwhelm you. This just happened to be one of the times where I sit down and write without barely thinking straight. This means I just wrote everything that I felt without worry if it is not making sense. It’s just raw writing from the insights and visions I have in an instant.


When you feel blocked you have to get it out sometime.
At some point you will be forced to sit with yourself and dwell in the not so glamorous but selfless sensitivity.
I am blocked right now. OR at least I keep re-affirming that within my psyche. Maybe I'm just ******. But I'm beautiful chaos
I yearn to fall in love again, but this time, I simply cannot lose myself like I had in every other occurrence
Some say I love "too hard" and I fall into obsessive behaviors. That is, partially true.
The love planet from my very first breath was right in my face, forcing me to love in impulsive, very serious, galaxy-moving ways.
I haven't written in a while, Loki. I'm trying to get this out.
I do love hard, but so do you. I can already tell.
I feel like whatever we are is so sensitive, but so strong and resilient.
Almost that we're in perfect balance, and life moves so easily and seamlessly when we are together
Our psyche's flow very evenly, drawing us closer
However, there is one warning that is now attempting to rise
We are blocked in the fact that you can't take a super-serious moment with me to its full advantage.
You WANT TO. Trust me, you do want to dive into the workings of the Universe and what our so-called love could possibly look like, if headed in that direction.
You are however, scared. Your capabilities to love and nurture are so incredibly strong right now, but you can easily dismiss any excess emotion you don’t want to involve with. But trust me, do the opposite.
Rejoice in the uncomfortable, look at yourself through the most realistic lense.
Please don't lose sight of yourself though
Life will test you and in not all pleasurable ways.
Everything that comes into fruition will be there to serve you, and the true you, though.
You need to constantly know that you are loved, and I feel like you may not get that as much as you'd like.
Sometimes all the love you choose to give is just too much, and you tire yourself out, easily.
Balance, babe.
You deserve as much love and as much satisfaction as everyone else who happens to be in perfect existence right now.
Open your mind.
Choose to learn to love feeling uncomfortable, loving every emotion that comes into your awareness.
You are very capable, one of the most I've seen in a long time.
You underestimate yourself way too much, if I had to put it like that.
You are capable of moving people in earth-shattering ways.
You just need to lean on me in all the right areas.
NEVER rely on me too much, because I myself do that in any friendship or relationship.
I am already sensing an urge for you to get even closer with me
Go at your own pace. Go throughout life at your own pace, because, as much as other individuals matter, the only real thing you need to keep in sight constantly is YOU.
Be able to say no, and to set up even more boundaries. You may not even know what that may look like right now, and that's okay.
You are also someone who can embrace the uncertainty in some cases, and that's something beautiful and to celebrate.
That's also something that I lack.
I am so grounded and earth-centered sometimes that it can get in the way of my full potential to love and to serve others.
I feel that your place in my life right now is to lean me in the direction to see past my stubbornness and occasional insensitivity.
You can help me by showing me what true servitude looks like, and how to overcome the self-centeredness of my individuality.
I can do so much for you, just listen.
I can open you up to a whole other world of knowledge.
I can ground you and show you that self-care and self-sufficiency is by far one of the most important things.
I can be your outlet for excessive emotion, because I will never judge you.
I myself am naturally judgemental, not always seeing people as who they are at first glance, so I have to keep checking myself to in reminder to just ******* chill sometimes.
I will never judge you, ever. I honestly crave what things you may be consciously and subconsciously repressing.
I feel like you are of greater importance that you think you are, but you are clearly limiting yourself right now.
It’s very easy to just want to give in and to just lay around and ignore ****.
I encourage to broaden your awareness and to really see what you can discover about yourself though
You are someone who may get easily side-tracked at times, but you never have to let that get the best of you.
Self-limitation is something I used to do but no longer choose to keep in my self routines.
Always strive for what is right, okay?
So let me be your outlet for growth, and to celebrate the real you.
I will balance you out and to steer you in the right direction.
I will always be there in any position whether that be to be your close friend, or a possible romantic partner.
Nothing thus far changes anything, and this by far is what will always stand:
I will ALWAYS.
love you as an individual, no matter what the circumstances.
May 2019 · 53
You draw me in, much like a pencil draws exquisite artwork
A messy sketch turns into a masterpiece, but simply by choice
And you choose to connect all the lines, while still embracing the soft and sharp edges of my being instead of being simply unsatisfied.
You fill in my flaws with vibrant color; my strengths with simplistic modesty
You have ultimate respect in the imperfect
With seamless love, you never cease to create me
Build me
Beautify me
create and renew me effortlessly ~
May 2019 · 50
Simple Love
****-sapiens are ****** beings.
It is naturally valid and allowed.
Most would find most pleasure through the erogenous zones,
and you do.
But it is you who finds the energy and mild satisfaction with a simple touch from your fingers onto the paleness of my thigh.
You could touch the plain yet exquisite form of my leg for the rest of your days and always feel...okay.
Because love in its plainest and most simple form will drive anyone to ecstatic energy.
But mostly you ~
May 2019 · 73
He looks at me.
One look into the deep blue abyss, and it opens its gleaming focus directly into mine.
Infatuated, yet deeper than the very inner core of the earth in love.
One gaze and I am suddenly traveling to other universes, beyond this material ground we are bounded to. Strung to this ground as tightly as our struggling egos will let us.
Material things, material world.
But within that deep blue abyss, is what is called a true soul.
And he looks at me. ~
Apr 2019 · 486
~ Infatuated Ardor ~

I love you.

And not just for the overflowing amounts of positive awareness;
not just for the thrilling outer casing of a body, a body I view as now sacred, more than just art.
You are a temple of admiration, and your soul is lucky to make a home within you.
Most would envy you; with your seemingly endless success and compassion, we are one in the same.
We are so much more than our outward appearances, so much more than the tainted and blurred vision of those who are almost permanently scarred, overrun with a jealous mind, and a jealous heart.
Their souls are blinded, caged, and every spot of energy within themselves blocked up with false beliefs.
But we; we are so much more than this. We are obsessed with the love we partake in.
Your touch, I crave. It's as if the energy is literally seeping from the pads of your crafted fingertips into my being.
What drives you is passion. We are so full of it, which is why we are the almost sickeningly perfect match.
My head, my energy, is in the constant state of refusal to reality.
Some may say, my head is stuck in the clouds. But that is an entirely false statement.
My head is caught in the exosphere, facing the Universe with the steadiest of a gaze.
You take me back to the harsh reality, but together we craft it, in seemingly flawless harmony.
My soul faces this lifetime with courage, without a minuscule strand of doubt.
Together, our souls now proclaim a unity, an indistinguishable frequency. Never perfect, but passionate in our vision.
I bid you all the credit, all my love. For you will be my first and only love until  the final hour fate justifies otherwise.

For Ang <3

— The End —