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Apr 2019

I love you.

And not just for the overflowing amounts of positive awareness;
not just for the thrilling outer casing of a body, a body I view as now sacred, more than just art.
You are a temple of admiration, and your soul is lucky to make a home within you.
Most would envy you; with your seemingly endless success and compassion, we are one in the same.
We are so much more than our outward appearances, so much more than the tainted and blurred vision of those who are almost permanently scarred, overrun with a jealous mind, and a jealous heart.
Their souls are blinded, caged, and every spot of energy within themselves blocked up with false beliefs.
But we; we are so much more than this. We are obsessed with the love we partake in.
Your touch, I crave. It's as if the energy is literally seeping from the pads of your crafted fingertips into my being.
What drives you is passion. We are so full of it, which is why we are the almost sickeningly perfect match.
My head, my energy, is in the constant state of refusal to reality.
Some may say, my head is stuck in the clouds. But that is an entirely false statement.
My head is caught in the exosphere, facing the Universe with the steadiest of a gaze.
You take me back to the harsh reality, but together we craft it, in seemingly flawless harmony.
My soul faces this lifetime with courage, without a minuscule strand of doubt.
Together, our souls now proclaim a unity, an indistinguishable frequency. Never perfect, but passionate in our vision.
I bid you all the credit, all my love. For you will be my first and only love until  the final hour fate justifies otherwise.

For Ang <3
Written by
Kathryn Elizabeth Kimberly C  18/F/USA
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