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Iskra May 2023
Rigid gurney, frigid stare
I’ll lay still to prove my love
Scalpel to skin, the only way
No choice left, snap your glove

Cut through fabric, flesh exposed
Your lash mark burning, buried
**** and press on pressure points
Check for broken capillaries

Saw through ribs to bare my heart,
There’s a faster path to follow,
Cut your way up through my stomach,
Check for what I didn’t swallow

Blade to throat I’m forced to speak
Tears trickling, blood gushing
Grimy finger prints all over
You see them in the chambers you’re crushing

Carved up carcass inside out
Too impure for your desire
Toss me aside in your disgust
All I that I did wrong was lie

You watched in sickness and relief
As you pulled me apart and scoffed at how used up I’d already been
And I gripped your wrist and pushed myself into your knife
To be sure it was enough for you
Can’t you see I was letting you win?

Just leave me here to die
This is why I lied

After you’re through with me can I do it all again?
After you’re through with me can I do it all myself?
After you’re through with me can I do it all again?
After you’re through with me can I do it all myself?
Iskra May 2023
Gifts in utero, or perhaps vice?
Primordial blessings formed with a price

Watch the hourglass turn, never to come around
Star children all burn up before they touch the ground

It’s time to take your formless shape
Opalescence often fades
The rest of us they all call names
But I have far to go and so far to fall
Iskra Apr 2021
Let me thank your fingertips,
Firm caress against my lips,
Please accept this loving gift,
Yours to do with as you wish.

Persistent touch around my neck,
It keeps me in your gentle grip.

Paint a garden on my skin,
Dewdrops on a rosy flush,
Strokes to wear the canvas thin,
Make me pure in willing blush.
July 2020
Iskra Dec 2019
On the longest, darkest night,
To pass the aching countdown until dawn,
We lit a candle to give us light,
A gentle flame to burn until our agonies were gone.

With wordless prayer upon my lips,
Of moonlight skin on flowing sheets,
In all the life that it has given,
Never did scarlet taste so sweet.

A path of blossoms in the dark,
Bloomed from worship of mouth on skin,
To beckon Death with gentle fingers,
Tell me, how could this be sin?

Let me soak up your burning blush against my skin as you lie with me,
Let me tell you
It is with you, my love, that I am clean;
It is like this when we are free.
To my lover
Iskra Oct 2019
He told me all the wonders of the world,
All the smoke-filled ponderings and philosophies,
Yet he himself was but a wretched worm.

Young but wary,
I’d walk past the mushroom without a bite,
And walk into the flower garden level headed.
Drawn as I was to the roses,
Lovely hues,
Too classic for so whimsical a place.

But oh what a pleasant surprise to be serenaded by a pretty stargazer.
Who trilled in lilting soprano,
Blossoms rounded in the curve of treble clef,
Shrill and wonderful
Such that even my skin listened

And what would I give to linger in the garden,
But the journey and path continue on.
After all, the smirking cat said nothing about staying,
Perhaps the smile will carry on.
Iskra Aug 2019
A click of a lock at curfew cut off the chaos of the day,
The last pulse in the longest piece we’d had to play,
Stillness and silence until tomorrow’s dawn.

Until a string broke in the room,
A final sigh before the creak of drying wood,
The trio rocked and murmured ‘til my tears subsided.

The Sultan would spare the enchantress,
But I still wept, because I knew
That ten doors down, in her own prison,
Scheherazade was weeping too.
Iskra Jul 2019
Face will glisten and fingers bleed,
For this love too out of reach

Notes pour off the page too quick,
Wrist trembles,
Shoulders click

Crystal tears dull thoughts of blood,
It’s a passion, hurts too much
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