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Nov 2019 · 236
Enzo Nov 2019
I think about you more often than not
It’s November, and I don’t to
But you make me want to nut
Sep 2019 · 168
Sep 2019 · 181
sa ulan.txt
Enzo Sep 2019
umuulan nanaman
papatak na ang mga salita
tutulo na ang mga luha
dadanak na laman ng puso
mahuhulog nanaman sa’yo
pero di ka pa rin aabutan ng ulan
Sep 2019 · 179
Enzo Sep 2019
Aug 2019 · 125
Only Playful
Enzo Aug 2019
Moments split into split-second glances,
My eyeballs chase after your's, and your's after mine until we finally catch each other's stares
But even so, we never did see eye to eye, because we were never meant to 'see each other'
You won't ever see in me whatever it is that I see in you, because we're simply never meant to be
Jul 2019 · 118
Enzo Jul 2019
In our own pace,
in our own space
We’ll take our time,
we’ll make this right
Jul 2019 · 152
Enzo Jul 2019
Played me with your jazz hands
Made to dance to your whims and tunes
Losing myself within the echoes of your melodies

With your love song on repeat
My heart pounds to your beat

Swaying me with verses
Drunk with lyrical vices

Can’t get you out
Don’t want you out

In my head, you belong
Jun 2019 · 629
Enzo Jun 2019
Write it down
Write it all down

The way you need me
The way you love me
The way you want me

Ink it down
Ink it all down with tooth and nail
Ink it down with bites and scratches

Breathe it all into me, under my skin
Mark me with all that I am to you

You own me.
Jun 2019 · 2.4k
Enzo Jun 2019
The weirdest dream
I ever had
was you
not being in it
Mar 2019 · 864
Spare Parts
Enzo Mar 2019
You have spare parts, I hear?
Some gears to get me going?
Patches for the leaks in my eyes?
A prosthetic? Because I need a hand

I don't need you, but I do need the things you have
Spare me your arms, I need to be held
Spare me your eyes, I want to be seen
Spare me your time because I need more

You have the spare parts I need,
Only you can complete me,
Please fix me
Feb 2019 · 201
a heart under construction
Enzo Feb 2019
Slow Down
Beware of falling objects
Sorry for the inconvenience
Exit this way
"It'll be finished in 3 months"
Feb 2019 · 168
in tongues
Enzo Feb 2019
There can be no sweeter tongue, nor softer lips than the ones on your mouth as you say my name
Call me again
Jan 2019 · 463
Enzo Jan 2019
I fancy you
You fancy me
So we go to a fancy dinner
At a fancy place
With a fancy view
As far as the eyes can see
Everything is fancy
Since we both fancy each other
What better way to end this fancy night,
Than with a totally non fancy tongue-wilding sloppy wet smooch and kiss?
Jan 2019 · 1.0k
Binibining Nagbibilang
Enzo Jan 2019
Ang hilig mo magbilang eh 'no?
Kung ilang beses ako lumalabas
Kung ilang bote ang tinutungga ko
Kung ilang stick ng yosi ang nagamit ko
Kung ilang tao kausap ko
Kung ilang bagay ang naitulong ko
Kung ilang salapi ang naiaambag ko
Kung ilang araw kitang hindi pinapansin
Kung ilang oras akong nawawala
Kung ilang beses ako nagkakamali

Binibilang mo talaga ang lahat eh 'no?
'Di ka ba nahihirapan? 'Di ka ba nagsasawa?

Samantalang ako, binibilang ko lang 'yong mga panahong pinaramdam **** mahal mo ako, at sa totoo lang di ko na kailangang magbilang-

Dahil alam kong minamahal mo ako simula pa noon hanggang ngayon.

Ang ingay mo talaga eh 'no?
Hayop ka, mahal kita.
Basta masungit, langit kung magmahal
Jan 2019 · 682
Enzo Jan 2019
Buong umaga nakapikit,
Maghapong walang dilat,
Magdamag na natutulog,
Araw-araw 'di nagigising,
Ganyan ako,
Patay na...

Patay na patay sa'yo~<3
Kapag kinilig ka, akin ka
Jan 2019 · 221
Love Junkie
Enzo Jan 2019
You were my happy pill,
A drug I would chug down with sugar and wine
Giving me medicine for my sins

You were the substance to my life
The substance that I abused
Getting me high so I dont feel the lows
Knocking me out into sleep every night

With you, I was a ******
Always happy and all jumpy
Getting funky and needy

But since you've been gone I'm relapsing
Rehashing the feelings of intoxication
Missing it, craving it, wanting it, needing it
Rehashing it:
Missing you, crazing you, wanting you  needing you
Get high
Jan 2019 · 100
Dear TV
Enzo Jan 2019
Dear TV,
I miss you.
I miss your news and your tunes,
The action and the drama
All the colors in your boxy world

We spent hours on end with each other,
Tuning into you, pushing your buttons,
You're shaped like a square and to be frank you were quite edgy
But even so, I could watch you all day

I love you, but my parents didn't like it.
I spent too much of my time on you,
They hate how you're all I ever talk about
They despise your stories of adventure and love
They don't approve of your music tastes.
They don't approve of us

They separated you and I,
Kept us away from each other for so long

However, I guess we were too close,
You were straining my eyes
But now I see clearly, succumbed to the demands of my parents.

Dear TV,
I loved you. Goodbye
Jan 2019 · 101
Again and Again
Enzo Jan 2019
I take a step forward, you take a step forward.
I do it again, you do it again.
I look forward, you look back.
I do it again, you do it again.

Our steps are distanced
Our gazes are distant
I take another step, you take another step
I take another look, you take another look

I do it, you do it
We do it again and again
On repeat, separated by a few feet

We do it again and again,
But we can't begin again,
Even though we're both going the same way, the same destination, at the same pace, at the same space, at the same time.

Again and again moving along,
Keeping distance, looking forward, looking back, the same everything but with a different someone
Jan 2019 · 166
Enzo Jan 2019
Life's a maze, and you were the guide,
Although you were simply too bright.
I was blinded, been clouded with sunshine and light.
I couldn't see because I never wanted to see.
You were my light, simply too bright-
Ultimately losing my sight.

I'm going blind
My head's a dark space,
A directionless youth
Traversing  crossroads over crossroads
Making tiptoes over rivers
Constantly moving but never really moving on

With my eyes robbed of sight
I look back and see that with or without you  
I'm lost either way
Jan 2019 · 449
sleeping beauty
Enzo Jan 2019
Youre sleepy cuz youre dreamy
Sleeping on cloudbeds over sunsets
Draping over rainbows as sheets
Summer nor winter, it dont matter
For rain never drips on your sleep
You slumber and no wonder they call you a sleeping beauty, but woke as a prince's kiss
Dec 2018 · 248
Enzo Dec 2018
The sadness and blue were never real
it was just cyans fiction
Dec 2018 · 393
Dear Homophobes,
Enzo Dec 2018
I showed you love but you were color blind
All you could see were two colors:black and white;

Man and woman, woman and man
Thats what you see, love living only in binary

You're straight with the hate when two from the same gender procreate
You're pro-life but never did love life nor live a life of love

All you are is hate hiding behind your faith

I could diss you and spite but yknow I'm not like you
I swing my own way, why should you care if it ain't straight?
Not gay or bi or anything but I love my lgbtq+ friends
Dec 2018 · 386
My Eyes
Enzo Dec 2018
my eyes were never "up here"
because they were stuck;
glued to you
my eyes are up here
Dec 2018 · 416
Dear Writer
Enzo Dec 2018
keep up the soul,
drown down your doubts,
fill it with happy thoughts.
and with your spirit,
there won't be a retreat
so dream on dreamer!

keep writing, keep scribbling,
with no tears left to cry
ideas and words will never be dry,

dear writer,
you still have phrases to do
language to know,
an art to make,
a love to define,
a struggle to narrate,
and a story to live

dictate the stars, own the future
with pen in hand, take us to new lands
motivating all writers
Dec 2018 · 84
On Repeat
Enzo Dec 2018
Let me be the bane of your attention
Dividing it with wails and drama
Shoving my feelings down your throat
Knowing that its never as romantic as before
I know you know but I want you to know it again and again
Hear it from me on and on
The same words the same drama the same feelings
Dec 2018 · 109
Liquid Courage
Enzo Dec 2018
Caffeine and *****,
Your tears from youth,
These are my sources of strength,
I gain the confidence of a god when under influence,
A heart larger than Ghandi's when drowning in coffee,
Your cries give me reason and voice to stop ******* up and to make a choice
Wrote this under the influence of alcohol and coffee
Dec 2018 · 324
Police Brutality
Enzo Dec 2018
Pump me full of iron and lead
Shoot me in the head
Wait! I'm already dead
Police brutality it is
Irony is my fatality

Died from a figure of speech
From exercising my freedom of speech
Well life's certainly a *****
When your body rots in a ditch

Maggot ridden I am
While blue collar ****-for-brains
Parades for justice and truth
Order and peace? Well ******* sis
I am still alive though
Dec 2018 · 630
aRt fOrMs
Enzo Dec 2018
One liner supreme- that's my poetry
Hit you up like a punchline from comedy
A drama full gamma and sun rays
Oh the ways I paint-
To create art forms to fit your norms
In the form of letters and verbs
Contexts and clues
A cluster of intangible strings of words
That do worship and detest your lords
Overlords of poetry, hear me:
Be in awe for I write only for myself,
I can only give you a punchline straight to the jaw

The end.
I write for myself
Dec 2018 · 231
Enzo Dec 2018
Jobs that pay and jobs that don't
A passion to work in spaces of uninterest
A yesterday that's the same as tomorrow
A beginning carried over and copy pasted until the end
Stressing over the same thing for days on end
Working 9 to 5 in a pencil pushing company
Trapped in an endless cycle of routine and bore
Find me chaos, find me adventure
Take me out Dear Pathfinder in search of true passion and fun
I found my way then but it wasn't what I wanted
So take me away and make me lost for me to find myself again
If I ever land on a boring job I'll lose myself to find passion again
Dec 2018 · 252
Enzo Dec 2018
Star searching and star gazing
The behemoths in the sky
The glimmer of a frozen moment in your eyes
Darkness in the absence of color
Seeing nothing but faint shines
We look for and we stare above the clouds
Finding naught but the stars written in your eyes
I found the stars in your eyes
Dec 2018 · 225
Glass Canon
Enzo Dec 2018
I am a free spirit
Wild, young and free
With nothing to chain me down
I plow through everything;

Like a glass canon I shoot forth
Propelling myself, I bend light,
I bend truth, I bend rules to my whims

I mold, shape, and create chaos
In the forms of hazard and pain
To both me and others
I spare no victims in the chaos
I create, not even I

A glass canon is what I am
I break whatever the **** I can
Before I ultimately break myself
Hazard prone
Nov 2018 · 102
Enzo Nov 2018
Your love was the greatest piece of fiction I've ever seen
Nov 2018 · 275
Good Hair
Enzo Nov 2018
Mornings and sunshine
Your hair is sublime
Crazy and tasty
You're ****, I'm needy
Good hair is your hair
Oct 2018 · 376
Enzo Oct 2018
I bleed out stars from my eyes,
sniff out noble gases.
I don't do physics but gravity seems heavy
though I like gravy but I dish out the ketchup
tuna swahili sashimi, to me, I rhyme
with this chyme as you read this; I waste your time.
Oh how I wish I had more time, I'm going down
Six feet under in a few months.
A funeral with thunder and rain, sobbing and pain, a cursed chain message- pass this on as I pass on or else get hexed, but last time I checked those don't work, like she and I, we didn't work out
that's why we're fat, sad, dying, and alone.
Rich with perfume and makeup- is how I imagine a breakup,
I need the facade of contempt shooting out from your lips as you bury me deeper and farther away from the earth that failed to keep us grounded together, supposedly forever.
inner thoughts but no inner peace
Oct 2018 · 525
magic love
Enzo Oct 2018
your love was like magic
smoke and mirrors was all it was,
a boring trick is all it'll ever be
trust me I'm a magician
Oct 2018 · 191
Enzo Oct 2018
cutting up my paper heart bit by bit,
a mosaic of the pieces of me
snip snip snip
you're making art
or so you say
but oh honey why cant you see?
in pursuit of yourself
you tore us apart
Oct 2018 · 779
dRuGs x0xO
Enzo Oct 2018
Take a sniff off of the good stuff
Let it numb your thoughts and ease the pain
Smell it some more and
Inhale the grains

The powdered love now in your veins
Let it hold you, let it mend you
Get wasted, lose your senses
Be free from your thoughts
Chase out the bad things by doing this bad deed
Drug induced stress reliever
Sep 2018 · 855
Enzo Sep 2018
With or without me your world still moves,
but mine without you stopped to a hault,
the seasons never changed and the rain continues to fall.
Seasons never changed after you left
Sep 2018 · 423
dear demon queen
Enzo Sep 2018
lyrical vices spewed out from mouths of rubber
strung together with tongues of knives
you spit fire and death all around
breaking hearts and taking lives,
a woman of pure evil
and like deals with the devil
I offer both youth and future
use me as you please, break me as I am,
my dear demon queen
i once had a queen tho
Jul 2018 · 303
Enzo Jul 2018
Everything is a cluster **** of emotions, an endless stream of feels,  a torrent of agonizing thoughts, and I'm just drowning in my own doubts and getting lost in confusion. I find answers to problems and problems to answers
Searching for resolution and conclusion amidst this convoluted cluster **** of emotions
Stream yeah right by joji
Jul 2018 · 299
Enzo Jul 2018
we preach to ourselves that we could be better
when living in the current is all we do,
drowning in the sea of archetypal stereotypes, and the norm.
We're simplistic and boring,
never extraordinary just plain ordinary
life is getting duller by the moment; go drink alcohol
Jul 2018 · 310
online content
Enzo Jul 2018
intellectual rights and intellectual properties,
I stare at a library of free content
is it even worth watching? I know it's trash
but why is it entertaining? Have social standards
and social norms degraded my level ofsatisfaction to this extent?
Is this really like a cancer based community where it can only get worse?
And I think to myself what a(n) w̶o̶n̶d̶e̶r̶f̶u̶l̶ ugly world
Feb 2018 · 567
Enzo Feb 2018
atomic thunder baby
the random things my mind can conjure
at this time and hour is amazing

i dont even have anything to write about.
i just found a draft entitled "Atomic"
with nothing on it

then like lightning, a sudden surge of verbal impulse
got me thinking of an atomic thunder baby
i dont even know what it means but it sounds epic and cool

hays. what am i even doing with my life
why cant i be smart or witty or athletic or have a lot of friends
or be mysteriously fascinating or relevant.
why cant i be an atomic thunder baby?
I wrote this at 4 am and I was so groggy and sleepy and I don't even know why I'm still awake. Please send help
Jan 2018 · 327
Enzo Jan 2018
Obsession for someone who's in another's possession,
Craving for love, touch and affection in the shadows of her reflections
Catching the trails of her breath she left on the wind along with her scent

Distractions could never falter my obsession for you, just as he could never stop loving you and you keeping him in your heart

But even so, I love you. I love you. I love you. I crave for you. I need you. I love you. I want you. I love you. I love you.

Silently, you're tearing me apart. I look at you with awe, listen with glee, and talk with my heart on my sleeve.

You're killing me, relentlessly obsessing over you at the same time containing myself. I badly love you and I guess thats the end of it
Dec 2017 · 579
Enzo Dec 2017
I liked you because you wore purple
Even your underwear was purple
And as you take it off, I found the colors of your flesh equally pleasing
Sep 2017 · 2.3k
Gutom sa Ilalim ng Kumot
Enzo Sep 2017
Yung tipong malaswa na ating gagawin ng walang awa hangga't tayo'ng dalawa'y

Halika't kumapit sa'king labi, pagkat pagod na ako'ng magtimpi.
Nagugutom na't nangangati.

Ayoko ng mag isip- gusto ko ng managinip habang nilalasap ang ihip na nanggagaling sa'yong maliit na bibig

Halika't lumapit at ika'y aking patitikimin ng pag-ibig na mararamdaman lamang sa pamamagitan ng pagkikiskisan ng ating mga balat, habang ang damit ay nakakalat sa sahig ay magyayakapan tayo sa ilalim ng mga kumot at unti-unting mawawala ang lamig sa paglaro ng ating mga bibig
Enzo Aug 2017
I wish I could do more, but here i am stuck on the other side of the screen
Feeding you words of comfort, trying to ease the pain
tapping keys on my keyboard, trying to keep you sane
And I know that when you receive it- it might seem plain

My sympathies written in text are sincere to me, but how about on your end?
Will my feelings be carried out when I tap send,
Or would it just be empty bland sentences plastered onto the chat box?

It ***** to know that we could exchange thousands of words, but never the compassion behind them,
We're connected yet at a discord when it comes to expressing onscreen emotion
1 out of 100 for D
Aug 2017 · 415
Teddy Tea Cup Party
Enzo Aug 2017
You picked me up
Placed me on your lap
Poured a drink in a tea cup
Honestly it tasted like crap

Sedated and subdued
Forced to *****
Violated by you

You played with me
Toyed with my body
Stepped all over me

Let me down
You had your fun
But now we're done

Grieving in silent
Broken and bent
A blank Statement
**** in the perspective of the victim
Aug 2017 · 1.1k
Enzo Aug 2017
"Sandali!" Ang bukang bibig habang nakatali't nakataas ang binti; pinatitikim ng kiliti, nagkakamot ang mga dila sa loob ng ating mga labi, nagmamakaawa: "sandali"
Aug 2017 · 255
Mr. Politician
Enzo Aug 2017
A social reverend preaching justice to the poor, telling them things and selling them dreams
work in progress/ will add if inspiration hits
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