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Jul 14 · 535
Over the Fire
Emma Price Jul 14
I treaded so lightly
so as not to break
the eggshells
that I broke
myself instead
Apr 16 · 513
Emma Price Apr 16
Words trail around
in my head
with no semblance
of organization
no rhythm no rhyme
certainly no sense of time
and I long for
the perfection that used to be
where now I see only me
~much love
Feb 18 · 183
Last Chance
Emma Price Feb 18
what if we lived today
like there would be no tomorrow
no fear of the future in our way
even in the wake of great sorrow
~much love
Emma Price Jan 1
Nothing I haven't already been doing
but also become an aero engineer
Just keep loving people in every moment
but also get married
Engage with my surroundings as I always have
but also become a mother
Continue optimizing every moment
but also win a Nobel prize
Forever live all in, changing the world with every action, as I am now
but also get a PhD
~much love
Emma Price Nov 2020
I wanna be strong,
a rock when things go wrong

I wanna be well read,
a full library in my head

I wanna be happy,
unashamed of the way I'm sappy

I wanna be a musician,
an artist on a mission

I wanna be pretty,
speaking a language of witty

I wanna be vocal,
sharing what makes me hopeful

I wanna be all the beautiful things I see
without ceasing to be me
~much love
Oct 2020 · 80
Emma Price Oct 2020
I don't wanna change history
I just wanna change the future so drastically
that I don't have to regret the past
because the now is passing  so fast
~much love
Oct 2020 · 280
Emma Price Oct 2020
The music that renders me saddest
reminds me of the times I was happiest
~much love
Oct 2020 · 902
Emma Price Oct 2020
There's so much that I can't say
that saying anything at all leaves me in dismay
~much love
Emma Price Oct 2020
They tell the smarties that they're proud
but the geniuses have no pride allowed
For the smarties are part of an elite crowd
but the geniuses are in isolation drowned
~much love~
Oct 2020 · 270
Stubborn Silence
Emma Price Oct 2020
Chasing a sound
that may never be found
A defening silence
drives us to violence
~much love~
Oct 2020 · 102
Luck of The Draw
Emma Price Oct 2020
Some live a broken fate
that this broken world precipitates
Some live a perfect illusion
their grasp on reality loosened
~much love~
Oct 2020 · 1.1k
Who’s it gonna be?
Emma Price Oct 2020
I don’t wanna be her when I could be me
But I do wanna be the one you see
~much love~
Sep 2020 · 161
Emma Price Sep 2020
May the words of the Lord
be the voice of our hearts
~much love
Sep 2020 · 888
Piece You Together
Emma Price Sep 2020
the pieces of me
that you kept understanding
the pieces of you
that I keep finding
~much love
Sep 2020 · 264
Not So Silent Spring
Emma Price Sep 2020
The spring is no longer silent
and we are no longer blind
The fight has become violent
and we have so little time

If we don't fight for the environment
there will be no selfish treasures left to find
~much love
Aug 2020 · 830
Emma Price Aug 2020
Words can be pretty
when my body cannot be
I just realized why I talk so much..
~much love
May 2020 · 155
Emma Price May 2020
the typical me
isn't the one you typically see
~much love
May 2020 · 342
Risk and Reward
Emma Price May 2020
a promise, a plea
drowning in the sea
life, far from me
no roots to this tree

a promise, a plea
I've finally broken free
but that comes with a fee
the universe would agree

a promise, a plea
henceforward, simply
no connections to be
no happiness to see
~much love
Apr 2020 · 124
Too Much
Emma Price Apr 2020
They say I'm too much
that I'm crazy cause I
care so much
say so much
give so much
love so much
But if insanity is measured
by the storms we've weathered
the determination we place
in front of fear's face
and the dedication
never to take a vacation
then I want to be crazy!
Because the alternative is lazy
And maybe I'm not too much for you.
Maybe you're not enough for me.
~much love
Apr 2020 · 1.3k
Postage of the Mind
Emma Price Apr 2020
I wrote a million letters I'll never send
to release a billion thoughts in my head
but still here are a trillion voices that never end
~much love
Jan 2020 · 488
Emma Price Jan 2020
You find yourself
when you stop chasing someone else
~much love
Jan 2020 · 193
Change the Now
Emma Price Jan 2020
live every day as if it is your last
for the now will soon be the past
and you don't want to regret
these days you can't forget
for when it has become "back then"
you won't be able to change them
but in the moment, you know how
and you can change the now
~much love
Dec 2019 · 233
Emma Price Dec 2019
The things that happened to me before you
weren't yours
but they weren't mine either
The things that happened to me because of you
were all yours
and those weren't mine either
~much love
Dec 2019 · 164
Windows to the Soul
Emma Price Dec 2019
Don't think I didn't notice the way you looked at me sometimes
That room wasn't the first time I had noticed your eyes
~much love
Dec 2019 · 243
Emma Price Dec 2019
You may be perfect on paper,
but you had no problem kissing her
~much love
Nov 2019 · 224
I Still Believe in Us
Emma Price Nov 2019
3 sisters
3 people
3 years
& 3 hours round trip
Between us
~much love
Nov 2019 · 243
Let Me Go
Emma Price Nov 2019
I forgot
about plenty
but there's a lot
you won't let me
~much love
Nov 2019 · 241
Simply Finished
Emma Price Nov 2019
I am done.
Done with people telling me I’m not calm enough, quiet enough, or pretty enough for them.
I am who I am.
I’m sorry I don’t behave like a placid lake, sound like a mouse, or look like a model.
I am done.
~much love
Nov 2019 · 210
Emma Price Nov 2019
You’re no good for me
But thoughts of you won’t let me be
Oh, please, set me free
~much love
Oct 2019 · 221
Emma Price Oct 2019
memories gone and skills lost
we can be cured at what cost
~much love
Oct 2019 · 280
Emma Price Oct 2019
You didn’t want to take from me what I didn’t want to give
But all I want in this moment is to let go and live
~much love
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
Emma Price Oct 2019
Oh, my dear
please calm my fear
by staying near
as the demons jeer
and the ghosts leer
whisper in my ear
when the coast is clear
~much love
Oct 2019 · 144
Emma Price Oct 2019
Would you mind if I stayed here forever?
Your embrace protects me from the weather
Your insults don't hurt, they're just clever
Your gentle breath make me sleep better
Your faith prepares me for whatever
~much love
Oct 2019 · 2.0k
You and Me
Emma Price Oct 2019
We were meant to be,
even if not romantically
sometimes people just click, and that can mean friendship, too
~much love
Sep 2019 · 246
First Kiss
Emma Price Sep 2019
Your lips enveloped mine
and the world began to shine
~much love
Sep 2019 · 132
Moving Quick
Emma Price Sep 2019
Do you even miss me?
Not as far as I can see
~much love
Sep 2019 · 536
Just Enough
Emma Price Sep 2019
You give me
just enough
to make me think you're not just taking

You love me
just enough
to make me think you don't hate me

You hug me
just enough
to make me think you care about me

You forget about me
just enough
to make me think you do not
~much love
Emma Price Sep 2019
With lots of pride
But no love in your eyes
What do I need to do
To be worthy of all of you
~much love
Sep 2019 · 336
Emma Price Sep 2019
Your voice drifted over me like a long awaited hug
enveloping my ears as hands do a well worn mug
Your words did not explain much more than science
but I understood everything from your silence
~much love
Sep 2019 · 185
Living Waters
Emma Price Sep 2019
The fires burn throughout the night
We try to leave them out of sight
But when darkness swallows the light
we can not ignore our plight
as it burns so bright
striking us into fright

We try to stomp them out with all our might
but only living water can make it right
~much love
Aug 2019 · 192
Emma Price Aug 2019
You make me want to write
letting my heart take flight
fluttering toward the light
leaving behind my fright
'til it's out of mind and sight
because you and I just feels right
~much love
Aug 2019 · 168
Dear Friend
Emma Price Aug 2019
For months I’ve prayed that you might
realize you’re not alone in the fight
and wake up to see the light
but no matter how bright
it can’t seem to catch your sight
and you’re still living in darkened fright
~much love
Aug 2019 · 206
Emma Price Aug 2019
As hard as I try
I can not justify
this intense need to cry
~much love
Aug 2019 · 151
Do What Is Right
Emma Price Aug 2019
Reaching the light
may be an uphill fight
But once you make it you’ll take flight
so keep pushing with all your might
~much love
Emma Price Aug 2019
I struggle with the fact
that this scene isn't just another act
This time it's real
and I have to decide how I feel
~much love
Aug 2019 · 937
Emma Price Aug 2019
There’s nothing to worry about
and that’s what makes me doubt
~much love
Aug 2019 · 219
Back To Normal
Emma Price Aug 2019
Grief is so traumatic
because you expect the change to be dramatic
But the world keeps spinning
and the mundane keeps winning
~much love
Jul 2019 · 840
Emma Price Jul 2019
Maybe I’m so drawn to the dead and dying
because, by that point, they’ve stopped lying
~much love
Emma Price Jul 2019
I isolated myself entirely
because people never did want me
~much love
Emma Price Jul 2019
Self deprecation
is the best preparation
for accepting defeat
on the occasions you're beat
~much love
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