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 Oct 2016 Kyle Janisch
 Oct 2016 Kyle Janisch
To the boy who's more fine than any truancy ticket I ever received back then~
(I know, my puns are great, I'll be here all night, thank you.)

I called you perfection,
And you said I am life,
You've always been my best friend,
Hardly a hint of strife,
Through heaven and hell we've traveled,
Along with Earth, space, and time,
I love hearing your two cents,
And you're such a dime ;),
One day our only distance,
Will be showering alone,
But for now your face lives,
In the screen of my phone,
The past five years has been crazy,
That I won't deny,
But I've always found home in a boy,
Who loves vanilla chai,
We were so bad when we were kids,
Skipping and smoking in your mom's garage,
But I've always loved being,
A two man entourage,
If there's anyone I was meant to do life with,
In this big, weird world full of fuss,
It was the boy who shouted "YOUR MOM!",
In my face, on the bus,
Sometimes I'm still shocked,
That we're both now adults,
But this whole time you've loved me,
Despite all my faults,

I called you perfection,
And you said I am life,
I'll be ****** if one day,
I'm not your wife.

— The End —