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Kyle Janisch Nov 2023
Melt through the mirror of your insanity

And move ever so quietly;

So that;

The one on the other side;

Doesn't hear you
Kyle Janisch Aug 2023
Mister man behind the wall

Can you hear me call?

Can you hear me at all?

‘Cause I can hear you

Trying to scratch your way out

Why don’t you come out?

And be with me

On the other side
Kyle Janisch Aug 2023
It seems that our ideas of


No longer have the same

Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
Why would you put your walls

So high

When you know

I can’t climb?
Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
I dance in the darkness

Sipping on star shine

With hopes of becoming the

Kyle Janisch Jul 2023
Why must my body;


The things my mind can't;

Kyle Janisch Jun 2023
I feel your presence lingering behind me

An old feeling rises to the surface

Reminding me of who I used to;

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