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Kyle Janisch May 2023
I remember the first time I saw you

We were both scared kids waiting at the bus stop

And I knew from that moment

That you were going to be my bestfriend

But that dissipated after we tried to change;

The flow of our friendship;

And now we're nothing but;

Kyle Janisch May 2023
Looking in the past

Can remind you of the best times;

You've had;


The worst
Kyle Janisch Apr 2023
The sun warms the soul;

Yet the smell of rain lingers;

Ever so closely;

Behind me
Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Remnants of who I was

Lay scattered across your floor

Like ***** laundry

That you have no intention of cleaning

Parts of me that will be pushed under your;


Parts that will be;

Kyle Janisch Jan 2023
Do not allow loving words;

From a broken heart;

To penetrate your skin
Kyle Janisch Dec 2022
I am not boring

          I promise there is more to me

                                                                       On the inside
Kyle Janisch Nov 2022
Become content with the idea that change isn’t immediate

Accept that you have time to reflect upon your growth;

And never feel selfish for taking the necessary time for reflection

Let your mind stand still;

So that you can properly move forward
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