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Kyle Janisch Oct 2022
Fear not the flowers

                                     That flourish

                                                               From your hard work
Kyle Janisch Aug 2022
Do not smile because someone told you to

                                                           Smile because you are truly happy
Kyle Janisch Jun 2022
There is a door in front of me

It appears to be old, yet somehow new

It wasn't here before, but I feel as though that isn't true

I reach for the handle and as I get close I begin to hear whispering

The sounds are not coming from behind it, rather they are around it

They want me to open it, to see what lies behind

I do

There is nothing, a wall of nothing, shrouded in black

The whispers stop, I am cold

The door slams shut and disappears

I am cold, very cold

I am nothing
Kyle Janisch Jun 2022
You sit there, staring;
Judging every ounce of my being

Chipping away at every flaw in my character;
And every mistake I have made

I see you whisper to yourself;
Under heavy silent breaths

Words of chaos and destruction

I am unbothered;
For I know you no longer know who I am

I'm not entirely sure I know who I am;
But I do know that the being sitting before me

Is no longer me
Kyle Janisch May 2022
We live in the past because we cannot see the future

We dwell on every mistake, failure, and heartbreak;
Because we that's what is familiar to us

The idea of realizing how much we've changed is unfathomable to us;
Simply because we don't believe in ourselves

We are great and we are worthy of every good thing that has happened and will happen

Choose not to dwell in the past;
And learn to dream in the future

Understand how capable you are

Become the you I know you can be
Kyle Janisch Apr 2022
Life paints poetry upon our flesh through scars we earned;
From the battles we survived

Each one, significant

Each one a reminder of how we thought we were weak;
And useless

Now they serve as proof of our strength;

Wear them valiantly and with pride

Show them to the world

Let them see how you survived
Kyle Janisch Apr 2022
We are perfect imperfections

The chips on a stained glass window

The coffee stains left on the table, in a perfect half circle

The bent pages in our favorite book

The cuts on hard working hands

We are beautiful in our own right, even when we are seen as something else

We are imperfect and we should prefer it that way
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