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I made myself a promise,
When this mortal met this goddess,
I swore that I would always love her and be honest.

And she brings out the best in me,
Loves me ever pleasantly,
Taking in the good, and all the bad and all the rest of me.

And that's when it hit me,
how could I ever leave her?
When this goddess met this mortal,
she said she loved him, he believed her.
Together, it'll be okay,
When life gets us down, I know it sounds cliche, but
What can I say?.. it's true.
All we need for life, is me and you
..well, I guess money wouldn't hurt.

It's been a while, I had to recharge my batteries,
Get up off my battered knees,
And give in to my better needs.
The ones that I could not control,
nor did I really wanna,
To think I'd find someone to finally start my 'once upon a'.

It's cheesy. I know so.
But pleasing, and oh so,
Amazing, can't contain this love that I have for her whole soul.
She's the only thing that matters.
Let us start the chapter,
That will lead us both together to the happy ever after.
You bring life to my words,
And meaning to my life.
When I think of us, I can't help but feel so right.
I have never felt like this,
This feeling's kind of strange,
But I welcome it with open arms,
And hope it doesn't change.
This must be what they call love,
What a weird phenomenon.
Like deja vu, like deja vu,
Like glue I'm stuck, the drug I'm on,
With just benefits, zero side effects or repercussions.
The cause of open-ended, never ending deep discussions.
And all I know is this...
This feeling feels like nothing else.
You reside in the same spot where my beating passion dwells.
We have the kind of love, most people spend their whole lives,
Searching for and rarely find,
What a sight for sore eyes,
And these eyes only see you,
What a sight to take in.
You put my heart together, when I swore that it was breaking.
Now I've a debt to pay,
and I'm not scared to say that,
I don't mind if it takes my entire life to pay back.
Misery loves company..
So we are well acquainted.
A zombie with some pensive thoughts
Everything, offense enough
To make me ask myself,
"If I was dead, too"? Who'd be better off?

Now, i rarely tend to dream,
But when i do, they're nightmares,
They barely get a rise from me,
At the most, they're slight scares.
Reality is gruesome, sad ,
And way more frightening.
The shock of your sudden departure hit me like dark lightning.
Yea, life isn't fair.
It's not all joy and bright sunshine.
But there's no suffering that don't ease with the passing of time.
I have a hole inside my heart.
I fear that will not change.
A part of me, died then with you.
I'll never be the same.
When I found out that you had passed,
I nearly lost my mind.
Instead, I lost a part of me,
A part I'll never find.
How can I make this pain hurt less?
I ask and beg and pray,
If for eternal pain, I'd have you here,
I'd trade today.
How could words explain what I feel?
Letters etch my tattered tale?
A broken shell, a hollow soul,
My heart, so cold and pale.
Now how to cope, what do I do?
I feel so lost, it's true.
The world came crashing down on me
the second I lost you.

The despair I felt was nothing like I've ever felt before.
I never thought that I could cry until my soul was sore.
I cried until my heart hurt. I cried until my eyes hurt.
I cried until I couldn't cry, and then I cried some more.
I never thought this day would come,
not this way, this soon.
Every day I wonder what I'll do now without you.
That very thought consumes me, I'm filled with grief and rage.
To think you'll never get to see your nephew come of age.
3 Mondays ago, my whole life changed.
3 Mondays ago was the day I found out my brother died. 3 Fridays ago, I saw him in a casket and he looked so peaceful, so calm. Last week, I watched him get cremated. The last time I'll have seen him on this earth.

When I was young, I used to look up to him. He used to work out. A lot. I always used to poke his muscles in awe and say "I want to be as strong as you when I grow up!" Before he'd leave to the gym or anywhere else, he'd kiss me on my cheek and we'd tell each other 'I love you'. He loved his family. A lot. He was always making people laugh. Most likely where I got my sense of humor from. The way he'd always smile and make me laugh. That was just in his nature. He was so gentle, so peaceful. He'd never hurt a fly.. Except that time he broke a bottle on a guy's head because he hit my dad in the back with a pool stick. He was my big brother. I love him. So much. And I miss him so, so much. I am so proud of him. I hope I learn to be half the man he was.
 Dec 2014 RyanMJenkins
The way we don't joke.
The way we sometimes never do.
The tendencies of overburdened humans.
Expanding walls.
******* up what matters most.
Never playing host.
Chicken flavored gummy toast.
Rhyming **** that don't make sense.
Putting up with ignorance.
Thoughts of death and suicide.
Neglect on ******* override.
And then it hits me, I seem to have a hankering.
This beast called hunger slowly starts to set its anchor in.
So I'm searching frantically, but there's nothing here,
When suddenly, a crunching that's familiar to my ears.
I see the bag, color green, easily my favorite.
And in my mind, I'm already eating them and savoring.
My wife-to-be keeps eating them, my delicious chips,
On her side, some salsa, all I really want's a dip.
But to my surprise, when I attempt to reach and grab some.
All I catch is air, there're just a couple sad crumbs.
Silly poem from day 6 of the last 30-day poetry challenge.
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